Has anyone grown Kumatos?

sumilea2008(Marlborough MA Zone 5)March 5, 2008

Good evening everyone! I am aware that Kumato seeds F1's are not available to the public. I saved some seeds from a Kumato (Russo Bruno) i purchased from the grocery store (That would be a f2 seeds i believe). Anyways, I have been searching the web to see if anyone has had any luck growing from the f2's and what did they think of it compared to the Original? Thanks


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I've heard that both Kumato and Campari (and I assume both are greenhouse-type hybrids grown for the grocery trade) tend to have slow-ripening, hard white cores when grown outside from F2 seeds. However, that information is from very limited sources and it might take many individual plants growing in various outdoor conditions to prove the truth. Good luck with yours.

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Here's one person's opinion

Here is a link that might be useful: Kumato

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slo_garden(9 CA Coast)

Since it is a little later in the season than when the OP asked this question, has anyone grown this tomato this season and have results to share? I just saved some seeds from a Kumato/Russo Bruno tomato that I got at the grocery store and was going to plant them next year. I've looked through the older threads but wanted to know if anyone had any new info to add.

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sumilea2008(Marlborough MA Zone 5)

Hello Slo_Garden

Here is my progress on my Kumato/Russo Bruno Tomato plant. Plant is about 8 feet tall and still growing. Very productive lots of fruit and flowers. I haven't tasted any yet.. Hopefully soon.

http://www.flickr.com/photos/kumato/ - You can check my flickr Album here.

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I haven't grown any yet, but will this year from seed I got without indication of F-number.

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missingtheobvious(Blue Ridge 7a)

Here's a Kamato from Mariseeds:

My assumption is that it's an OP someone stabilized, but there are no details, and I don't find anything of this name listed in the usual databases.

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wow did not realize my old Kumato picture would resurface. I saved the seeds from this tomato back in Hawaii. What i do remember is that it was a prolific plant that kept on producing. I stopped growing it though. So many better tomatoes out there.

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