Can't get my chalice vine to flower

ms_minnamouse(7a)August 8, 2007

I have it in a 3 gallon container and I water it regularly and feed with 10-52-10 and it's in full sun. Weather here is in the 90s.

What am I doing wrong? I've had it for three years now and it was a big plant when I got it.

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I grow this plant. In my yard. I have to cut it back monthly...and I mean CUT IT BACK! It needs room to grow,and when you cut the stems, you are cutting off the blooms. They bloom on the end of the stems. So if you have to leave it in the pot. I would stop cutting the stems a few months before it blooms. Mine blooms from around Nov-Jan. Check online what the 'offical' bloom time is..and stop cutting it a few months before that season,and you will get many blooms,on the end of the stems. If you cut the stems off to close to the bloom season,you are cutting off the blooms. Give it as much sun as possible. You dont need to feed it so much. I have NEVER fed mine in nearly 10 years of growing it in soil that is VERY poor. I hope this helps. It is so easy to get to bloom. I think it is just that you are cutting it back to close to the bloom season,and thus cutting the blooms right off! They are a sight to behold and smell wonderful. Lots of sun,cut back on that food,and dont cut it back so much before its bloom season,and you will get blooms!

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But I've never cut it back.

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Minna mouse. I have the same problem with my variegated solandra maxima. I have had it for about ten years-no blooms. I am growing it in a pot and also never cut it. A guy at a plant sale told me to keep it dry in the winter-still no blooms. I also get no blooms on my lily of the valley vine .It is in an 18 inch pot and is huge and looks healthy.

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I'm getting pretty unhappy with this plant. Maybe it needs a huge pot but usually, root crowding leads to flowering.

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I'm thinking lack of heat. These plants come from where it's pretty hot, I mean, HOT... like 120 in the summer. I saw one in bloom in LA. but it was consistently in the upper 90's at the time.

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