Outta here...

Jacquelyn8b(8b)July 21, 2006

My neighbor came by this morning to get directions for taking care of the animals. All she got was a blank stare! Nobody told me we were leaving.

Apparently, my DH was going to surprise me tonight with a trip to Isla Mujeres! I ran to town to buy horse feed, get Michael groomed, get me groomed and heaven help me - buy a swimsuit.

The kid working at the feed store looked at my driver's license and exclaimed, "Dang! Is that you?" Feelings hurt, I just left and let the kid verbally beheaded by the girls working there.

The A/C quit in the car after the poodle went to the groomers. The girl cutting my hair must have smoked crack for breakfast. I now have a crew cut, again! Didn't even attempt to get my nails done out of fear for my toes.

All the swimsuits must have shrunk because nothing even close to my size would fit. Said to hell with it; bought men's swim trunks and a couple of dark tank tops.

Got home and there was a letter from Police & Fireman's insurance saying they will not be renewing my life insurance. Something about records they have received from two doctors I have only seen since the wreck. (Cussed a blue streak over that one!) Gotta send them a letter asking, WHY. A head injury shouldn't have anything to do with it.

Hopefully all the bad stuff is used up and we will have a great trip. Leaving in the morning and coming home the day after I turn 39. Looking forward to diving again...sure missed it!

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Jac, first of all for my heart's sake, don't start a post with Outta here, lol
My heart actually sunk
All of your bad stuff is used up and all you have left is good juju.
Don't worry about the bidness left over, it'll still be here when you get back and you can't do anything about it now anyway
Have a wonderful time and be careful
You'll be more comfortable now without a bathing suit riding up your bootie and they all do it, lol
Do y'all have an underwater camera? If so please take some pics. Can't wait to hear how much fun y'all had
Love ya, jolana

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You certainly deserve a good time. But like Jolana, my heart sank when I saw the subject line. Have a wonderful time!


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Jolana and Kathy are right.

Never start the thread with "Outta Here". PLEASE

What a nice surprise.
Jac, you'll have a blast and when you get back you're bad hair cut will have grown a little.

I've seen a picture of you and there's nothing they could do to make you look bad. You're a real cutie.

Have fun and tell us all about it when you return.

Love ya, Carol

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

Good Lord, we're linked! I knew what you meant! Bathing suits are highly overrated. It's doubtful a tank top will come off when you dive in. I ALWAYS wore a too small "wife beater"racer back tank to hold everything still when I surfed. I'm with Jolana on the bottoms too. No ridin' up the booty!
You have my sympathy on the buzz cut and mostly the air conditioning! Couldn't it have broken in freakin May or some other reasonable weather month?
Insurance people aren't known for being truthful or sensable!
That d*mn kid needs mom to get him a pair of glasses!

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Bev__(z7/8 TX)

I knew you meant a vacaton too....lucky you.
Thank goodness the neighbor accidently spilled the surprise. I don't handle surprises well, I need warning time so I can PLAN & ORGANIZE! Guys don't get that!
Fight the insurance co.
Heck, the buzz will be easier to manage be more comfortable in the heat. The fish you meet underwater won't even notice you didn't get your nails done!

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Jac, have a wonderful trip! A short hairdo will be just right for swimming.

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little_dani(9, S. Tex Coast)

Have a great time! It could have been worse, and what you have waiting will be a breeze to manage when you come home rested and refreshed.

At least you didn't hear from the IRS!

Janie, who always gets a flat top.

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carrie751(z7/8 TX)

Have a wonderful trip, Jac and when you start having all that fun, you won't even care about the swim suit or the hair or anything but enjoying yourself.
Take care and we'll see you later ---------------

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