Pineapple babies?

tintin002(z9 LA)August 18, 2007

Hi all, 2winters ago i've started over 10 pineapples from crown. and on 2nd spring, 3plants produce fruit. And here's the question, what is that little crown like on the stem? (under of the fruit) and also crown like coming out on the side of the mother plant. Are all those babies? and if they are babies, how do i seperate it from the mother plant? and how do i replant it? And will the mother plant ever produce fruit again? That's all the question for now :)

Thanks; Tin

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Congratulations on your fruiting pineapples! I had 50 odd plants fruit this year (4 different varieties). I've been growing pineapples for about 7 years now.

To answer your question, the small crown looking growths at the base of the fruit are called "slips". You can plant them and propagate new plants.

The growth coming out of the side of the plant is called a "sucker" Leave the most robust sucker on the mother plant and it will usually fruit again the following year. Remove the others and plant as separate plants.

You may also notice pups growing from the ground at the base of the mother plant. These are called "ratoons". They can be dug and transplanted as well.

Finally, you can replant the crowns from the fruit you pick.

Good luck with your fruit! I like to let mine totally ripen on the plant before harvesting, but this year it was a race with the possums and racoons that ruined 3/4ths of my fruit before I could pick it! I finally started picking well before half the fruit had yellowed. Not ideal, but at least I beat the varmints to the pineapples! Still beats the heck out of store bought fruit!

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tintin002(z9 LA)

Thanks tarvus!

i now have a few more quetion, :)

The "slip" do i seperate it now, or until i harvest the fruit? and when i do seperated it, do i let dry and cure the bottom, or just plant it right away?

and the "sucker," to my understanding, this will take over as the mother plant, right?

and the "ratoon," coming out on the side of the mother plant, when is the best time to dig it out? and how to avoid damaging it and the mother plant?

i have a few (well half) LAZY one that just sit there and get fat, no suckers or ratoons. but i do have a few that have sucker, but no fruit, does that mean it will have 2fruits next year on the mother plant?

and one more question, the few plant that have "ratoon" but it doesn't have fruit yet, can i just go ahead and seperate the ratoons and transplant it anytime? or i should wait for right timing? And all the plants are in a 5gallon container.

Thank You; Tin

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Wait until you harvest the fruit to separate the slips. The sucker you leave on the plant will bear the new fruit usually the following year. I wait until I've picked the fruit before digging the ratoon for replanting.

You can replant the ratoon right away. The slips, suckers and crowns I strip the bottom leaves and put them in cups with just enough water to cover about half to 3/4th of the bulbous end. No need to dry them at all. After 3 to 5 weeks, there will be a myriad of hairlike roots sprouting from the bulbous part. Your planting success will be much greater if you follow this routine rather than just sticking them in dirt.

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tintin002(z9 LA)

tarvus, THANK YOU!

I thank you for your tips!
Looks like i have to get more potting soil!

You Have A Nice Day, Thank You;

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