Anyone planting outside in Zone 5 yet?

Jaybob(5)March 24, 2012

The weather has been so nice these past few weeks. Is anyone putting tomato plants or other plants in the ground yet? I've been checking the weather in my area...lows of 55 as far as the eye can see...

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carolyn137(z4/5 NY)

The weather here in my zone 5 has been warm and beautiful as well, but the weather is going down hill rapidly and below freezing weather is predicted for Mon, Tues and wed.

I haven't even sowed seed yet, I never do until about the first of April and then have plants hardened off by late May for planting out the beginning of June if the weather is favorable. And often the weather is not favorable.

One of the good things being as old as I am is that I've seen it all as to late frosts, cold soil, etc.

And I see no reason whatsoever to change. BTW the last frost date here in upstate NY is May 15th.


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I'm in zone 6 and I am known for planting out early... But even I won't plant out this early.

The earliest I'd ever attempt to plant out would be April 15th, and then only if the weather report is good for the foreseeable future. Also, when I plant out early, I'm ready to protect the plants from frost and I also have back-up seedlings waiting in the wings. I know planting out early is taking a risk, but it's one that usually pans out for me.

We've had a very warm and mild winter and we've had a good few days in March that almost hit the 80s, but I knew it wouldn't last forever. The soil temps are probably pretty good currently, but like Carolyn, my weather next week is supposed to drop (down to normal for this time of year - which is cold, lol).

We're getting closer, but it's still a couple weeks too early, IMO.

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I am in zone 5a and have set a few tomato and pepper plants out because I have extras and am going to offer them protection. I am afraid I got a case of spring fever and couldn't help myself. I have had black plastic on the soil all winter so I knew that was warm enough. just hoping my protection works when the weather goes to normal.

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earthchild44, I am the same way! I'm in Missouri, and I've had my plants out for the past out for the past two weeks. The last frost date for my area is April 15th.

I'm attempting a lot of heirloom tomatoes this year, so
I'm trying to be cautious. My garlic and shallots are growing like crazy, and my blackberry and blueberry bushes are turning out some green leaves!

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Here in eastern Ks. I've planted spinach, carrots, turnips and peas, but wont plant tomatoes or peppers until April 15 or later. dd

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poppa(z5 MA)

Massachusets here, zone 5b just upgraded to zone 6a Whoohoo!

It's definately pushing thingsa and overly optimistic to plant so early, but i tossed some things in anyway since the lambsquarters have sprouted. Carrots, shallots, spinnach, peas, and bok choi seeds were sown last week. None have sprouted yet. I did have a couple broccoli that wouldn''t finish off a 6pack so i tossed them into the ground just to see. Tonight is predicted to be 19 - 24F. SHould be interesting to see what happens. I am hoping that the tremendous warm weeks we just went through have warmed the ground enough to provide some protection.

ANything susceptable to frost i won't plant until our traditional last frost date of may 15. well, not in any serious amount.

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I'm in zone five and our soil here is thawed and dry enough to not rot seeds if I plant cool weather crops (spinach, peas etc)
As for the tenders like tomato and pepper, I have one of those mini greenhouses (four shelves and a plastic cover) on my patio. The seedlings will be going out there shortly but I keep tabs on the weather and if temps go below freezing I just bring them in for the night.

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austinnhanasmom(5 CO)

Wall O Waters - planted weeks ago :-)

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Wow you guys are bold. I'm thinking 3rd week in April with a last frost date of April 6th.

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What about planting in a bucket? I'm going to try the two bucket self watering system this year and this weather is definately giving me an early itch to get outside and get started. Should I still hold off with this method or should I just go for it. I can always bring them inside if the weather turns bad.

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I'm in STL. Frost free date: 5/10. I put a few of my tomatoes outside to harden them off. But by Tuesday, they will have to visit the garage a few nights. The over night temps down to 47. (Back to spring temps. for a few days.) I'm to scared to plant them out this EARLY. For my Sungolds, maybe I should look into Wall o waters......

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Last weekend I planted some early season-friendly goodies: lettuce, parsley, celantro, beets (for the greens!), and carrots. I believe these are okay for early etables. I know they can be planted after the first frost in the fall. For us up here in the Pacific NW growing anything early is pretty much a hit and miss. Starting from seed in our homes can be our only way to get our fingers dirty early in the year. Thank goodness for plant lights and warming mats!!!

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sue_ct(z6 CT)

Well I am in zone 5b/6a and while we had 83 degrees last week, we are going to get snow tomorrow. That can happen through mid April. I don't think tomatoes do well in snow. :) You are in a slightly cooler zone than I am. I will do mid May if the foreseeable forecast is favorable, but it usually isn't, or I am not ready!

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edweather(Zone 5a/b Central NY)

Tomatoes no way. I like to plant early, and usually push the envelope in late April with a W-O-W and an early variety, looking for a "June" tomato. Tomatoes no, potatoes yes. FWIW, planted potatoes in mid-March, and they're breaking ground now.

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I planted 12 rows of sweet corn on March 18th in North Central's up with a good stand and good color. Planted 60 tomatoes on March 31st because they were getting so tall from being in this great sun on the deck...sure hope this fantastic early spring weather holds up. I have about 60 more tomato plants that are 3 inches tall, but I would sure hate to lose the first batch.

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