update: birthday month exchange june: plantladyjan

ladyblues1965May 29, 2006

Hey gals!!

Lets give plantladyjan as great a month as Diene has had. Here is a copy and past of her info from Diene's thread.

Hope eveyone is enjoying this robin.


"I thought since I was the June birthday I would mention some plants I would like to have.


Sunflowers: Lemon Aura, Teddy Bear

Castor beans: any color


Black bamboo

Bowles golden grass

Variegated dwarf bamboo

Lirope Pee Dee Gold Ingst


Heuhera Coral Bells: Stoplight

Brunnera Looking Glass and Jack Frost. hadspen cream

Phlox: Nicky

Sedum: Bon Bon, Samuel Oliphant, Black Jack

Yucca: Color guard

Shasta dasiy Yellow

Echinacea Sunrise, orange, rassmatazz

Herbs: Really want Lemon verbena, black and blue sage, spilanthes, blood veined sorrel, stevia

I live on 10 acres and have lots of room for plants. I have landscaped 3 acres so far.

I don't mean to come across demanding as I'm not I just have a lot of plants and if possible would like to try something new.

I also like dahilas and cannas. I tried them for the first time last year and really enjoyed the results.

I enjoy home made soaps and bath salts.

I collect Siberain husky stuff. I laid mine to rest this past Jan. after 14 years of friendship. Miss him so!

Oh almost forgot I am also looking for sum and substance hosta. I have several but for some reason that one happens to be the deer's favorite! I will put it in a fenced area next time!

I enjoy doing scrapbooks so any supplies would be a welcomed site.

I also like terra cotta plant markers.

Anything Nascar with #12! Big Ryan fan!!!

Anything related to herbs~

I also welcome any books on herbs or gardening in general and used is good."

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My package went out to Jan today, USPS #0305 0830 0002 4993 5243.

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Hello All;
No matter where I go, Deb has already been there sending her gifts, oh well!!! Your birthday surprise shipped today Jan, confirmation # is 01038555749696018867. It should be there on Saturday (I hope). Have a wonderful birthday!! Enjoy. diene

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Deb's one busy person, LOL!


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Hello All;
I have been away for the weekend and this seemed to be losing ground. I am bumping up for Jan. Happy Birthday month.

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Greetings all!!
I have had some computer problems but plan on posting this evening as I have received 3 boxes and can't wait to share with all of you what goodies were sent to me. I am thrilled and plan to spend the day planting. Thanks and I'll post soon!

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Jan, Happy birthday!! Your package is on the way. Enjoy! Amy

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wynative(z5 WY)

Good morning Jan!

Your box is on its way. I finally finished your special surprises for your obsession :)
Conformation #0305-0830-0004-0713-5614

Hope your having a great month and have the best Birthday EVER!!


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I sent your package out today. It should get there in about 2-3 days...so enjoy.

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Happy Birthday!! Your package is on it's way in the morning.
Hope your puter gets better

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Greeting to all! Thanks to all of you for the birthday wishes and special packages! I must first note that I am so sorry for this delayed response. I have a friend whom has been in an emergency situation and I have been trying to help out where I can. I thank each of you for your understanding in this situation. I am enjoy this group and I do feel bad about not being able to post.

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Ok gals I will try to get this post caught up over the next couple of days.
For starts a big thank you goes out to Ann. Thanks for the lovely box I truly appreciate it. As previous posts you can tell my life has been hectic and what a wonderful break to come home grab mail and have a special box for me!!
Here is what Ann sent me. Stationery, thanks one can never have to much and especially like the garden theme. Also enclosed was a candle scent of apple! Yummy! A pair of bright pink garden gloves! Love bright colors! a stuffed cute little bear and a sewing kit (handy little thing) a pretty butterfly wind flag! an angel maganet, squirel plant pick, frog rain meter (so adorable) a book titled Sugar Pie and Helly roll and candy and my favorite a gerbera in a can! Can't wait to watch that grow! I love gerberas and currently don't have any! Thanks so much for all the lovely goodies and making my day a special one. Again I am sorry for my delayed response. Also enclosed was a very nice selection of seeds!

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

A big warm thanks goes out to Deb!! You are so organized! Again I must say I am sorry I didn't get an email off to let you know your package arrived! I do thank you for the time and effort you put into the lovely package that you sent. To share with the others Deb sent dahlias, canna. A really cool terra cotta sun!! I will add it to the few I have...it will look great! Oohh thank you for the bath goodies!! A girl can never have to many! Such a cute knick knac of chipmunks....did you know I have several of them at my home. They are so cute....they are also running around (looks like playing tag) on the back deck! Also enclosed were 5 Asiatic lillies they look so pretty! Can't wait to see them in bloom. An elephant ear which I really enjoy watching those grow. Also cuttings of Hens and chicks, wanding jew, barrel cactus, african viloet and plus seeds including Teddy bear sunflowers!! They are my favs!!!
Deb you really took time and effort in this box as it included so many of the things I truly enjoy!! Thanks again as you have made my special day a bit brighter! Sorry again for my lateness!! I will try not to let it happen again. I guess I can't help that fact that I am a people person always helping when I can!

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Ok gals slowly but surely I am getting there!!
A big thanks goes out to Amy!
Amy sent a wonderful start of lemon balm and white yarrow. She also included some chai tea and a southern toasted pecan coffee....both sound yummy and can't wait to try!! Amy also enclosed some little pots to start plants in!! Thanks so much .... one can never have to many of those!!
Thanks for your thoughtfulness and for adding to my special day!! This is a fun group and look forward to others having their turn at being spoiled!!

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Ok gals I am running out of computer time for today. I hope to be able to post more tomorrow and get caught up! I would like to note I did receive packages from Bonnie and Marie which both are super! I will post more details later. I just really wanted you to know they arrived safely!!

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Wow I am having major problems getting into Garden web! Any one else having problems.

A big thanks goes out to Bonnie. Bonnie sent me the most lovely pottery pocket which was locally made in Maryland. I will put dried herbs in it. Thanks for the the scrap book supplies!! They will get put to good use!! Also thanks for the acidanthera bulbs. That is something new for me so it will be fun to see them in action!! Also thanks for the lupine seeds and hollyhocks!! Thanks for the time and effort you put into making my special package! You did a great job Bonnie and I thank you for that!! I am going out of town for my birthday......yep! going to the Nascar race! Can't wait!

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PlantladyJan(z5 MI)

Thanks goes out to Marie!!! Did you read my last post yes I am spending my birthday weekend at the track!! Marie is so handy she made me Ryan stuff!! He is my favorite driver!! She sent a steering wheel cover, seat belt covers and a remote control holder!! You are just so much fun Marie!! Also Marie sent some cowboy tea!! Thanks for keeping me well stocked as things in that department are going real well! LOL She also sent some hostas and chameleon flower and a cute little gnome garden. Oh I am not done she actually sent everything needed for a great b-day party!! Even sent the cake!! You are so ever thoughtful Marie. I appreciate the time and effort you took putting my package together. Oh yea and I love the bag ....that is my fav. color!! Let me guess..you made it!! You are so talented my garden friend!! I hope out paths cross sometime because I sure would like to meet you!!

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Well I sure hope you got my package I sent it several days ago.If not I hope you get it soon

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wynative(z5 WY)

Jan ~ I am so pleased that you liked your gifts (GRIN) Have a great time at the race and the best birthday ever!!


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beth_b_kodiak(zone 5a)

Oh, Jan, lucky you! Hope you have a fantastic weekend and that your guy wins the race.
You go girl!!!!! Happy Happy Birthday.

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RainbowLake(z7 OK)

Your package is in the mail Del conf #03060320000467582653.
Hope you like it. And also hope that you have a very happy birthday.

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Hello Jan;
Happy Birthday, I hope you are enjoying your race. diene

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I hope you have a great time at the track!


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Wow, June went by sooo fast, I can't believe July is just around the corner!
I really enjoyed Jan's early birthday intro, and was able to prepare the box a little better just because of it. So, I'm going to do the same! My real birthday is December 17. Getting to celebrate my birthday during the summer for the first time is a real treat! I would never be able to receive any plants in December!

I'm still working on my moon garden, and would appreciate anything that I could add to it (plants, seeds, small statues, etc).

I also adore sunflowers, glass suncatchers, homemade soaps. Anything with a sunflower motiff is perfect. Candles (any scent), things for the garden, garden related items. I collect birdhouse items (any) especially crafted items by Marjolein Bastin (Hallmark).
I love feeding the birds, and basically just love anything that has to do with nature!

I also collect african violets, hoyas- (would love a piece of a 'crinkle' hoya, rope hoya (regular or variegated, or any unusual hoya, I already have Publicalyx, Silver pink, Phillipine black.
I would love a few indoor ferns (don't have any), regular, rabbit's foot fern, or a division of an outdoor fern, that can tolerate cold temperatures.
More indoor plants that I'm looking for are- a chunk of monstera, variegated monstera cutting/small plant. Variegated plants are my favorite, and am always wanting to try something new!
I also appreciate vegetable/herb seeds. I have a huge garden that I'm constantly still trying to complete! Herbs grow really fast anyways! ;) I love Heirloom seeds too.

I'm sooo excited to be the July birthday person!
I'll be happy with ANYTHING, I love hand crafted items too! I make crafts occasionally, and know how much work goes into making something!


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I'm so sorry! I'm so late! I'll be shipping your box out tomorrow! How was the race? I've never been to the track in MI. I've been to Chicago, Talledega, Dover, Daytona and Darlington. My BF is a big Mark Martin fan.

Hope you've had a great month - it's not over yet!


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