Ackee Tree Prune

swrancherApril 10, 2010

My Ackee tree seems to have taken some cold damage to its very top area where the wood is brown, maybe dead...and not grey/green like the rest of the trunk. Should I leave it as is, or should I prune that part off? I'm leaning towards leaving it and seeing what happens, but any advice is appreciated. Below is a picture of the tree and one of the brown part on the top.



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i would leave it too and see if it pushes new growth. if not by when the weather warms up and we start getting more rain, top it.

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I left it alone and between a week of warm weather with a little rain that must have made it wake itself up. Pushed out a really nice growth spurt over the past week.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Ah...another triumph for Mother Nature! Looks like you be moving closer to having those poisonous little pods in the very near future. Thanks for posting.


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very nice :-)

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do you have any akee seeds to trade?

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No sorry my ackee tree has not started to fruityet. Although I'm crossing my fingers that it does start this year.

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