Plant that thrives in high temperature and humidity?

donalduckSeptember 29, 2012

Hi Guys,

New to this forum and the reason I joined is because I am setting up a poison dart frog tank and would like to grow some live plants within the enclosure.

My problem is I can't seem to find a plant that thrives in low UV, temperatures in the range of 28-30 Deg'C and humidity around 80%.

I was thinking devils ivy (I believe it's called Scandapsus) but am not sure if it would survive.

Any suggestions as to plants that would thrive under these conditions will be very appreciated.



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maybe a pothos vine. you can usually take a small cutting from a neighbor or friend's plant and easily root it.

from bing search i found:
Pellionia repens

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I have Scindapsus growing in the garden, it does run a bit. In those ideal conditions you might be pruning it often. But there are lots of mosses, Selaginellas and small ferns that thrive in those conditions, just don't know where in the UK you'd be able to get them. I'd assume places that deal with terrariums would have or know where to get them. Also people dealing in carnivorous plants might have access as well. Many of those plants are kept in terrariums as well but people also like to mix in some others for effect.

A lot of your "usual" tropical plants would just grow too big too fast. I wouldn't recommend Golden Pothos (which is actually an Epipremnum and not a Pothos). They run rampant in no time. Pothos longipes (a true Pothos) would probably work, but again where to get that in the UK.

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Tiffany, purpleinopp GardenWeb, Z8b Opp, AL

The tiny Alternanthera pictured below would be happy in there. It was in the annual section at the store but has made a great house plant the past couple years. Never gets more than a few inches tall, very slowly makes a larger clump, turns pink sometimes. Humidity (and temp) is much higher than that here in the summer.

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