2nd year parijat plants (nycanthes arbor tristis)

plantsforever(zone 6)August 13, 2013

I guess the question is how long does it take parijat to flower or will it even flower in zone 7? I've searched the 'net and can't find much info on growing or if they need to be a specific age to flower. They were started from seed.

They are growing in individual pots and taken inside and kept in a cool room during the winter. One looked dead in late winter but I cut it back and in early spring it started to put out new shoots. In fact it did better than the other one.

If anyone has had success with them, please give me your input.


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sultry_jasmine_nights (Florida 9a)

Hi, I grow nycanthes arbor-tristis. I keep it in a large pot in full sun. It usually starts flowering well later in the summer and will keep going until it gets too cold- sometimes it flowers all winter in the greenhouse and makes seedpods. It sheds its leaves around March as new ones start growing in (I keep it in a greenhouse in the winter here because we get some freezes). I got mine as a small rooted plant several years ago and it is now 7+ feet tall. I am not sure how long it takes to flower from seed. It seems to like to dry out a little before I water it again. I really need to repot mine, it is really getting cramped. I fertilize it with plain old MG.

Here is what the seed pods look like (see the green mitt looking thing in the top right part of the photo)

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plantsforever(zone 6)

Thanks for the input SJN, I will try fertilizing it and see what happens. How often and how much of the Miracle Grow do you use?

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