Chelated feeding

gnappiMarch 10, 2011

On advice from someone who knows about Carambola I began to feed my Carambola Chelated Citrus food. I also have some Chelated Palm food and the ingredients are almost identical. Is there any reason not to use it? I don't have any palms ans don't want to throw it away.

Oh I am told 2-3 times a year for foliar feeding is right is this so?


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It mostly depends on your soil. It looks like the University of Florida is recommending 4 to 6 times a year for high-ph soils (like we have in Tamarac):
Trees growing in high-pH or calcareous soils should receive 4 to 6 foliar applications per year of a micronutrient mix which includes zinc and manganese.If you have deep sand, you'll probably be fine with a granular application.


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