pabs100July 24, 2011

i finally grew some black diamonds and i am still learning how to pick right. i grew one that was 55 lbs.picked it when curley was brown and bottom was dk. yellow. we cut into it and it looked like part of it was over ripe or something was wrong with it. i took picturs of it but dont know if i can put them on here. maybe someone who is pretty good with them could write me and i can send the pictures. i am still trying to learn all i can.

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roselee z8b S.W. Texas

Hi Pabs! A lot of posters on these forums use a photo storing site like photobucket.com to post pictures.

Create an account (it's free) upload your photos (don't forget to 'save') click on the HTML code that will appear under the photo as you hover the mouse over it, and it automatically copies. There will be several codes under the photo and the HTML code is the third one down. The code is a link to your photo.

Paste the code into the message box and voila -- the picture has magically appeared in the body of your post when you preview your message. If you want to post several pictures just copy the HTML code of each picture into the message box.

Reduce the size of your photos somewhat before uploading them to Photobucket or they will be very large which is okay except that people will have to scroll to see the whole picture. I usually resize to 750 pixel width. Or you can resize them once they are on Photobucket.

I'm certainly no expert, but I learned to post pictures with the help of some forum members. If you have any questions one of us on here that posts pictures will help you. We want to see the pictures of your watermelons!

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i think it was just over ripe. thanks for info on
how to put the pictures on site.

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