Calotropis gigantea (Crown Flower)

karyn1(7a)September 13, 2008

My Crown Flower has finally gotten buds. How long does it take for them to open? I keep expecting to see a flower but the buds just keep getting bigger. There's about 10 buds in each cluster and the biggest buds are almost an inch long. I'm hoping that they open before it has to go back in the greenhouse for the winter. Last year it had a couple buds at a much earlier stage and they dropped when I moved it. I'd really like to see this in bloom already. I was also wondering if it had a scent?


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I have never counted the days but if they are almost an inch long they will open soon. That is about as big as they get. They do not have a scent.


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Thanks David. Hopefully they'll be open by the time I get back in town. I was beginning to wonder if they were ever going to open. lol I was just afraid that I'd end up with a repeat of last year.

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