Pulasan & Yellow Rambutan

jacob13April 12, 2011

Hello Friends,

Well yesterday, I got a nice little surprise. When I came home on my Lunch Break, there was a Box on my porch from Puerto Rico. I had absolutely no idea what it was or who it was from. After looking closer and racking my brain, it was a Pulasan and Yellow Rambutan from Montoso Gardens. I had ordered them about 5-6 months ago but they held off on the shipping because it was so Cold. I had totally forgoten so it was a nice surprise.

What was even nicer was the condition they were in when I opened it. They are both about 1.5' feet tall and super healthy looking. The packaging was incredible, the best I have ever seen.

Tomorrow, I will post some pictures of them. I have a Humdifier for the small Greenhouse that they are in and hopefully this will help them to stay healthy. Pictures are coming tomorrow.

- Jacob

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Very nice! Are both grafted or just the rambutan? The last I heard from Bryan was that he was desperately looking for yellow rambutan material himself. Guess he found some! So spill some detail dude!

Bryan, hands down, has the best packing/shipping. Better than anyone I've ordered from so far.

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What a great surprise to come home to Jacob! Not only is Bryan a nice guy but as Jay mentions the best, hands down, packaging, better than you'd do for yourself.

As alway around here though, we need pictures to believe it. :)


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Hello Friends,

So Here are the Pictures of the Pulsand and "Yellow" Rambutan trees that I just received.

Here are some pictures of Some Recent Cherimoyas off the tree.

Here is a Picture of a Sapodilla that I got from Harry. It was so sweet and absolutely Delicious. The Family loves them

As for the Rambutan and the Pulasan, they are both seedlings and were pretty inexpensive. Again, they arrived in Meticulous condition as Bryan at Montoso is a packaging Genius. See you all at the "Green Scene".


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ohiojay(z6 OH)

I figured the pulasan would be a seedling but would have bet the yellow rambutan would have been grafted. Unfortunately, Bryan does not do much grafting anymore. His brother David is supposed to run the nursery and do the grafting...but he has refused any and all requests.

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Not bad looking trees. I am curious to see how they do for you. I might have to buy a couple myself if you are able to keep them alive. I have spent way too much money trying to get grafted and airlayered pulasans and rambutans but have been unable to even have a plant make it to me in decent condition so far.

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