Ugly Mango Seedling?!

StacieWacie92August 27, 2012

Okay, So I planted a mango seedling on August 9th and here it is August 27th. I just so happened to check my mango plant, and here is what is in the pot(Hopefully the pic uploads). It looks... ugly. Is it even a mango? lol. I've been googling mango pictures but haven't seen anything like mine. What in the World is growing in my plant pot if it isn't even a dang mango? Just slightly worried I have some deformed mango of some sort...

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Looks like a mushroom...

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how did you prepare the mango seed? did you cut it out of the hard shell and let it germinate?

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

definitely shroom. Mango can take a real long time to sprout.

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How did a mushroom get in my mango pot? lol. I took the seed out of the husk that was inside of the mango. Soaked it for a little while(about a day, should've soaked it longer) and then planted it in soil. I covered it with saran wrap and it's been outside during the day and inside at night. Temp has been about 80+ here in Maryland. Should I take the mushroom out? Is it a bad sign for my mango seedling? I was so excited to see some sort of growth. Thought it would at least be a sign that there is some sort of life going on in my plant pot. Where did the mushroom come from? I bought soil at walmart specifically for seed starting. Miracle Grow brand. Should I give my mango seed more time to sprout? Or should it have sprouted by now?

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steiconi(12a-Big Island, HI)

The mushroom is living off the mulch in your pot--probably the spore was on the soil when you got it. The extra humidity from keeping the pot wrapped in saran probably made the perfect climate for the shroom. I get these all the time, they don't damage the plant.

seems to me the one time I sprouted a mango, it took several weeks to come up.

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Yeah I was curious with how the seed was doing. I unearthed it and made sure it wasn't rotting on me. It seems to look fine to me. I'm just surprised with how small of a root it's formed in these two an a half weeks. I went ahead and put it back into the pot, but didn't burry it as deep. In fact, I left part of the seed exposed to absorb more heat and moisture. Maybe that'll give the seed a kick start:) I am so happy to hear that the mushroom isn't going to take over the mango seed. Actually, I checked it out early this morning an the mushroom had died already. I just chuckled and now I'm hoping for the best. I'm debating on germinating another mango seed in a wet paper towel while I wait for the one to sprout. And if it doesn't sprout, well then at least I'll have a back up:)

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