Shredded Cedar Mulch... oops?

mulleniumApril 7, 2011

Alright so I've already planted my Jaboticaba in a 24 inch pot containing peat moss, perlite, compost, and shredded cedar mulch..

I just found a thread on AL's gritty mix and eh stated cedar isnt good to grow with because of the tannins contained in the oil prevents plant growth..

what do i do now? do i chuck this medium (24 inch pot is huge.. not sure on the gallon capacity) or try and sift out the cedar shreds? or should I just toss it all on top of some of my in ground plants as a top dressing then make a new batch without the cedar?

i still have lots of peat moss and compost left, and a bag or 2 of perlite and 2 bags of decomposed granite sand..

would you guys suggest that i go out and try to find something like orchid bark or can I get by without any wood chips/bark at all for an outdoor potting medium?

i still need to plant my pickering which should arrive tomorrow..

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Just my 2 cents, dump the mix with the cedar into the flower beds and buy some premixed cactus/palm mix and go with it. With many of my plants I do just that, I was using another brand but now use 'Kellog's' in the green striped bag. It seems to drain well which is important, you can always add water or use a saucer. I also give a light sprinkle of mycorrhizae fungi to the roots at planting. Plus, try not to over pot, especially with a recently received bare rooted mango tree. When they first arrive try to find a pot the same size as the root ball, let is grow there for a few weeks to recover, then plant it up a pot size or two.

good luck,

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Treat your flowers and dump that soil, I didn't know that about the tannins but I wouldn't take the chance so thanks for sharing your info.


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yeah i dont grow flowers so ill have to dump it around some trees.. i dont know if i should risk putting it on top of my raised veggie gardens, not sure i want to consume those tannins..

i just purchased a couple 8oz bags of volcanic pumice

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