Zamioculcas zamifolia

leafylea(Australia. Quee)August 11, 2005

Hello, can anyone help with any information- cultural notes on this plant. I purchased this as a potplant with no ticket, and its quite un-heard of, in our area.Thanks L

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northtexasgirl(z8 FTW)

I have one of these and it is about the easiest plant to care for I have ever had. It can live in any kind of light, and can take lots of negligence. That's why it's becoming such a popular houseplant. You should only fertilize it every other month and then use a weak fertilizer. Only water when it is completely dry. They will bloom but the flower isn't anything special to look at. I love the way the leaves look like they are polished and I love my ZZ plant. :)


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surfbreeze(9 TX)

I agree - it is a great plant. Don't give it too much water, and it can do well in the lowest of lighting conditions.

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Just for the record it's a succulent and it will also take full sun. I've got 3 in the ground, one is in partial shade, one is in half shade (sun in the morning) the other get's cooked all day long and they all look the same!

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

If you have it in the house in the winter, be VERY careful not to give it hardly any water as it has a bulbous root which rots quite easily. I learned by experience.

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gloriavictoria(z9 CA)

You're going to love this plant. It is extremely easy to care for and quite beautiful. You'll find it very interesting when it puts out new leaves. Don't give too much water. Makes a great indoor office plant under flourescent lights. Needs very little care. Not what I'd call a real fast grower.

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leafylea(Australia. Quee)

Thanks for all your great ideas. I really love it too, I feel like going out and buying a few more! But, Wow! what a price tag they have on them here! Maybe, one more! Happy gardening.Lea

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leafylea(Australia. Quee)

I am wondering now; If they are a clumping plant by nature or I have several seeds planted in mine? there are about 10 in the pot. Any ideas?

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greenelbows1(z9--so LA)

I think they stool out. It's an aroid (though it sure doesn't look like I expect an aroid to look!) and it's very easy to divide if you want more. It is, as has been said, pretty slow growing, but mine, outside, is at least twice the size it was when I put it out this spring. Which is to say, it seems to respond well to heat and humidity, which is our specialty.

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nanw_4wi(4/SW WI)

If you're growing it indoors, it will grow much better if given very bright light.

They do tolerate low light conditions, but any new growth becomes (in my experience) rather 'floppy'.

They really thrive and remain sturdier in bright light.

And, yes...their growth is 'clumping' by nature.

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leafylea(Australia. Quee)

Thanks for all those great ideas. I heard they were slow but mine is a real race horse. I have already gained 3 realy nice shoots in the last 3 weeks, as the weather warms. Looks as if it needs potting up. Yes it is inside, in very bright light but no sun,
seems very happy. Thanks for the dividing idea too, I'd be happy to have 2. Then I'll try one outside.
Went to get more but the shops sold out! Cheers L

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I must say, this one is a favourite. I live in a cold country so it is grown inside, I got 5 new leaves in the past month. I keep it at a south window with very little watering.
Expensive but worth it!!!

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help anyone. i live in arizona and i purchased about $400
worth of zz plants. two of my plants are in a south window and basically direct sunlight for part of the day. i water about every 6 wks. the pots are so deep that i really can't use a plant water tester to tell if they need water.
what does very little watering mean? if i am overwatering
what are the plant signs to look for. at the base of some of my stalks the stalks are shriveling up and the leaves are turning yellow. how much larger should the pot be in
accordance with the root system? please help me.

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Gardener972(7b-8a DFW)

It's starting to sound like what mine did. It started to shrivel and turn yellow. That can be a sign of too much OR too little water. I dumped all the dirt out and found several of the tubers (?) rotting which told me too much water. I cut off the rotting part and saved the stalks with even a little bit of root on it. It acts like a potato in the way that it only needs a bit of root to grow. I repotted it and it's fine now. I lost about 50% of the plant though. Now, when the stalks start to droop, I know it's time to water. Get one of those moisture meters to stick way deep. Indoors, they don't need much water.

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Other than dividing the plant, each single leaf ofthe zz plant can be used to propagate into a single plant

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I really need your help....
My ZZ plant leaves is turning yellow on me, and then I noticed some tiny insects in the soil. What shoould I do????
Thanks, marina

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I would suggest to remove all your zz from the soil, cut off all the mushy parts.

Wind dry the healthy tuber and healthy green leaves, plant them in new soil and keep moist but not wet.

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Thanks for the idea, but I live in Canada and as you may know it's getting cold. Are you sure it's a good time of year to re-pot???? I actually did in the spring.
If it's gonna help, I would surely do it again. What is the best soil to use? I used cactus soil the last time.

Thanks, Marina

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Hmm, I think Spring/Summer time is the best. As it is getting cold in your area, I think you may need to delay the repot unless you have bottom heating for your plant. I think any well drain soil will do.

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Okay, I'll take all advise into consideration. I delayed the watering and clipped all yellow leaves. I haven't noticed anymore of those insects in the soil and I only had a few more yellow leaves on the branches (not as much as last week).
I think it's doing better and I noticed a new leaf coming in. It's quite possible that I over watered and That's why I had the problem.
Thanks for everyone's help on this, Marina

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My zz plant begins to be shrivel and the stems have some dark-brown spots, but no yellow leaves.

Do you know what is the problem? overwater, underwater or insects, or limestone water? So, what can I do?

Is it good to spray the leaves?

Thank you

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My ZZ might have a problem, so I want to check with you experienced people!

The last time I watered it, I found some kind of white moldy stuff in the soil. Then shortly after a leaf turned yellow and I saw that the root seemed to be rotted. So I cut it off.

Now it's about watering time and I think I'll transplant it with some new dirt. Is the root system supposed to have a lot of room to grow in the pot, or is it supposed to be sorta crammed in? Do you know what I mean?

If I transplant, I will only go up just one pot size, right? And ceramic vs. plastic pot, right?

What about the potting soil? When I got it the soil is not like dirt. It's more like that styrofoam-looking stuff that they use for drainage. It looks like maybe 90% styrofoam and 10% dirt. I've had it well over a year and never done anything but water it and it's grown tremendously.

What do you think I should do? Perhaps I'll know when I take it out of the pot, but I want to be sure that I have the potting materials in case I can see that it needs dirt. Are yours in dirt like succulent type dirt?

I'd appreciate a response or two so I can get plenty of information and so I can get this done soon because I've been planting for 2 days in my kitchen! I'd really like to clean it up soon!

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Could you tell me what is it?
I am talking about this dry, brown spot near petioles
same 'pattern':

My 2nd problem, large white spot (now it's brown)

Leaves looks ok, they're shiny and deep green.

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