Avocado Grafting

juan1234August 6, 2010

Hello, I'm new to this and I have a quick question. I have several avo. seedlings that I grew here at home and I was wondering can you graft 2 seedlings together once they are mature enough? Or is grafting done by taking a fruit bearing avo. scion and grafting it onto the seedling? Will the first method work because I don't know many people who have avo. trees.


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Grafting is done by taking a fruit bearing avocado scion and grafting it onto the seedling. If you grow it just from seed without grafting from a producing plant it will take anywhere from 8 to 20 years before it will set any fruit. You will have to graft a scion from a producing tree. I see some avocado trees here in Florida grown from seed that are 15 to 20 feet tall and are barren of fruit because they are still too young. My grafted trees of only 6 feet tall are producing fruit. Try to buy one grafted avocado tree on eBay as your producing source of scion. You do not have to wait until it produces to take a scion as the tree it came from has already produced fruit. I hope this helps.

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