Tropical beauty converts to subtropical Sapote!

stanofhMarch 29, 2014

My niece's first tasting of the White Sapote was positive!...she's visiting from the Philippines and the ambrosia of White Sapote means we fight over them now..well,almost-lol.
Also,with two months of steady rain the tree is dropping large fruit almost daily now. This tree's bearing season is unreal,its so long. Like a fantasy tree.

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I put in a White Sapote about a year ago now. It's growing quite well Looking forward to when it starts to drop fruit.

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Good luck TB. They are when young,heavy feeders. And like a occasional deep watering. Eventually, they can get by on little....just add more for sweeter fruit.

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Thanks stanofh, I haven't been fertilising mine very much, will have to start doing that. Wet season it gets more than enough water but dry season I do give it occasional deep watering, especially when it shows a bit of wilt.

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