Papaya problem?

ormondron_35August 19, 2007

I have five papayas. One is a mature female, one is a six mo. old female and three, six month old bisexuals. All five are flowering. Both females have set fruit and one bisexual has set fruit.

I noticed that the bisexual have developed milky white droplets on the fruit, stalk and branches. Is this bad? If it is, what should I be doing about it? Any suggestions?

Four of the plants came from seeds. This is my first experience with papaya. The four are Red Midols.

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There is a wasp that lays her eggs on papaya. The larvae then bore into the fruit. Usually, the fruit needs to be bagged to prevent this. This may be your problem. If it is, I don't know what you can do now.

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Thanks for the thought, but as you can guess, I didn't want to hear that. ;-)

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sumala(9 fl)

I think a lotta bugs take a bite and are repelled by the sap. I have seen this a lot but the fruit continues growing so don't give up yet.

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