Purple Prickly Pear Cactus

aallen329(10A)August 16, 2012

I visited Sonoma, AZ this July and fell in love with the little pink cactii that grow there. The flesh of the cactus pads came in shades of pink, with shades of turquoise blue to contrast. The taxonomy is: Opuntia violacea gosseliniana var. duraznilla, I believe.

Since I live in a warm climate (Florida, south of West Palm Beach), I thought they might survive here, too, but I knew I wouldn't be able to pass Dept. of Agriculture laws on importing between states, so I didn't try to do anything about it, at that time.

I couldn't do anything about it until now but, I would like to find out if they really could live here and, if so, where I can get one. Does anyone know?

Thank you,

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You might find your problem will be humidity rather than heat. Desert climates have extreme ranges of temperature, from below freezing to very hot. But their humidity is nearly always very low, especially when temperatures are high. Plants from those regions are often susceptible to fungus attack in high humidity. And sometimes they require that extreme change in temperature between day and night that you don't get in milder/coastal climates.

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