Cherry of Rio Grande seeds are required

waqassaeedApril 19, 2010

Hello Everybody

I am looking for seeds of Cherry of Rio Grande, I have a good long list of seeds to trade with, please let me know if you are interested.



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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I don't grow this currently, but I do know someone that has a nice size tree. I check to see if there is any seed available.


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murahilin(10 fl)

What part of Pakistan do you grow these trees?
Do you think they can grow between Islamabad and Peshawar? My cousins husband is from around that area and I am trying to convince him to grow some different type of fruit trees on his land in Pakistan.

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Well this plant will not stand frost in both Peshawar and Islamabad. Blueberries can be grown easily over there.

Harry: I would be glad if you can help me.

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I am still looking for its seed. Please find below my updated trade list, let me know if somebody is interested in trading these with me.

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)


Vivero Anones in Puerto Rico currently has seeds of Cherry of Rio Grande (Eugenia aggregata). Just google Vivero Anones (not sure if links are allowed here). I have ordered many times from Vivero Anones myself.

I hope this help.


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Hi! I have a small cherry of rio grande tree but not fruiting yet.

From your list, I'd like Bael fruit, Phalsa, India Gooseberry/Amla and Karandas seeds. Do you have wampee and goumi?

I have papaya and bilimbi, but also:

- Tamarind
- Brazilian Atemoya
- Cherimoya
- Pinha (Brazilian Annonacea)
- Fruto du Conde (Brazilian Annonacea)
- Physalis (Ground Cherry)
- Naranjilla/Lulo
- Cas Guava
- Mexican Guava
- Pink Guava (green skin)
- Xonocostle
- Tejocote
- Sweet Granadilla
- Yellow Passion Fruit
- Orange Tree Tomato
- Caigua
- Dates
- Pummelo
- Limequats
- Spaghetti Beans
- Strawberry Tree/Madroño (Arbutus Unedo)
- Rose Hip
- Pomegranate
- Cashew
- Star Fruit
- Rare Squash (Cayote, Turban Squash, Budin, Valenciano/kuky)
- Ornamental tree called "Ibirá-Pitá"
Soon i'll get Loquat and Cabeludinha/Yellow Jaboticaba seeds from my shrubs!:)
And somebody is going to send me Orange fleshed guava, white sapote and black zapote seeds!

Let me know something to do this seeds exchange!
Email me :)

Here is a link that might be useful:

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christian you grow some interesting anonas. what is your favorite variety?

i grow kampong mauve sugar apple (red), 48/26 Lisa Atemoya, and Rollinia, Biriba

have you ever tried Biriba Rollinia? how do you compare it to other anonas?

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I have no clue about the varieties! i bought the trees in Brazil, they only sell plants, dont know anything about varieties!:)
i ve never tasted a biriba, but i'd like to!

the atemoya tastes as a cherimoya but has less seed and different shape

i like soursop and sweetsop too!
the only cherimoya variety sold here is "Concha Lisa", not a big deal anyway..

Do you have seeds of the red sugar apple?

I think biriba is too tender to survive here, but we've got a fruit called araticu (rollinia emarginata) growing in the north of the country, i'm trying to get this one but is very difficult, since all nurseries sell common fruit trees!

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i was looking for that one for awhile too after seeing a picture of it online.

its also called Rollinia but not Biriba, its a odd looking anona shrub

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i dont have any red sugar apple seed, little fruits are starting to develope but i dont know if they will hold, trees only about a year old.

definitely stick around when i do get them though, i would love to trade some anona seeds.

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Hello Cristian

We have lots of stuff to trade :). wow.

Well i have just added you in my facebook. Please do add me and also give me your email address.

Let talk further in private email.



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Ok! I've added you!:)

Mango_kush, i'll be waiting for that red annona seeds!:)

and here is a pic of araticu, its not the same fruit of top tropical.

that odd green annona in the left side is the Araticu

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it looks like a green sugar apple. you must have alot of hybrid anonas.
which anona is it comparable to?

also i see a picture of what looks like Bacapuri. you guys have alot of Garcinias and Rheedias that get quite confusing for us because of their botanical names. any mangosteen?

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Yeah, that fruit are endemic from Brazil and North of Argentina
I have never tasted an araticu.. But it's a Rollinia Specie, so i guess it has some similarity in flavor with the biriba

We don't have mangosteen, the climate is not ultra tropical

I only know about Rheedia Brasiliensis (I've one) here in Argentina, and maybe R. Laterifolia in Jujuy/Salta, in the limit with Bolivia..

Brazil is the one with lots of strange fruits, I always get rare stuff from there!

Here is very har to get that trees.

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Hello ,
Read that someone might have yellow Jaboticaba seed and wonder If you would consider parting with a few seeds

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