8000! Traveling Daylilies

cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)May 1, 2006

This round robin is an extention of a wonderful group of talented , generous and spirited traders, the Traveling Daylilies, who when at all possible trade daylilies. The way into this group is to have traded with at least one of us and to be recommended for membership by one of more members of the group. We are not snobs, we just want to protect each other and you from any game traders... should there be any. If you know any of us, email privately and they will be allowed to get you in on their recommendation. We'd love to have you!

Alrighy, I guess I will host this thread. Marea must be out struttin' in her pot ghetto, or horse whispering, or maybe she has been permanantly pressed at the cleaners. Or, MAYBE she is hitting the Montana highway on the back of a Harley!

Marea, I will have a box on it's way to you tomorrow. Also, one to to MaryB. Thank you for being so patient with me!


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I would love to join here

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

See, Gloria, you knew. If you post they will come. ~m'

Little dove - read the first post, dear.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Dirtpig, oh, Dirtpig, please check your email! The future of the Hosta Shuffle list depends on you.

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Good Morning Everyone:)

Oh I thought maybe Dear Jean had posted here about her pick, I guess not, I will sit patiently waiting my turn for the Hosta Shuffle pick.

Check back later, need to get outside,

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Duh! So sorry MaryB!

I am sending to MaryS! Sorry for the mix up.


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

nobody wants any of my ornamental grasses? come on guys you disappoint me, lol!

got more packages this week. the bonuses have been awesome. with how beautiful heaven must be (2 fans instead of the 1 fan i won) i got virgil earp, edith sliger with thunder and lightning, packrat sent the huge spacecoast sweet eye, cindy dye sent homeplace angel face, i also got flaming frolic, one is going to be a stamile 06 double but she won't tell me which one. i still have several more orders coming. so far i've been very happy with everything.

going greenhousing today, the big one is even open till 10 pm so we'll have plenty of time!! lol.

anyone have any mini hostas to trade? i only have a few and i think stilleto is the only one big enough for trading. also does anyone have any of the nice toothy purples/blues from lambertsons available?

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Cody-I have not forgot the daylily trade. I would like hillbilly heart and solid geometry. LMK what you found from my want list because I need to update it badly. I have found several things that I still have listed as wanting. I have other daylilies from your want list, also Japanese irises Good Omen, and Imperial Magic. 4 or 5 of the crocosmia you have listed. I will check on jupiter, meteore, norwich canary, venus, & star of the east. I do have all of those. Do you just want to do a large trade?
I can make a complete list of the things you are lookng for that I have. Are you still looking for daylily Eskimo Kisses? Wish I could get a greenhouse. I want one so BAD.

Enjoyed everyones pictures on the last post. It is so exciting to see Dawns house plans come to life.

My ankle is healing slowly. I depend on the air brace most everyday. It just starts feeling some better and I stand on it way too much. Friday and Saturday I had my bearded iris sale so did not get to stay off of it. I was so pleased this year, it was my best year thus far. The ladies from the garden club came and bought alot. Word gets out so each year gets better. They are so beautiful I hate to sell any of them. But I buy more with the money so thats fun. Next will be the Siberians, Japanese and Louisianas.

Better grab some lunch. Hope eveyone is doing great and playing in the flowers.

Gloria-Are you looking for any hostas in particular?

Cody-You should have joined the hosta swap.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)


Kinda a quick hello today! We've been busy transplanting seedlings, watering, moving trays around, etc.

Everything outside looks pretty. We have so many wild and planted spring woods plants. And every tree blooms its own special way. Wrens are building near the house and letting the world know aboutr it. Wild turkeys stroll across the lawn nearly every morning.

Shirley, I'm going to use much of the time I have until the end of May growing on some things for you. So your vacation will be later, but better.

Today I have to figure out Medicare Part D. Then I'll go vote. Other that that, just watching plants grow.

I'll post again when I've got anything to say...


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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Oh, my, my, I just opened my email to one terrific flag wall hanging! Canna, you are such a talented young lady. Is the lettering all embroidered or written? MaryS sure is lucky to be getting that in the swap. I am so impressed. I wonder how Jo's is coming along, she was working on the same one, wasn't she?

If I don't hear from Jean/Dirtpig on the Hosta Shuffle by the end of American Idol (it's how I tell time on Tuesdays and Wednesdays), I'm going to make an executive decision. We'll skip her, go to Anita and try Jean again.

Anyone have her phone number?

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Big bear hugs to our Gloria who is having a bad week. Cody what do you want in trade for your grass?I received a wonderful box of fat daylilies from Marea, they are in my new bed. what is the deadline for the may boxes?My car died and I am having trouble getting to the storefor Gloria

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cody_mi(z5 MI)

lawdy, lawdy what a day. just got back from greenhousing. did you know that many of them are open till 10 pm? it's great. i went with my mother and a friend of hers, between the three of us we spent around 600.00. i got...
rose sexy rexy
rose gingersnap
3 different rex begonias (will have to try to id)
sedum crazy ruffles
sedum garnet brocade
lewesia cotyledon 'sunset'
epimedium sulphureum
heuchera sparkling burgundy
h petit pearl fairy
h dolce key lime pie
h dolce creme brulee
h dolce peach melba
h autumn bride
silene clifford morre
tiarella cygnet
t filliagian
sempervivum kelinda
s silverine
crocosmia babylon
autumn fern
coleus wizard pineapple

my mom got three diffent japanese maples, clethra, brunnera looking glass and a few others.

shirley i'd love to do a bigger trade. i'll check your list in a bit.

i'd really like some more named hostas, especially minis and huge leaved ones.

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Morning everyone,

Just a quick note before I head off to work. I got stung by a bee on Saturday and my arm is still HUGE. I am allergic. Usually only have to use my Epi injection if it's a wasp. Then I got stung again yesterday while working in my Mom's backyard. Another small bee thank goodness.

Well, I did it. I gave the last of my lawn/garden clients notice to find somebody new. Of course they are all whining and begging, but I cannot be swayed this time. With two other jobs and a house to build, and a new neice arriving soon, I just cannot swing it anymore. I'm getting tooooooo behind in my own life. And taking care of my new property is a full time job!

Good to hear from you Barb. I was just thinking about you. I'll bet your place is a dream!

Shirley, i'd love to come to your sale. All my new Iris are doing great.
It's hard to stay off your feet this time of year. I hope you can find some time to sit and rest your ankle.

Carol, sorry about your car. That stinks!

Cody, I think I wanted to trade for a grass or two, but can't remember which ones right now. I'll have to go back and check. I was going to offer you H. 'Creme Brulee', but looks like i'm too late.
I have a really cool GH and perennial nursery here called Friday's Perennials and hope to make a trip there soon. They used to do this "plug sale" in the Spring that was so cool. You could get all (or most) of their zillions of perennials as a plug. Cheap! Cheap! Cheap! They stopped doing it two years ago and I have no idea why 'cause it really attracted tons of people. They don't stay open 'till 10pm though, LOL.

Well, time to get my aching body moving. I've got 10 miles of grass to mow and hundreds of ball marks to fix.

Have a happy day,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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onesherri(z5 OH)

Barb, in case no one has explained it real well to you. I found that the most important thing is to make sure that your most expensive and most necessary meds are covered before signing a contract with one of them. When I helped my grandma with hers, I found that most of them didn't cover most of her meds. ONly found one that covered them all. Sherri

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Just got time for a quick note. Hi!

ANITA- I have emailed you twice in the past week and haven't heard from you on our trade. Did you get it? It's about when we are sending.

DENI - there are a couple things I can't find locally that I'd like to try. Do you have any of these available at for my free plant gift? from you!;

Jerusalem sage (phlomis russeliana)
penstemon 'prairie sunset'
narrow leaf per. sunflower ( helianthus salicifolius)

Hope everyone is going to have the best darn day!!

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Rebecca, since you are posting again, hope that means you are feeling better.

Dawn, sorry to hear of the bee stings, OUCH! and the allergy on top of that. It must feel like a load off your shoulders to be able to focus on the house more, now that you have cancelled some of your other commitments.

Shirley,Glad to hear you did well on your iris sale. I'm really hoping some of mine bloom this year. I just don't do well with iris I guess. I moved a couple of the Japanese Iris to a wetter spot and they do look better this spring. :o)

Karen, Oh, yeah, A GOOD Darned Day! Up to 74 degrees ... got to take this sweatshirt off.

Cody, what a haul!!! I haven't been to any nurseries this year yet.... I hope to start getting some of my Daylilies today. Told the sellers to start sending them after May 1st.

Carol, sorry to hear about the car. Thanks for keeping us posted on Gloria.

Gloria, hope you have a better week ... Starting NOW!

Marea ... Oh, you will love this. A Cat Story ... or should I say a Kitty Box story.
I potted up all the cannas you sent me along with my 2 potato vines. Put them in the basement on the floor next to my light set-up hoping I would remember to water them a couple times last winter. Well, Ahi - The Bad Cat - decided it was a litter box. By the time I discovered it, he had been using it for quite a while ... let's just say the dirt was NOT dry. I figured I would just let this go on for the rest of the winter. A week ago I placed the pot outside and watered it and it rained. Today I dug up the cannas and the potato vines. By the way, the dirt did NOT smell like urine and it turnes out he only urinated in the pot (Thank God!). I believe they have all survived. LOL
That is the first time I've been able to overwinter cannas and potato vines.
The cannas are all planted in my new Hummingbird/Butterfly Garden. Thank you so much Marea for all those cannas!!!!!
Hopefully I will have pictures at the end of the summer.

DD rolled her eyes at the story and she couldn't believe I was going to tell you guys about it. I said, 'they will appreciate it much more than you or the ladies at work.'
Poor DD is home sick.

Oh, and I finally got all my Daylily seedlings planted 2 days ago. :o)

Off to continue playing in the dirt.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Has everybody gotten their boxes for the April Swap now? Did you get yours back from the neighbor Maryanne?

Sharon, I was spellbound by the kitty box story, you were right. LOL! Those cannas probably just loved the high urea fertilizer they were gifted with...that is so COOL you overwintered them successfully! I grew my newest ones in 2 gallon pots in my living room & they all lived through it - need to get them outside today. I will mail your box soon, since you finally need stuff on your doorstep for the growing season!

Cody mon - you are driving me crazy with your ability to make me have to look up more daylilies - my wish list is becoming ENDLESS! IMHO, H. 'Destined To See' is the best of that cool colors class of non-bagels, at least for the money. (Go look at the LA, quick...) But now Abajian has a sale going on (incl. A. Reflect. for $10!) so I'm in lust over that 'Winter Wolf' for me & Carol that might be more vivid yet. But "Endless Fascination', 'Manhatten Mood' & 'Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow' are all stunning orchid/lavenders that we all should start growing, too.
I can send you a fan of 'Fortune's Dearest' if you want to breed your own toothy ones. Mine really needs a bigger pot than the one it came in & I think I can tease it apart.

I think we can look up any phone number on yahoo...

I got ANOTHER box from my April swap partner CindyO yesterday!! I told her to quit that, but she didn't listen.
2 MORE awesome daylilies, 'Jane Trimmer' & 'Stenciled Impressions', and a magnificent candlle with elegant iron holder, soaps and lip balm and two imprinted stones: Bloom & Grow. I put both those stones of Finding Blue's feet. Careful when you open the door, Cindy - you may trip over something one of these days. *grin*

I have loads of FIGS! Off to play in the ghetto.. marea

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Hurray!!! I did get my first delivery today! 3 of them! Got some nice bonuses... Baffin Bay Beauty, Rainbow Eyes, and Spacecoast Tiny Perfection! Didn't have any of them!

Back to play in the dirt somemore.


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cody_mi(z5 MI)

yaay sharon, aren't orders fantastic.

i got another 4 of them today. a big box of african violets, some dl's from the la. i did a trade with a woman from tinkers, my bonus from her...wait for it...awesome luck, stamile 2006. it's my favorite of their doubles this year. my order from trimmers also came today, i ordered tequila mockingbird and my bonus was light forbes, another awesome orange. my gift from rondas was spacecoast cool deal, so i think that makes three or four spacecoasts i've gotten as gifts this year, lol. are you jealous anita, lol!!?? as soon as i figure out how to post pics, yall are going to be sick of seeing me post!!

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Sorry ladies..but I haven't gotten any e-mails about the hosta shuffle...well I shouldn't say any..but the last one I got was Dawns turn to pick...and I've been checking my email every day..So don't know what to tell you..and yes I did look in the trash can..and still nothting..Sorry


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Mary hun..didn't get anything yet..have to go back to work..will check first thing when i get home from work tonight..Hugs all


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Shirley, sorry to hear that you are still laid up. Those air casts are much better than plaster ones. At least you can undo it and scratch without a clothes hanger if you need to.
I'm going to have to pass on the irises when you do get better and go again. My little Maltese had back surgery yesterday and is in the hospital and the bill is going to be around $1800 so I'll be spending all my money trying to pay that off for a long time to come. He had a ruptured disc and had just about lost all feeling in his back legs but thankfully he's doing well and will be up and around before long.

It sounds like everybody is really having fun picking their hosta partners.

I've brought work home to do so don't have time for more now. Nite all!


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Hi everyone!
I am in "hosta heaven" tonight! I received 2 orders today. 15 hostas and 1 single daylily! It was so muddy after all the rain we have had lately that I had to plant them up in pots for awhile. The neighbors were spraying their lawn for weeds so it is probably a good thing to wait a few days anyway. (of course that was the side where I had planned to plant them.) I love getting orders in the spring!

Nancy, sorry to hear about your dog's troubles, but sounds like he will be OK!

Oh Canna, I hope you are feeling better. I can hardly wait to see what is in the mail tomorrow!

Carol, sorry about your car! Sounds like you need a vacation, even if it is "pretend".

Dawn, sounds like you are really busy with the new house. It liiks like a beautiful location. Have you started moving plants yet? That will be a job!

Cody sounds like you made a real haul at the nurseries and all the neat bonuses from the mail orders!

Has anyone started sending the vacation boxes?


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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Hi all, it's been a busy week. Our club plant sale last Saturday was a great, we did good even though it rained all day.

Mareas I have not heard back from Maryanne about her box. It does say it was delivered. I am very bummed about that! But I have two of my ebay orders lost in the last 2 weeks, I received the lables back from the boxes and they sent me a letter to describe my box and contents and they would try to find it. What a joke. Ugh the box is brown. Gee I wonder how many of those they have.

I received my first daylily's from Emma Chandler's clump sale. I must say I was very impressed, I ordered six clumps and there were 5-6 huge fans per clump.

Today I received an order from Leo Berbee, they had sent a flyer about a sale they were having on bareroot plants and I ordered some things for my garden club. Every thing looked nice. Hosta, daylily, phlox and bleeding hearts looked awesome.

Nancy sorry to hear about your puppy dog!! Hope things get better.

And Marea do you have purple leaf cannas???? Do you want to trade for Dahlia or Lilies, let me know.

Got to go
Take care all


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namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all,

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHERRI!! hope its a great one.!!!!!!

Hummers are back here. i think the ones here now are just stopping through on the way north, but im so glad to see them :).:):)

Lisa, I did receive the box Sat. That was quick :).

Maryb - now im really really jazzed about the hosta swap ! oohh, this is going to be alot of fun. hostas got off to a slow start here (bad late frost), but a few are just starting to look really good now. im looking forward to the weekend to get a good look:)

Nancy, your dog is very lucky to have you. i hope he is feeling better real soon.

Shirley, glad your iris sale was a success. bet you place is so pretty. hope that ankle starts to heal.

Marea, im suffering with a bad knee - would not be good to go tripping over boxes :).

Plants - wow you all are getting such nice things.! except for one plant, the rest of mine are on the way. maybe today. yippee.

Cindy /namso

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

angie, i did send you an e-mail. from your recent post, i will assume you did not get it. for that i apologize. i checked with the post office and they showed it to have been delivered. thinking about it, that was a crazy weekend. i was locked up thursday to saturday doing taxes (at the last minute) and then sunday we had a death in the family and the rest of the week was not the easiest to deal with, running all week with all that planning, family, etc. i checked with everyone that was in and out of the house over that period of time and no one recalls a box other than the DVD's. i do appreciate your sending it even though i don't get to appreciate what was in it :(

nancy, i'm so terribly sorry about your dog. it sure says so much about you as a person to put out that expense for your beloved dog. your heart is so blessed :) i wish him a speedy recovery.

i am waiting until sue gets back from her trip before sending her april box. it wasn't going to get there in time before she went away, so she asked me to hold it until closer to her return date.

shirley, glad to hear your iris sale went well.

wow mary, 15 new hostas. i only have about 10 varieties and i've been trying to ID most of them. two were given to me with specific names, but when i look up their pictures, it's way off base.

i think there is more i wanted to say, but i'm at a loss right now -- work is interfering with my leisure!

be well everyone,

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Happy Birthday Sherri!!!!!!

Hi all, quick check in here,

I am going out of town in the morning for a few days, I sure hope you have some Japanese Iris left when I get home:)

Your box is all ready to go out in the morning, I closed it all up & forgot to put the tag on the Purple Haze Calla's, sorry, they are right on the top of the box.


Hope you all have a great weekend, I know I will, Salamanca here I come, OK so not till morning, but then I'm on my way:)Anita

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Hello all, I know it has been forever since I have posted here. Working at my job and running a seed swap in April just took so much time. My job continues to drive me nuts this time of year with all of the paperwork. I will try to do better here.

Sherri, Happy Birthday!!! Hope you had a good one!

Anita, I have plants ordered for you for the vacation swap, but they have not come yet. I'm hoping they show up soon. Anyone else having this problem? From the lily auction, no less?

Mary in Iowa-how fun to be getting so many new hostas? Where did you get them from? I ordered some from Stark's-on sale-a company in MO for a very reasonable price. The plants they sent are beautiful and huge. I also got two heucheras from them, and I am pleased with them, too. We get fruit trees from them.

Nancy-Poor puppy! Hope it all works out okay.

Jo-Did I hear you on Dr. Laura the other night? There was a lady on there whose name was Jo, and her story sounded just like yours right now. Coincidence? How is your mother?

That's it for now. Mary Ellen/Mellen

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Happy Birthday Sherri!!!

and lucky Anita, too! [Hurrah - a vacation for her at last!]

Angie, I sent you a box today with 3 different purple leaves cannas - I will ID them if you don't recognize them when they bloom. Got a visitor during the labeling part and THAT was all over. Sent Indica Purpurea, Pink Beauty & Red King Humbert - my 3 favorites. I was just awful with the shovel today, so hope those pieces grow for you - if not will resend. This box is a thank you gift, no trade needed.

I forgot about your knee, Cindy, I take back the stuff-to-fall-over part. Just a happy surprise someday is all I want for you instead.

I have started putting my vacation tour in a box together for my swap partner - this is GREAT FUN! Happy planting & box filling to all ~marea

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Oh, Sherri ....


I can't believe I missed it by 37 minutes.


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onesherri(z5 OH)

Thank you all so much. Had a great day. Mail lady brought me two orders, ups brought me something. Then had dinner at the in-laws. We had steaks cooked on a charcoal grill. I had forgotten how yummy they are cooked like that.
Have a fun day planned with my mom today for my b-day and then my brother tomorrow and will see Cindy on sunday so its going to be an eventful weekend.

Anita, isn't your b-day today. I am going to have to go check that out. Have fun on your trip.

Cindy, I seen my first hummer yesterday too. Sherri

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onesherri(z5 OH)

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANITA!!!!! I thought you were a day after me.

In case I don't make it on here tomorrow, HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNIE

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

Happy Birthday


Wishing you sunshine, love and laughter. Not just today, but all the days after. May happiness fill your day and may sunshine fill all your tomorrows. Happy Birthday!


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Happy Birthday Ladies..Sherri,Anita,Annie
Wish you a day of family,friends and CAKE!!
One more thing a summer of sun and fun.

Diane did you get my email on the hosta shuffle..I haven't heard anything more or seen anything more on it...thinking I'm still not getting emails..LOL..so I'm kinda of in the dark here.

Happy Week End all.

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Happy Birthday to all our Birthday Ladies. Anita is off with David for a fun week-end celebrating her Birthday.
Sherri sounds like a fun Birthday all planned out for you.
Hope Annie gets back on line soon. Hope her Birthday is filled with happiness and fun.

Cindy & Sherri-My hummers have been here almost a month now. I miss them so when they leave and await their return.

Nancy-Hope your little Maltese is recouping from his back surgery. What we wouldn't do for our little pets.

Jo-Thinking of you today. God bless you and your family.


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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LADIES! And may all the wrinkles only be from too much smiling!!

Anita I'm so excited about the trade. Thx fo rletting me know on the callas

DENI- I got my first garden design magazine yesterday Yeah and thx to all who made that possible. What a nice magazine

My mare came back from the stud farm after less than a week. They cycle monthly ( like humans) so I guess we can say she was 'hot to trot!"

A robin made a nest on the corner of my porch on a large vine. Now there are no eggs...........but three chicks!!

I hired a friend to come do my honey do list- it was amazing - my garage door actually went up this a.m. a miracle- it works again!

It is time to run errands- otherwise known as lunch break.

Bye, Karen

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I just had to come and post about the neat package I just received from Canna! She made a quilted 'flag' wallhanging!It is beautiful! She also sent the cutest canoe windchimes...just perfect for our lakehouse! She also sent Chocolate!!!! a big bag of Hershey's mini candy coated kisses. YUM! She also sent me Pink Dawn Cannas. I will be anxious to see those in bloom! Great March package!It was definately worth the wait!

I also wanted to wish all you girls Happy birthday!

I also got my daylily order from Bluegrass and I was NOT disappointed! Huge fans!

It is cold damp and windy today, but did get the daylilies planted.

Mellen, I just ordered hostas from 2 places this year. There are some really nice online nurseries. These came from Hallsons in MI and White Oak in IL. I was very happy! They are in pots till I am sure it is done freezing here and that the nieghbors are done spraying on a windy day!!!!!!!

Dianne, I see you have me as a partner. I hope my list did not scare everyone else off! Please do not stress over finding me something "new" I would be happy with any hosta. They are my first "love" as far as gardening goes, and right now they are gorgeous! The greens are so vivid as they unfurl. Have to love them! Later on when the slugs come and some burn....well then I can love my daylilies!
Hopefully I can post some hostas pics as i see many of the daylily sisters are going "hosta crazy" too!

Have to tell you what happened yesterday AM. At 5:00 DH said wake up and come look....There were 2 deer in our front yard. I first thought "cool" then I realized.......They Love Hostas.... AKA "deer candy"!!!! By the way we do live in town! I guess they were checking out the salad buffet at my place! I went and sprayed "Liquid Fence" today....it is supposed to be for deer and rabbits. Hope it works!


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LOL MaryS...we have a deer herd in town ...Liquid Fence is a MOST...and it works for me...but make sure you do just what they say to do.

ok this is from last year..lol..I'm still waiting for some to break ground..other are just eyes...aaa the north land..smiles

Jean/Dirpig...oh someone ask where I got the Dirtpig ...Hubby give it to me...and yes he was smiling when he did..and it's so fitting..lol
Have a good weekend all

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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi everyone,

Happiest of birthday wishes to Sherri (sorry I missed it yesterday), Anita and Annie!I think that May is probably the best month for a birthday. My daughter's is in a couple of weeks and it's always so pretty in May.

Anita, what in the heck are you doing in Salamanca??? Is there gambling at the reservation?

Oh Canna, you do always crack me up! Just the visual image of Marea struttin' her pot ghetto, horse whispering, or getting pressed at the cleaners.....

Another beautiful day here. Was off for part of it, so tried to get in a little weeding. This is about the time that they really start gaining on me. Trying to get them under control a little earlier this year. Sat my butt on the John Deere for over four hours yesterday after work trying to catch up with the mowing. I'll tell you, sometimes acreage seems to be not such a good thing.

Jo, thinking of you often and wondering how you are doing. Please post if you have a minute and give us an update on your Mom. Hugs to you.

Marea, received your awesome daylily seeds yesterday. Thank you so much! Looks like some great crosses. Going to get some started tonight. I'll email you in a bit.

Dawn, it's so exciting to see the step by step progress of your house. What happy times for you and hubby. Glad that you are cutting your mowing clients loose. I was thinking it seemed that you were spreading yourself a little thin.

Shirley, glad to hear that your ankle is beginning to heal, even if it is slowly. It's so hard not to be active and do the things that you love this time of year.

Nancy, sorry to hear about your doggie's surgery, but glad that all seems to have gone well. I agree with whoever said that it's amazing what we will do for our pets. But I'm sure you've gotten well over $1800 worth of love, devotion and loyalty back from him. They are so worth it, aren't they?

Cindy, what's up with your knee?

Jean, great picture. I can't wait for the hostas to look like that this year. I'm probably almost as far behind as you. Lots not up yet. Many are just eyes barely breaking the surface. Only a few with their leaves unfurled.

Excited for the hosta swap. I've already started choosing for my partner, Ms. CindyO and for Marea also. This is going to be so much fun. Thanks again for hosting Queen Dianne!

Speaking of fun, I'm trying to get going on my vacation swap box. My partner is Lisa. Did anyone receive her questionnaire or garden theme info. If so, could you forward them to me? Lisa, hello.... did you ever fill one out? Could use a little guidance please! Oh yeah, and Lisa, I just love all the little things you email. So funny!

Cody, nice haul from the nursery trip!

Barb, nice to see you post. You sound really busy yourself with the gardening. Glad you are enjoying your Spring!

Better get off here and get some things done before bed. Have a great night everyone.

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Have you seen the newest Abilene Nan seedlings on the LA? That Awesome Blossom x Abilene Nan is something to see! Happy Birthday Anita and Annie!
Hope you are having a wonderful birthday Month.


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy Birthday Sherrie, Anita, and Annie!!!!

I know i'm a little late...I hope you are all enjoying your special birthday week. I'll bet Anita is busy winning Daylily $$$$. ; )

My husband's birthday is tomorrow. 35!!! I took him out to celebrate last night because we will be working at the property all weekend. We had a nice dinner and enjoyed the time relaxing.

Our land survey was completed yesterday and i'm on my way to pick up everything right now. Yay, one more thing to scratch off the list.

Then i'll run back home and load up the trailer with more plants. Looks like i'll be planting all day. : )
Most things have been going in temporary holding beds, but today I think i'm going to put in a permanant bed alongside the driveway.

I've got to get ready to go, but i'll be back a little later....

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

PS: Did I tell you that I broke my thumb?????? : (

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namso(Z5 OH)

Happy Birthday Anita & Annie...!! Anita, hope you are having a grand trip.

Jean, that garden is awesome!

Mary Ellen - i would email any la sellers who hadn't at least contacted me yet unless any later shipping dates were listed on the auction. hope yours show soon :)

Sharon, i been good at avoiding the la lately, but will have to go take a peek at those seedlings now. grin.

Sherri is coming to our club meeting & spring auction tommarow. Looking forward you seeing you Sherri!

Maryb - try and keep that trade list updated :). im looking soon.... and i think i have something on lisa. will try and forward.

Shirley, iris update: think about half from last fall are going to bloom! very excited. nice to not have to wait until dl season to get some blooms here :).

knee, just keeps going out on me at dumb times. trying to ignore and hope it goes away. not the season to fool around with.

off to mow & weed. have the whole day to putter in the garden. will finally get a good chance too see how things are looking.

Photo of new fountain DH got me for chrismas. DH is not the gardener but likes the structural stuff - came from Sams club of all places. He built the arbor behind it a few years ago too. Looks like i need to get busy and get a few more flowers around it...


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namso(Z5 OH)


Can't find info on lisa to forward to Maryb :(.

Dawn - ouch on your thumb! be careful planting :). sounds like you guys are moving along very quickly!


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Sorry I misspelled your name above! I don't know why I added the E........??????

I'm back a little early from my day at the property....FIL is taking us out to dinner to celebrate DH's birthday. Yay! Another day I don't have to cook. : )

I took some pics of a few of my bloomers....Iris in particular. Show you later.

Cindy, I LOVE your new fountain. So nice with the planter on top. I've never seen one like that. I like the finish too. Can't believe he found it at Sam's.....I didn't know they had fountains! Did you see the greenhouse that they carry?
Looks like you have lots more room for plants. : ) That's a good thing!

MaryB, yes, I was having trouble keeping up with things. I could do it, but was getting too exhausted. I need to focus on my family and new house right now. I am just so excited about the baby on the way!!! My sister is finally starting to show. She looks adorable.

I still have plenty of work to keep me busy. My job at the golf course is hard work 5 days a week and keeps me in good shape. And i'll always have my job as Admin. of our masonry company. So nice to work at home. : )
Oh, and my side job on Ebay......so much fun! I need to gather up a few things to list.

Well, time to wash all this dirt off and put on something presentable.


Have a nice Saturday evening everyone,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

More birthday wishes to Anita and Annie!!! Hope your days were very special!

Dawn-Just reading your posts makes me tired. Where DO you get all of your energy???

We had a sunny, 60+ degree day here. Warm if you were in the sun but cool in the shade. I was able to get hanging baskets planted and some weeding done in the north flower bed. I'm seeing a few more plants coming back-some that I thought were dead. There are about half a dozen that did die that have a one-year guarantee on them so I will be finding the receipts for them and taking them and the tags back to the place where I bought them this coming week.

Cindy/namso-thanks for the advice on the dl auction. I will be e-mailing them shortly.

We were nipped here with frost overnight. I had dug and potted up some plants in preparation for a plant sale with a couple of friends next week-end, and a few of those plants got zapped. Our spring here started so early, it's hard to remember that our last frost date really is not til mid-May, I think.

Tis all for now. Time for bed. Mary Ellen/Mellen

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)


We had such a nice time at dinner last night. The restaurant was awesome! Best Tiramisu i've EVER had. DH is enjoying his birthday, but NOT happy about being another year older.

Jean, love your pic. I always think about you being a bit behind, waiting for your plants to pop up. Hope you have some color by now. : )

We had a light frost last night too. I brought everything in that I thought may get nipped. A few Brugs, two new Coleus, and a Petunia.
Several of my plants, including the Jap. Maples, got nipped two weeks ago. : (

Mellen, I swear I get my energy from working hard....if that makes any sense???? I can't lay around for too long or i'll never get up. Exercise keeps me going. My daily runs, along with mowing 10 miles of grass every morning really do energize me. I don't drink coffee and don't usually drink much caffeinated stuff like pop. I drink alot of Propel, take my vitamins, and eat all my veggies. Oh, and getting up early. The early bird gets the worm ; )

Barb, I was thinking about you as I strolled through my new woods on Friday. So many little treasures! I can't wait to have a native/woodland garden. Check out all my cute little ferns....

Who wants to see Iris?!?!

Here are some of the Iris I have blooming today. Anita's Iris garden really inspired me and I hope to have one like hers.
Here is 'Spin Off'.....

and 'Ecstatic Echo'.....

....and my new favorite..'Jurassic Park'...oh it's so beeeuteeeful! Even better in person!

Although i've been planting like crazy at the new place, most of those gardens are only temporary. Yesterday I put in my first permanent garden! It's not quite done...still need to haul down a few more stone and add a few more plants and mulch....

I'll finish it today.

I'll be working on my "Vacation" swap box this week. Hmmmm...wonder where my partner is going???? I'll never tell ; )
Well, it's getting late so I better get moving.
Happy Sunday everyone,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Jean's having some problems getting emails. I'll post the list to make sure she can see it here. Thanks everyone for making the partner-picking so much fun.

Here is the final list for the June Hosta Shuffle.
Remember, 2 named hostas, June 5 deadline to ship.
Any problems, concerns, questions, dreams, aspirations you want to discuss--feel free to contact me. I can talk hosta alllllllll day!

  1. Sharon/TMA SENDS TO Jo
    2. MaryS SENDS TO Mellen
    3. Rebecca/Canna SENDS TO Anita
    4. Jo/Juspeachy SENDS TO Marea
    5. Mellen SENDS TO Skohler
    6. Namso SENDS TO MaryBz5
    7. Dawn/Mamabirrd SENDS TO Rebecca/Canna
    8. Brittneysgran SENDS TO Gloria
    9. Catbirdsue SENDS TO Pins2006/Carmen
  2. Dirtpig/Jean SENDS TO BettyBoop/Betty
  3. Anita/NYvoices99 SENDS TO Debbie
  4. Marea SENDS TO Dawn
  5. MaryBz5 SENDS TO Namso/Cindy O.
  6. Jaye/TakingRoot SENDS TO Sharon/TMA
  7. Debbie/budsnblooms SENDS TO Jaye/TakingRoot
  8. Pins2006/Carmen SENDS TO Shirley/Brittneysgran
  9. BettyBoop/Betty SENDS TO Dianne/dian57
  10. Skohler SENDS TO Catbirdsue
  11. Gloria SENDS TO Jean/Dirtpig
  12. Dianne/dian57 SENDS TO MaryS
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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Hi everyone,

Today is such a sad day here. I awoke to find that my Chesapeake Bay Retriever, Bailey, quietly died during the night. She was on the floor only a few feet away from me as I slept and I never heard anything so I know it must have been very peaceful, thank God. She was only 9 years old so I just wasn't quite ready for this. I was home all day yesterday and she seemed totally fine, not like she was in any pain or didn't feel well. My husband took my kids yesterday to a family birthday party out of town and stayed overnight so none of them know yet. They are not expected home until later this afternoon. My kids are just going to be crushed. She has been around for most of their lives and this will be the first major pet that they have lost. I've been crying all morning and I know they're going to know something is up the minute they walk in the door. I've had dogs my whole life and have to say that Bailey was without a doubt the best of all of them. She is going to be so missed.

Gotta get in the shower and snap out of this before the kids get home. Thanks for listening.

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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dawn, your garden is just beautiful! And it looks like there might be room for hostas, even, if you didn't stuff it this afternoon! :))

Isn't this digging in the dirt grand?

My lilacs, iris, chives, purple alliums & verbascums are all blooming in a rainbow of lavenders - just beautiful to me. But, most important, I have daylily scapes!! William Steen, Broadway Jazz, Blue-eyed Butterfly & of course Stella de Oro. Hurrah! Happy Sunday ~ marea

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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Oh Mary, i'm so sad to come home and read about the passing of your dear Bailey. My heart goes out to you and your family. That is just too soon to lose her! Take comfort in the fact that she died in her sleep with no suffering.
I wish there was something I could do or say to make you feel better. It is such a hard thing to deal with.
Please know I am thinking of you, and will say a little prayer for Bailey.

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Dear Mary, I am sooo very sorry about Bailey. I know that many of us here can identify with all of the thoughts and feelings that you are experiencing right now. I would be crying, too. Our pets become so close to us that even when we KNOW that it is their time it is hard. But in your case it has to be just a little harder. You and your family will be in my thoughts this afternoon whenever the time comes for your children to come home. You know that we all care about you. Extending a shoulder to cry on, Mary Ellen/Mellen

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Mary, I was so sad to hear about Bailey. It is always hard to lose a beloved pet. Bailey was lucky to have such wonderful people in her life and you her.

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dian57(M-H Valley NY-5)

Mary, I'm so sorry to hear about Bailey. What a shock. I hope you managed to break the news to your children, they must have been devastated. Nine years is a long time to love a pet and lose him so unexpectedly. I have you all in my prayers.

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Gm wanted to share a couple pictures to ask if anyone know the names of these.
I Know this is an Iris & this is the 1st year it has bloomed. Smells like Coco

this one is popping up all over & I have not a clue
as where it has come from .
It hasn't started to Bloom yet but loaded with buds .

Carmen Going to get you Vacation Box Ready today
sure hope your ready for this vacation :)) .
well lots to do today .
maryann sorry for your lost .
This Month .


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namso(Z5 OH)

im so sorry to hear of the loss of your Bailey. thoughts and prayers with you & yours.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

mary, i am so sorry for your heartache over the loss of bailey. my thoughts and prayers are with you and yours.


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HUGS Mary so sorry for your loss..will keep you and yours in my prayers.


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mareas(OR Zone 8)

dear MaryB - I was posting at the same time you were yesterday & I didn't see your post about your beloved Bailey. My sincere condolences on your loss. I hope you do take comfort knowing she got to leave peacefully being right there with you. My prayers for you & your family. Marea

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Happy birthday belatedly to Sherri, Anita and Annie. We miss you Annie, hope you get back with us soon!

MaryB, I'm so sorry for your heartbreak of losing your
Bailey. They are so much a part of the family it is just as painful when we lose them.

Dawn, I can't believe how much progress ya'll have made already. It is looking great! I really like your bed you put in. Your irises are gorgeous. I especially love Spin Off.

Thank you all for your kind words about our Andy. He's home now and doing ok. He goes back to get his 16 staples out Friday and then we will start physical therapy to try to get the use of his back legs back. He's already trying to use them but we're having to keep him in a large cage to keep him from moving around too much too soon.

Cindy, your fountain is really nice. I can't wait to see it when everything fills out. I love the before and after pics.

My large bed in the back is really filling in this year. This is it's "leap" year.

Has anyone heard anything from Joey?

Gloria, I hope you are feeling better and will be back with us soon. We want the details on the wedding too ASAP.

Shirley, I'm glad your sale went well! I hope you are feeling better too and will soon be back to normal.

Sue, hope your knee gets well quickly. I know how that feels. I had surgery on one of mine a few years ago and it sure did help.

Cindy, hope your knee gets well fast too. It's all that squatting in the garden that gets us all. ;-) But it is worth it!

Hello to all I missed and have a great night.


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barbamaman(z5/6 OH)

Oh Mary, how terribly sad! Such nice dogs, those Chessies are. She must have just died suddenly - dogs have sudden things like strokes, too. I know the awful pain of losing the extra fine dog in your life. I am so sorry.

Everybody's gardens are waking up. Mine, too. Weeds got a head start this early spring, too, so there's been lots of bent over folks around here. Daylilies came up early and some did notice the frosts we've had. We tented the kirengeshoma as last year it was killed back so badly by a very late snow it made only 2 blooms. Most plants look marvelous.

Happy birthdays - I missed everybody's! Anyway...

My fingers are all dried out from transplanting a million teeny seedlings. Why isn't it possible to sow just a few tiny seeds? What madness causes us to think, oh heck, I'll just sprinkle...I have some nice bellflower seedlings from seed of 'Axminster Streaked'. It'll be fun to see if any streak.

Jean, I have the nicest, streaky D.B. hosta seedling for you. Really nice! Did you start the seed I sent? What did you get? Only one other of mine was streaky - 1 for you, 1 for me. Perfect!

Dawn - love your little terraced tree garden. Next spring let's compare wildflowers, and I'll see if I can send you a few you don't have.

Nancy I'm glad Andy is home and getting better.

Susie, your plant looks like Dame's Rocket, Hesperis matronalis. Mine is blooming now, too. Check out the whole plant image on the link below. It's a pretty thing - took me 3 years to get some going from seed.

How can you have blooming iris already? Mine are showing color now, but the Chinese and Japanese aren't sure it's really spring yet.

Sherri - Thanks for the advice. It's ridiculous this Medicare Prescription deal is so difficult; I wonder how many people just give it up and pick one. We found one that fits our needs - signing on tonight.

Cody - You done good! My DH won't let me near a greenhouse, nursery, etc. Says I have enough. If only he knew my deepest secret plan to completely ENGULF THE ENTIRE PROPERTY IN BLOOMS!!!!! Ah well, things multiply, and then you divide and then they multiply again......

Sharon has discovered the secret of canna preservation! Incredible! Our new cat keeps digging deep holes in our big pots so DH put big rocks all over the soil. Now we'll see how they like highly compacted kitty juice.

Shirley - we had a lady just north of us who sold daylilies every spring for over 50 years - of course, I was busy with everything else and never stopped in...now I wonder what treasures she might have had! Anyway, if I lived closer, I'd be at your iris sale!

Our first hummers are here, too! And the Buzzards are back in Brinkhaven. Hmmm, doesn't have the same ring as Hinckley...

Anybody finding morels?

I have seeds from my red Amaryllis, and sprouts, too, if anybody wants any.

Keep well. Dig big holes. Shop.


Here is a link that might be useful: Hesperis matronalis

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Susie and Barb, please remember that Dames Rocket is a very invasive plant out in the wild. There are places around here that have been completely over-run with it. It has crowded out the local plants.

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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Morning all!

MaryB, (((BIG HUGS)))to you and your family. I hope today is a better day!

Happy belated to Sherry, Anita, and Annie!!!!!!

You northern folks are freezing me to death! My plants are about 2 weeks ahead this year with the mild winter we had. All my plants from indoors have been out for a month now. I replanted my brugs in the ground and two are covered in buds! I even have a DL blooming this week, MOONLIT MASQUARADE and tons of scapes coming up. We have lots of cool new flowers this year and nice bonuses with our orders. I have had various iris' blooming for about a month.

Deni, the louisianna and Jap. iris you brought me are doing great. I lost one that I think I planted to deep.

Joey! My 'Mr. Man' iris is blooming! Also the Bletillas you sent me like two years ago.

I went to my favorite green house, Stanley's, last week end and bought a bunch of coleus to put in my containers. I also bought abutilon 'gold dust' (loving these), variegated alstromeria, huchera 'snow mound'(I think) and a few other goodies. Doug bought a couple of really cool conifers for our new front bed. One of them is a deciduous evergreen (can you say oxymoron?) We bought them at Beaver Creek nursery. The vice president of the conifer society works there and gave us great advice and info on choosing. We have never grown conifers, but have always wanted some. I think they both are mature at around 15 feet.

I can't remember if I told you all that our garden will be open to the public next month. Our DL club is hosting this year's Regional in region 10 (Kentucky/Tennessee). We were invited to join a few weeks ago and boy do we have alot of work to do before June 18th! We have to mulch, paint our garden shed, finish up the outside of the house from last fall.

Yesterday, I bought myself a birthday, anniversary, mother's day gift! I went out and bought a new sewing machine! Yeah, I know, woo-hoo so exciting, LOL! But, I have really gotten into quilting over the winter and had machines older than me to work with.

Speaking of aniversary, Doug and I celebrated our 11th on Saturday the 6th. Guess what I got for an aniversary present? A new beautiful shiny blue cauk gun and two new toilet seats! I didn't know the 11th one was cauk and pastic? LOL!

Alrighty, I have a friend here at GW that would like to join us. She wanted to join us for the Hosta Shuffle, but I told her I didn't know if it was officially closed yet. Her name is Maryanne and goes by Mari5us here on GW. She lives here in TN, and I have met her at a couple of local plant swaps last year. I camped next to her at last year's Mid-Tennessee plant swap below Nashville. She's a great gal very giving of her garden. We have swapped plants in person a couple of times now. I will be seeing her at a local plant swap here in Knoxville in a couple of weeks. I would really love for her to join us and I will be glad to be her host. ...

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Hi All,
I think this is the best way I can post this for Jo, This is the E-mail she sent me last night.
HI my best buddy,
Mom passed away today at 12:05 this afternoon.
I couldn't call and talk. I just can't right now. I need a day or so please.
If you could, please let our group know, I just don't have the heart to go and post or even send an e-mail right now.
I have so much to get through in the next few days, and I HAVE to hold it together till after the funeral.
The memorial service will be this Saturday at 2. At the Veddar and Scott funeral home in Odessa.
I love you lots and will call you in a couple of days


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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Dear friend Jo,
My heart is aching for you upon hearing of your Mother's passing. I am so sorry. Please know that we are all here for you.

A poem for you and your Mother......

God looked around his Garden and found an empty place.
He then looked down upon his earth and saw your loving face.

He put his arms around you and lifted you to rest.
His Garden must be beautiful, he always takes the best.
He knew that you were suffering, he knew you were in pain.
And knew that you would never get well on earth again.
He saw your path was difficult, he closed you tired eyes,
He whispered to you "Peace be Thine" and gave you wings to fly.
When we saw you sleeping so calm and free of pain,
We would not wish you back to earth to suffer once again.
You've left us precious memories, your love will be our guide,
You live on through your children, you're always by our side.
It broke our hearts to lose you, but you did not go alone.
For part of us went with you on the day God called you home

My deepest sympathies to you Jo and your family,
~Dawn (mamabirrd)

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Jo, My heart goes out to you.

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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

dearest jo, my heartfelt sympathies are with you at this time. what a treasure of a daughter you were to have been there to laugh, cry, talk, smile or just sit with your mother in the last months/weeks/days/minutes/seconds of her life. may God continue to bless you in all your days on earth. you remain in my prayers.

i am forever mindful of a passage from the gospel of Matthew:
Then will the eyes of the blind be opened and
the ears of the deaf unstopped. Then will the
lame leap like a deer, and the mute tongue
shout for joy.

know that your dear mother is whole again in the company of Our Lord as well as those loved ones who passed before her.


A wife, a mother, a grandma too,
This is the legacy we have from you.
You taught us love and how to fight,
You gave us strength, you gave us might.
A stronger person would be hard to find,
And in your heart, you were always kind.
You fought for us all in one way or another,
Not just as a wife not just as a mother.
For all of us you gave your best,
Now the time has come for you to rest.
So go in peace, you've earned your sleep,
Your love in our hearts, we'll eternally keep.

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namso(Z5 OH)

Im so sorry on the loss of your mom. Many condolances and prayers for you and your family.

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bourret(z5a Maine)


I'm so very sorry about your mother. Just think, she is in a better place now.


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Barb Thank you for telling me about the plant .
the flower has not came out on it yet , I looked up the dames rocket but this dose not look like the same leaf:((
I will know when it blooms :))

looks as if we are in for a few rainy days so guess it will be a good time to get caught up with my house work :)) .

have a great night all

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Jo, I am so sorry for your loss. I can think of nothing that hurts as badly as losing your "MAMA" and nobody will ever take her place. She will be with you forever in your heart. As your family shares their happy memories of time spent with her it will bring her back to you so do it often. We all love you and send you the warmest, biggest hugs to help bear your pain. I'm sure each of us would love to lend an ear to listen or a shoulder to cry away your pain.


    Bookmark   May 9, 2006 at 7:25PM
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Jo, I Love U

    Bookmark   May 9, 2006 at 11:40PM
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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dear sister Jo, Nancy especially & everybody have already found a way to articulate what is in my heart, too, about your Mother passing on, but if you need anything.. ~ marea

    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 12:54AM
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Hey, was it you Barb that liked the Rex Begonias????
I went to the bestest and cheapest nursery around here for summer planting and guess what they had? LOL
As I walked in I saw a lady coming out with these really cool looking plants. Yep, Rex Begonias! I always do a planter for my shaded front porch, and this year it will have a rex begonia in it. A 'Chicago Fire' Rex Begonia to be exact. I'm pretty excited about it.
I'll try the rocks on top of the soil next fall when I bring in a couple of pots. Now how to stop the 'bad cat' from peeing on the kids backpacks ... (Vet says he has no health problems.)

Rebecca - Oh, I love the conifers too. If I had a bigger yard, I would have a conifer garden. I've seen a couple of those at some gardens, and what an impression they make. Also, they look great in the winter.
And you deserve to 'freeze' knowing you are making us 'hot' with your descriptions of what is blooming there. grin
And, And, how exciting about your gardens being open to the public!
And,And, And, Happy Anniversery! (I've gotten toilet seats for Mothers Day before, LOL)
And, And, And, And, Loved the wall hanging!

Finally getting rid of the old refrigerator from the cottage. It is 60 years old and still working. We Just needed something with more room. The people that came to take the coolant out said they hadn't seen one like it for some time. I laughed when he said, 'I know it still works, right?' Then he said, "I hope your new one lasts for 5 years." Yikes, he is probably right.

Going to rain here for several days now, good!, the garden needs it.


    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 7:43AM
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cannahavana(z7a Knoxville)

Jo, I hope you can feel the love and hugs from our group and take comfort that we are here for you... Your Mother raised a wonderful daughter and I am sure she was very proud of you.

Beautiful words Dawn and Maryanne.


    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 8:08AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

My deepest sympathy goes out to you and your family. So glad your son was there to see her one last time. We miss them so but we have to be happy because she is at peace now. Cherish those fun and happy memories forever. All her disabilities have now disappered. My oh my how wonderful it must feel to stand in the presence of Jesus.
Looking forward to it.


    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 9:43AM
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luvmybulbs(Z6 IL)

Oh I haven't been on in a couple of days. Jo I am so sorry. Rember your mom wil always be with you. She is no longer suffering. Take care of yourself and be strong.

Anita now I know why everyone wants to trade with you :o)
She sent me I believe it was 13 different daylilys and 13 differnt iris and about 10-12 cannas. I will post which ones when I get them wrote out and the rest of the stuff.

Marea, I received the cannas, I will get you a box out soon girl. Thanks so much. I have them planted and it has been raining all day so hopefully they will start taking off.

Got to do so bulb packing, will try to get back on later.

Someone here sent me a cool iris last year and it bloomed today but it is so yucky I hope I get a good picture to post for you all.

Take care

    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 7:58PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

I am so sorry Jo. Everyone has already said it so much better than I can, but I think you know that I, along with everyone else, is thinking and praying for you and your family.

Gloria, I hope you and DH are feeling better and on the mend.

Mary B...I'm sorry for the loss of your dear friend Bailey.

Sorry for the short note, but will post pictures soon. I have some already taken, I just have to download them from the camera.


    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 9:02PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Hi all...

Jo I am so sorry to hear about your mother. My prayers and sympathy for you and your family. Others said it so well. Such beautiful poems.

MaryB. It was so sad about your dear dog, Bailey. Thinking of you, too.

Canna I just love the flag wall quilt....The pics really do not do it justice! What a special gift from a special friend!

That reminds me...I really need to take some pics and post them. I have 3 mini-iris blooming. They are so pretty!

Guess what? I have daylily buds! (Hyperion and Stella)This is right in the middle of zone 4 and we could still get a frost. I can tell our earlier frosts did affect some of my daylilies. Hope they will come out of it. Most of the hostas look fine. There is no way I can begin to cover up everything!

I got an order today from Ensata. The fans are huge! Hopefully tomorrow will be nice enough to plant.

I am so excited. I grew hosta seedlings in 2001, and some of them have turned out real cool. I may have to share one with my hosta trade buddy! Its leaves are long and skinny and very ruffly.It seems to be a small one too! I did DL seeds last year so will be anxious to see what I have in a couple of years! They did all come up this spring.

Gloria, how are you doing?
Well I have gone on long enough. Mary

    Bookmark   May 10, 2006 at 10:12PM
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mellen(4a/5-ctrl. IA)

Jo, I just want to let you know that I am continuing to pray for you and your family--for comfort, for the healing that will come, and the Holy Spirit to hold you close. Mary Ellen

    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 12:17AM
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marybz5ny(zone5 NY)

Jo, I'm thinking of you and holding you close to my heart. I am so very sorry to hear of the loss of your Mom and the sadness that you and your family are feeling right now. I am so glad that you were able to take that time to care for her these past few weeks. Will be saying a prayer for you all.

Thanks to everyone for your kind words and prayers for us all in the loss of our girl Bailey. It's been a really rough week. Things are definitely not the same around here. Our other dog, Chelsea, our yellow lab, seems at such a loss without Bailey. We have been pouring double love and attention into her.

Been working hard in the garden, still trying to get ahead of the weeding and mulching - never ending, but things are finally starting to shape up.

CindyO, was checking out your hosta list and thought hmmmm.... she lost some of the same ones I did this year, interesting. Then when I was watering last night, I found that a few had just broken the ground yesterday. Still have a few that haven't made an appearance yet, so I'm still holding out hope. So, don't give up on those that you think are gone yet. Keep checking for them. Just like daylilies, there are some that are later than others.

Anita, how was your weekend getaway?

Jealous of everyone who has daylily scapes (I don't care if they are Stellas - I want some).

Canna, beautiful wall hanging. Lucky MaryS!

Debbie, still looking for more plant markers for you - no luck yet.

Lisa, did you ever fill out any of the questionnaires when you joined our group? If so could you (OR ANYONE) please forward to me?????? Need a little help here! Debbie, maybe you have a copy of something?

Better go - things to do this morning. Have a good day everyone.
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    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 6:09AM
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Jo, I am so sorry about you mom. Please remember that you will see her again. This separation is temporary, and the reunion will be forever with the Lord.


    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 10:57AM
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Pins : Just woundering if you recieved your vacation box yet . can't tell by this conf#
Label/Receipt Number: 0305 1720 0002 5542 3025
Status: Arrival at Unit

Your item arrived at 5:24 am on May 10, 2006 in DECATUR, GA 30030. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

maybe you might get it today :)) I hope sure the plants will need a good drink :)) .

Jo Sorry For your lost Just know that your mother is in good hands now & she will always be with you :))
can hardly wait to read about everyones vacation :))
Happy Gardening all rainy day here so will be working inside :)) .


    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 11:53AM
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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Hi everyone,

I just had a message from Anita, and she asked me to tell you this......

"Can you please let the group know, I am thinking of them all, I guess the loss of Jo's Mom has hit me way harder than I thought it was going to"

I am so glad that Jo has such a sweetheart of a friend up there in NY to help comfort her during this difficult time.

Thanks Anita : )

~Dawn (mamabirrd)

    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 1:41PM
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Canna, your quilt is beautiful! Mary S. is very lucky and I'm sure she's proud of her new prized possession.

Jo, I hope you are bearing up well. I'm still keeping you close to my heart.

Angie, Anita sent me a huge box last year too. She can really pack them in there but then so can you. I think everything you sent me is still alive.

I am ever amazed at the energy that all of you seem to have. I wish you could bottle and sell it and I'd be the first customer. ;-)

Mair, the daylilies we traded for are looking good. They have multiplied and are in a pot. I still say that the ones I left in pots have grown more than the ones I planted. I can't wait to see them bloom.

I have stellas blooming and several others with buds. It's getting closer. Now I'll be rushing home in the afternoon to see what is blooming. That is the fun of it!

Take care all, hugs to everybody,


    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 6:47PM
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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Canna - your quilt is just phenomenal!!

Photos Nancy photos!?!

I am in Iris heaven!! Hi Low Silver is the most fragrant iris I have ever met & it is perfuming my whole house with a cross between lily of the valley, jasmine & hosta.. *sigh*
And look - my Ashland iris are becoming a hedge!

Ok - back I go to watering - hugs to everybody, too ~marea

    Bookmark   May 11, 2006 at 9:59PM
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earthlydelights(6 pushing 7)

good morning everyone.

i'm a little early with it, but i won't be around this weekend, my mother is being discharged today from her knee surgery, so i'll be with her. sooooooooooooo

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to one and all. Enjoy your day to its fullest.


    Bookmark   May 12, 2006 at 11:10AM
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Anyone Know how to get ahold of pins Her box still cannot be delivered to her it is in the post office . with live plant maybe dead by now I'm sick over this .

Label/Receipt Number: 0305 1720 0002 5542 3025
Status: Notice Left

We attempted to deliver your item at 2:57 pm on May 10, 2006 in DECATUR, GA 30033 and a notice was left. It can be redelivered or picked up at the Post Office. If the item is unclaimed, it will be returned to the sender. Information, if available, is updated every evening. Please check again later.

I would like to know How to contact her. & I cannot afford to resend plants . what is the rule of or for this when our boxes cannot be delivered ???
Carmen Please tell Me you went & got the box today
PLLLLLLLEAASE . Maybe she went on vacation before she got the box :((( .
well it is out of my hands I will feel really bad if the plants are dead . its sorta hard to kill daylilies
but still feel sorry for them in the box .
well have a great weekend all .

    Bookmark   May 12, 2006 at 5:30PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Marea, I'll try to get some pics tomorrow. My batteries are down so I'll have to charge them.

Susie, I emailed Carmen and it seemed to go through so hopefully she'll get it and will let you know something.

Happy Mother's Day all of you and Paul, don't forget yours!

Nite all,


    Bookmark   May 12, 2006 at 11:13PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Susie, I apologize for not writing yesterday, but I am here. I saw your post and immediately called the post office. I didn't want to send a post because we can only send one a day (why is that?) and I wanted to have good news. Well, I'm still waiting. The PO has confirmation that the box came to them, but it has apparently disappeared. :-( The don't have a record of it being delivered to anybody. I spoke to my mail carrier and he said he would put it on top priority. He knows I get lots of plants (he delivered 2 boxes yesterday), so he knows the importance.

This has never happened to me before, and the really wierd thing is that I am on a co-op at DG and one of the two boxes that were sent to me is missing, too. I just don't understand what is happening.

When I finally get the box, I'm sure with a little TLC that the daylilies will be just fine. Surely they will find it.


    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 8:35AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Thanks Nancy I tried to email her & it came back to me
its the same one we use to reply to all .
just hope all is well . well have a great weekend to all

    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 8:38AM
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Carmen are you tell me that DG is doing co-ops again????
Lets I knew..Dave put a stop to it..

Hugs Jo..I'm so sorry for you lost.

Happy Mothers day Ladies

Someone please tell me that it's not raining where they live..it's been raining here for 13 days now..cold wet windy..it has to be warm and dry somewhere..

    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 9:17AM
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Yes, and if you need the metal markers, go there right now.

    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 9:47AM
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Ok although I had to put on a winter coat, boots, and ski pants to keep warm i went out and dabbled in the dirt a bit! Where's spring go?

In the seed garden I see sprouts of delphinium and delph butterfly blue, columbine, blue eyed grass, goatsbeard, dianthus siberian blues, salvia may night, HH peaches and dreams!!

I will be able to have my first baby leaf spinach salad this week!

Anita did a nice trade with me this week. :) Did you get the box from me, Anita? That makes teh fourth beautiful box of new plants to try from trades and friends this spring. How nice:)

Veeja i sent an email about the perennial sunflower seed.

Brent and becky's was nice about refunding my failed arum italicum bubls.
Does anyone is zone 5 get them to grow?

The camassia bubls I ordered from them 'blue danube' are starting to bloom (very pretty)and all but one species lily- 'henryi' has surfaced.

I was talking to someone here a while ago about burning off siberian iris and orn. grass foliage. This is the last year I'm going to do that. Seems to make the middle not comeback quite as well as if I hack them back with sheers. Phooey- the pyro thing was fun!

Everyone have a happy mother's day, even if it involves inlaws and working the nursery at church, (..oh that's me;)).... and I mean it! Have a good one !


    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 11:39AM
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mareas(OR Zone 8)

Dang,Karen, brrr... It's been 71 degrees in the shade here the past couple of weeks: no heat needed. I hope thats your story soon!! These Traveling Daylily trades are the BEST, huh? I got a box today from Cody that was just bulging at the sides!! Daylilies & hostas & iris & sedums - Oh my!

Happy Mother's Day!

    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 8:03PM
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Huckleberry Fudge Iris

Gnus Flash

Ednas Wish

Full Swing

My irises are winding down now. It is sad to see them all quit blooming. I am loving all the re-bloomers which give it one last shot in the Fall.

Maryanne-Hope your Mom is doing well after her knee surgery.

MaryS-How lucky you are to now have that beautiful quilt hanging that Canna made. Just gorgeous. I once crocheted the American Flag. Took me forever to finish it. Then I ended up selling it in a yard sale.

Canna-How wonderful about your flower gardens. I know they must be beautiful. I will be in Tn. for a week (vacationing) in June. Some of us ladies are taking campers and spending a week at the Holly Haven campgrounds in Pigeon Forge. How far are you from there?

MaryB-So sorry to hear the news about your beloved Bailey.
Glad you had another pet to shower with love.

Yes on another Maryanne joining us. Sounds great


    Bookmark   May 13, 2006 at 10:27PM
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Big hugs Jo, my love and prayers are with you. MaryAnne big hugs to you too, hope mom is doing well. My iris are starting to bloom, I love flowers, when is john peat coming?
Love to Gloria, you are missed
hugs to all

    Bookmark   May 14, 2006 at 12:39AM
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Good Morning Everyone,

I know I have a lot of catching up to do, but I also have a lot of outside work to do.
BBS, :)Anita

Happy Mothers Day To All

    Bookmark   May 14, 2006 at 7:52AM
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mamabirrd(z5/6 PA)

Happy Mother's Day!

I wish all of the Mom's a wonderful day spent making time for yourself.

I am taking one of my sister's up to visit Gram at the nursing home first thing this morning. Then i'm gonna' head over to my Mom's and drop off a Mother's Day gift before she gets home. She's at a horse show this weekend. I put together a beautiful container garden in a really unusual urn and want to have it on the front porch waiting for her. I took some pics but they turned out terrible 'cause it's raining. Will try again later.

We took MIL out to dinner on Friday. I'd love to spend the rest of the day working at the new place, but it's so rainy. Rain, rain, go away. It's supposed to keeping raining all week. Definately slowing down the progress.

As soon as we can finish putting down the #3 gravel we're ready to start construction. My Dad is doing a fabulous job on the driveway.

The site is excavated and we're just about ready to start ordering materials.

Thatsalotadigging!!! Not sure if you can imagine the amount of dirt that my DH moved out of there? We have enormous piles and he told me it will be my job to do something with them, LOL.

Canna, I'm sorry for not responding sooner about your friend. I vote yes!

Shirley, your Iris are awesome as always. I love 'Gnus Flash' and 'Huckleberry Fudge' is a neat color. I have a dk. burgundy unknown heirloom that I just love. Hard to find other plants that have that bloom color.

Karen, this is the first year for my Arum, and it seems to be doing okay. Too bad i've gotta' dig it up and move it.
As far as burning grasses, etc. down....i've seen many do it with much success. Personally, I love shearing mine down by hand. Hard work but good exercise. If I get lazy I use the gas hedge trimmers. : )
Most often when plants begin to die out in the center, they need division. That is usually the case with grass plants. Has it been a while since you divided them?

Marea, my dear queen of blue,........this one's for you...

Much "bluer" in person. Loving that one!

Carmen, thanks for the tip about the Eon co-op. I ordered a bunch. I really needed them badly.

Right now I know what every plant is in my garden due to its placement even if it doesn't have a tag, no matter if it's blooming or not. Moving them all to a new place is making plant markers a must.

The plant marker co-op is still going on "over there" and it's quite a good deal, with prices possibly going lower with more orders.

Jo, you are in my thoughts today. Big hugs to you.

Well, I must get ready to go. I hope to check back in later.

Have a...

    Bookmark   May 14, 2006 at 7:57AM
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namso(Z5 OH)

Happy Mothers Day to all...im having a hosta kind of rainy day.

have a few extra hosta to trade and thought i'd try here ist....these are mostly single eyes. looking for same - other hosta not on have list. have:
Northern Star
Goldbrook Galeon
Royal Accolade
Rosedale Tractor Seat
Thumbs Up
Bitsy Green

i don't know if i get email through GW anymore, so you may want to pm me.

MaryB- I had one...Great Expectations that did finally arise!! i really think i killed the rest though. had some small ones jump out over the winter and a few others that did not look good in the fall. should have moved...think just too much sun. Box out in am. :).

Barb, if it ever stops raining, your peony is in the mail tommarrow as well.

Must tell you all that i received yet another box from Our Marea. Two more hanson's I love,,,Utopia or Oblivion and Paradise Lost. Marea, you are just a wonderful lady. expect another box too :)

Great iris pics all! only my dwarfs are really going yet..and they are done.....i sure hope by next week the tb get going soon. Should have some of those to trade when theyre done too. Need to move them.

Sherri - had a great time seeing you as always! and ty for all those dl's :). going to get back to the dl's soon!. have an email into Mitch.... wish i had scapes.

Cindy O/namso

    Bookmark   May 14, 2006 at 1:47PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo
namso(Z5 OH)

Good morning all,
Boxes out today....MaryB, Marea, Barb.
Already working on details of a trade for the other hosta...will repost if it falls through.

Have a great day all!

    Bookmark   May 15, 2006 at 9:01AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Marea, box is on its way to you.

    Bookmark   May 15, 2006 at 10:58AM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

Rocks ! I got rocks for mother's day!
One is the size of a half whiskey barrel, and the other a boulder the size of well just a tad smaller than a round foulding table!
Oh dang there's a timer- goota go

    Bookmark   May 15, 2006 at 4:31PM
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