New Rambutan, Posh-Te, Pedalai, & Ross Sapote

jacob13April 29, 2011

Hello Friends,

Here are some pictures of some new Fruit Trees that just arrived. I got them from Steve Starnes and the Hawaiian Tropical Fruit Nursery LLC. They were all about $20 each and were a good value I thought. He shipped on Tuesday and they arrived early Thursday, so the shipping was fast and very secure....Great job of packaging. Some of you might know Steve from Pacific Tropical Gardens that he used to own and operate. So here they are.

Sibibat Rambutan Tree - About 3.5' Feet Tall

Posh-Te (Annona Scleroderma) - About 2'-3' Feet Tall

Pedalai - About 2'-3' Feet Tall

"Ross" Sapote - About 2'-3' Feet Tall

The rest of my stuff has been doing really well as the Weather has started to warm. Growth Flushes, flowers, and immature fruit everywhere. I will update with some new pics very soon.



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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Nice. Rather on the thin and tall side though. Is th rambutan grafted or airlayered? If airlayered, I hope they did a better job removing the wrapping than another HI nursery did!!

One of the things I've noticed with airlayered rambutan is the tendency to push new growth from the top, sacrificing growth lower down. This is called "apical dominance". Growth from lateral buds is suppressed and those that do branch out usually end up being lost down the road. So you have a plant that grows up and up and up with no branches. Really sucks. I've seen a few in PR like this. So keep an eye on the growth pattern.

Two ways to interrupt this: One is to remove the apical bud. The other is to either lay the plant on its side or to bend the plant over...which can cause a seriously wierd looking plant!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Good prices, for sure......nice addditions. Best of luck with them. You have one of the most eclectic collections anywhere, that's for sure. Thanks for posting!


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murahilin(10 fl)

Are they all seedlings?

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Nice additions Jacob,
you're not going to be able to tell your place from one in HI pretty soon. Poshte and pedalai are definitely on my radar, I've already killed plenty of seeds, I might have to pick up a couple plants this summer myself.


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Thought they only shipped seeds...
They're very nice seedlings though.


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Hello Friends,

Thanks for the comments. Yes, they are all seedlings, but right aroudn $20 a piece, I thought they were a good deal. Plus the Pedalai and Ross Sapote should be okay as seedlings if they survive.


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