2010 Spring Pics

kubi411April 16, 2010

Here are some pictures I'll share of my current plants. Please excuse the poor shots as I was also keeping an eye out for my 1 y.o son playing in the yard.

Small Emperor Tree flowering

No Mai Tun (my newest tree, anyone know anything about this variety?)

Kaimana (another season of no flower from this tropical variety)

Pink Ohia

Mauritius Tree in 55 gallon pot with heavy flowering

Pickering Mango

Keitt mango (Suffered massive damage from freeze, but still alive)

Edward Mango (loss all foilage, but pushing out growth again)

Unknown mango (not really sure, but seller said it was yellow variety. It went thru freeze without damage)

Alphonso mango (another seriously damaged mango)


Unknown Lychee Variety (in a 25 gallon pot I cannot repot comfortably in a nursery container due to tall height of current container)

SweetHeart (replacement for the one that died on me in freeze 2 years ago)

Haiwian and some other pineapples that suffered cold damage

Large Emperor in 50 gallon not flowering this year

Unknown Longan in 50 gallon pot

Sri Chompoo Longan

Mauritius Lychee in ground (belongs to brother in law)

2nd Unknown Variety of Longan (probably Kohala)

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Andrew Scott

Nice pics! I wish I had luck finding the large pots you have. I went on a hunt for a 30 gal today and ended up with a pot that is only an inxh larger than what I am using now. Oh well. Well congrats on your trees. At least they pulled thru the unusually cold winters. Good luck this year and keep the pics coming. It inspires me to keep my tropical fruit collection growing and expanding! Hmm, just not sure what will make the cut and end up in my tropical fruit collection this year!

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nguyenty(9, Los Angeles)

Love to see tropical fruit container trees

Where did you get the 50 gallon pot for the unknown longan and how much did they cost ?

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Lots of lychees! Very nice. I'm with the guys above...where did you find the 55 gal containers?

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Thanks for the comment everyone.

I had a hard time finding large nursery containers as well and resorted to craiglist. The seller sold a few 40 gallon used to me for $15. The 50 gallons were found at Lowe's and local citrus nursery for $36 - $40 each.
Some of the tree nursery will sell them if you ask, but the price is rather high. I was about to resort to garbage cans at one point, but the UV rays brittle the plastic over time.

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Hey kubi411, thats a great selection of Mangoes and Lychees you have there. The Kaimana still looks a bit small and I was wondering if you gave your Lychees some drought stress to induce flowering? Also, did you withhold nitrogen fertilizers? Aside from the cold damage, your plants look great. Please keep us posted.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

Your plants look great. So many lychee and mango. keep us posted. It really inspire me to see lots of lychee on a potted tree.

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great pics and great trees.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Awesome trees Kubi! You're doing an outstanding job growing them in containers. Cute kid BTW! Soon, he will be able to help you take care of your fruit trees.

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I didn't give or treat the Kaimana any different then the other trees which are flowering. I also avoid fertilizing to try to keep them from outgrowing the container. My guess is the Kaimana isn't really suitable for Florida as it is for Hawaii.

The boy is picking flowers off trees. He's rather destructive then helpful at this point. hahaha

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im glad someone on here got a No Mai Tun from Pine Island.

i discovered that variety along with a few others, Shan chi, tukhmia, peerless, groff, large red and early seedless in their growhouses, none of the workers new about them and when i showed them they got Eric who didnt know what he was talking about until he came and looked at them, lol.

i discover alot of things there like my St maui mango.

i bought the groff, i was worried no mai tun would be like no mai tze and not produce. Groff supposedly doesnt like calcerous soils so if it declines i may put it in a container. my soil has some calcerous limestone but not nearly as bad as Miami south of me where they advise against growing it.

if you google those specific varieties you will find that some are only listed at the Germplasm in Hilo. i wonder if they got wood from them? they do not have no mai tun listed but have three types all named "no mai tze"

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Fantastic collection of trees...good job Kubi.

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Wow Kubi,
beautiful collection of trees, cute kid too. As they get older they get a little more helpful.


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phase0001(z10 CA)

amazing trees. thanks for sharing

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Thanks for the kind words everyone.

Mango Kush,
I was finding a replacement for my cogshall that was killed off and asked PI what lychees they had. They had no mai tun, groff, and tukhmia. I didn't hear about those other ones you mention, they probably weren't available to ship. If I wasn't so far away I would go and buy those other varieties and risk an angry wife.

I couldn't find no mai tun in the germplasm library or in the Litchi and Longan book. No nursery seems to have no mai tze. It's a variety I would love to get. I'm not sure how Pine Island gets their variety.

The Groff variety tasted pretty good and has flowered in the two seasons I had it. The problem I had was fruit cracking after it rain on hot days. I didn't take a picture of Groff, since it's tiny and hiding behind some large pot.

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Always nice to see people with there horticultural heads screwed on straight. Great garden man!!!

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