Basic care for Dragon Fruit

kmekaruSeptember 10, 2006

My father, who lives in San Francisco just recently gave me his dragon fruit cactus. The climate in SF is too cold for the plant and where I live it's much warmer. When he gave me the plant, it was just a stumpy little thing but 1 month after he has given it to me, it's growing like crazy!!! Close to 2 feet growth! I'm actually a little scared of it as it seems it's going to take over my balcony (which I think it might! but it's okay...LOL)

At first, I thought it's like a desert cactus and I've been pretty much ignoring it. But I was wondering if anyone has basic care info as I couldn't find anything specific on the internet.

How often should I water and feed?

I've heard it likes partial shade?

I also see a little yellowing in the center of one stump, is this due to overwatering or disease?

Any tips or information on this plant is appreciated!!!

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It likes drainage and water when it dries out... I don't know where you are, but I grow mine outdoors. As long as it has great drainage it will do okay.
I don't know about the yellow spot... are you giving it full sun? Mine only likes part sun... afternoon shade, but I saw one growing in full sun... HUGE in Los Angeles once. This one was almost like a tree.

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lthree(So. California)

Rule of thumb: Must have porous soil. Water it less than you do ANYTHING. Mine has taken over a 6ft fence and have to regularly hack it off the roof of the house. It's a monster! I have mine in full sun. When it was in partial shade, it never bloomed or made fruit. Good luck!

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oh okay.... I was never sure about that. Good to know.

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You might want to post a pic of that yellow spot. It could be rot.

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Thanks for the replies! I live in California bay area. I think the soil is not porous enough for the plant....When I water it, the soil is staying wet for at least 2-3 days. So far, the plant is ok, I took out the unhealthy looking yellow growth and the rest of the plant is doing great.

If I want to change out the soil and add more sand, do you think this would bother the plant much? I'm guessing it's a pretty sturdy plant since it's cactus.


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I got three Dragon Fruit plants earlier this year, 1 red and 2 whites. I didn't realize how fast those things grow! I have to move them into the greenhouse soon and am afraid that I'll break them. One plant is about 8 ft across and I have it anchored against a fence. I don't know what I'll do with it in the greenhouse. Can I snap off a couple sections and use them to start more plants? Will I sacrifice blooms next year if I do that?

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Can you please tell me where I can purchase a Dragon Fruit? I would really love to grow one for myself.


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newgen(9 Central California)


Where are you located?
Dragon fruits and the plants can be easily found in CA or FL.

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you can get a dragon fruit at henrys somtimes so keep an eye out but also at vons but there 7-14 dollars,.... u can buy a dragon fruit cactus at lowes. I have one of my own but its not blooming it does not even have buds please give me some advice.

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I have one thats just starting out, and I live in arizona, I got my plant from the home depot in their nursery

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euqruob(Phoenix, AZ)

I have one that is a year and a half old, in a pot, I used to train it all it is just going on its own, one arm is going up the mulberry tree, and a few others are going into the shutters, and a few in the bamboo. I put one plant out that got too exposed and it lost a few limbs from being burned. Key is not too much heat sunlight...tough when it hits 115 degrees... I rescued one that I had left for dead, put in in the shade and it exploded with 18 new arms. Crazy plant. No flowers yet....

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I think my Dragon fruit is either diseased or sunburn but I dont know, if you are an experianced grower can you please look at my photo and let me know what you think?

Here is a link that might be useful:

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I need your help and advice. This is my first time growing the dragon fruit.

1. In the picture below, I would like to cut the extra stem for my friends to grow them too. Which part do I cut it? section 1 or section 2? What is your recommendation?

2. Is it okay to cut them from the new stem or should I wait until it mature?

Your advice is much appreciated.

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You cut on the line marked 1. Actually, if yours is like mine, and I suspect they're all the same, it may break off with just a little effort -- that is how they propagate themselves asexually in nature, by breaking off, similar to the way many willows break off, float downstream, root in, and start new trees/shrubs.

But yes, you should wait until the arm is fully grown and hardened off. It probably would still root now, but it is more likely to rot if not fully hardened.

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Thank you so much denninmi!

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What age do these typically start to fruit? Are they worth starting small from a nursery or am I much better served finding a clipping of a known fruiter?

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I'm not an expert, but I think it depends on the size. I received a bunch of clipping from my mom 2 years ago, and mine does not have fruit yet. She said I should get them next year since mine is becoming large now.

Here are some pictures from my mom's Dragon Fruit in Southern CA. She had about 100+ of them already and another 50+ fruit. I gave one to my neighbor and she loves it that she wants to buy them :)

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Thanks for the info. That plant is a beast! Looks very hearty

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