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jfernandez(10B)March 15, 2011

We are starting to warm up since the last frost in Feb. but my mangos are not doing much. My Edward and Lancetilla started to flower in late Jan. but my Manila barely started. The good news is that I did not lose any mango trees during this unusually cold winter, 6 days of frost, so far my trees are more sensitive to those scorching heatwaves, like the one we had last Sept. and Oct., than the cold winter.

Edward flowers drying up ni mangos

Hasya Sapodillo very slow growing, maybe 1 foot in a year

Surinam cherry slow grower

Hass avo

Bacon and Reed avo you can see the damage from the Sept. heatwave

Sir Prize avo next to the Acerola

Moro starting to flower






Suebella Sapote finally fruiting

Saijo hope to get some fruits this year

Pomegranate from Jalisco Mexico

Booth chirimoya I have 4 left, my Pierce did not fruit

Mamey and Green Sapote


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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

Hey Joe....FINALLY we get to see your layout.....the plants look fine...I thought you'd be ahead of me as far as the flowering stuff goes but I have some just pushing and others fully fledged (flowering) too. I'll have to post my latest pics - maybe this weekend.....

Yep, you are close to getting little mango babies....

most things look really great!


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Hey Joe,

Man your stuff looks Great!! You have a Great Collection. Nice to see that I wasn't the only one who took a hit in that scorcher last September/October. A whole bunch of my stuff got Burned in that Deadly heat too. It looks like your stuff is pulling through nicely. What a Great Variety of stuff and everything looks so healthy. Have you had any Fruit from your Moro Blood Orange? Those blooms on the Mangos are Incredible.

You should be expecting your package in the mail. Let me know if it arrives okay and that it recovers from the shipping. If not, I can send you another...just let me know.

- Jacob

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Great pictures Joe!! All your trees are doing well...soon you will have some baby mangoes. My Cogshall on the north side is a few weeks behind than the ones I have in the backyard. I'm sure its because it doesn't get as much sun in the winter. Hopefully, it will get going now that Spring/Summer weather has arrived for us.

Thanks for posting your pictures!

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zands(10b Fl)

Very nice yard with lots of edibles coming up. I'll never understand those who only plant ornamentals.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

....ME EITHER ZANDS!!!!!!!!!!


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Beautiful yard Joe,
all your plants look happy winter is (mostly) over. My stuff is starting to bloom too but I'm behind you guys. It'll be interesting after a few years of tracking bloom times both in CA and FL to note the differences in location, weather, etc. Isn't the internet amazing.

congrats on all the great plants and blooms,

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Thanks Folks

I had a mango tree die( Haitian) and two severely damage( Alfonso and Thompson)during the heatwave in late summer but the ones that made it are rebounding nicely. All of my avocados were also burned. I have to ask MangoDog what's his secret in growing tropicals in the desert.

I have left out my Elberta peach,African Pride, Red Ilama, my guavas and two avocados. I'll take some pics of the full inventory at the end of summer once all of them make a complete comeback.

Thanks to my friend Jacob I have a new addition to my collection. Thank you Jacob anything I can help you with let me know!!!

Jackfruit seedling from Jacob. I'll wait until fall to plant it so it can establish its roots.

Here it is next to my Green Sapote I wonder who is going to win this race LOL

and finally here is my Haden and Carrie. Everything is on the ground with a few exceptions.

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

well, manila doesn't seem to be bothered by anything up to say 115. Then it gets some crispy outer leaves. As far as all these new and mostly young mangos I just planted, I'll have to keep a close eye on them and perhaps need some shade cloth to help in the should be interesting, but hopefully not a big problem, otherwise I'll have some BIG PROBLEMS!!!!!!!!!

a neighbor a few streets away has a GIANT avocado tree - at least 35 feet high - which looks incredibly healthy and is in the middle of her backyard and my two 5 foot avo's both burn in the summer, so I really don't know about avocados...still a mystery project to me...

Your haden and carrie look right on schedule.....


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Things are looking good- here is hoping for a good growing season and lots of fruit.

My Edward flowers also dried up and not a fruit to be seen.

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I don't know about the Edwards. My flowers are drying up fast and no fruits yet, last year I plucked the fruit off after 1/3 of the way there in hindsight I should have never done that.

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