Can I repot Song of India?

drich30099August 29, 2008

Hi, i purchased a Song of India this summer and it's doing well on my deck here in zone 5. I want to bring it indoors soon for the winter but I was wondering if I could re-pot it first. I would do it soon since it will be in shock from moving indoors anyway. We're still having really nice weather here now. So many tropical plants I've read about do not like to be repotted, and would rather be root-bound but I can't stand it's black ugly plastic pot!


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The only one concern that I have against repotting at this time is that if you do not have an ideal indoor growing environment for it. You could just set the plant inside of another container until spring. ;-]

In general, Dracaena is a good candidate to encourage good root growth during the winter months. Foliage beauty, health and vigorous growth will follow come the following spring.

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I have areas with lots of light, if it doesn't like dry air I will not put it in living room since I have a fireplace there. I have a wide range of conditions, i forgot what it likes, could you help me with that? I've looked it up but have forgotten.

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Sounds to me like you already have a good understanding of growing success.

My trick for maintaining happy indoor Dracaena with "established root system" is brightest location. I try to create an indoor environment that is as similar to natural or as possible. Protect the plant from cold air drafts and keep it away from doorways. I have also found the plant will show great benefit from being grouped together with several other plants. I also like to set several bowls of water near to counter act the dry air. Pay closer attention concerning watering and do let it dry out more between watering. Never let it completely dry out thou. If using a saucer never leaving any standing water in it.

Happy Growing!

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