Mango Trees

swrancherApril 10, 2010

Was out in the yard early this morning and snapped a few pictures of Mango trees.

This is a Angie tree that I bought last july at the Mango Festival at Fairchild Gardens. Seems like its got a very strong solid structure and has lots of new branches coming in at good places.

This one is a Graham Mango Tree with lots of little mangos already formed in the blooms.

This one is a Neelum tree.

And my first and largest tree, a Valencia Pride that seems to be loaded with lots and lots of little Mangos!

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Your trees look great! And it looks like a nice location for them; an open, sunny field.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Great looking mango trees! That Valencia pride is really doing well and taking off...I bet you get a lot of mangoes this year. Thanks for the pictures!

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franktank232(z5 WI)


I've noticed Miami has had more "summery" weather lately with lows in the mid 70's... bet your plants are loving that.

What is the fencing protecting against? Rabbits or squirrels?

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Thanks for all the kind words about my trees. The fencing is actually to protect the mulch under the trees from my small flock of excavators(chickens.) I just got tired of raking up mulch each evening after they did their thing almost each and every day. It actually worked out great this winter to tent the smaller trees whenever it got really cold.

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Your mango trees look great. Very jealous over the VP mango. How much fruit do you get from a tree that size? Your making me really want to say screw it, and just move down to south FL!

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Mangoes are looking great, the flooding didn't bother them at all. My VP has mini mangoes starting to form, maybe a few weeks behind you.


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Beautiful mango trees you have there! I can't wait to plant a couple for myself. Chickens are a great way to rid your garden of many bad insect and they make a great fertilizer too! Have you harvested any fruits from you VP mango yet? If so, how did they taste?

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This is the first year I hopefully get fruit from my VP mango tree. It's only the second year since it was planted as a seven gallon size tree. Last spring it only had a couple blooms on it. I did not know to spray with fungicide, so the few fruit it made ended up falling off. The tree has more then doubled in size since and is now full of blooms and small mangos. What a huge difference a year made for this tree. Not fruiting last year may have been a really good thing in the long run.

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Not fruiting the first year is definitely a good thing. Your VP mango looks huge now and should be able to hold some good fruit. I'm definitely no expert on Mangoes but I remember reading somewhere to be careful when spraying with copper. I believe the thread or article said that the copper dripping off the leaves and branches can kill the beneficial oragnisms in the soil. They recommended laying down a tarp or something to catch the excess drip. Please keep us updated when the mangoes ripen!

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Wow...what a difference a warm week with a little rain can make to a small Mango tree. Here's my Angie Mango tree April 10 and then again on April looks almost like a different tree. I notice with the Angie variety it really goes inactive for quite a while, almost to the point you start wondering is it ok and then has a really explosive growth spurt thats more pronounced then on my other Mango trees.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I agree, nothing like sunshine, humidity and rain water to get Mangoes and lychee trees growing! They just love rain!

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Wow! nice mangos. I tried once to grow them from seed, but the endocarp rotted during a summer monsoon.

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