Most flavorful/fragrant guava

lycheeluva(6/7)April 30, 2009

I loooooooooooove the fragrance of guava and want to try and grow one in a container. What is the most fragrant guava. Ideally, it should also taste good as well, not require a 2nd tree for pollination, should be able to fruit in a 25 gallon container, within 3-4 years. Does such a guava exist?

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Does anyone know about the Ruby Supreme 10-30 offered by jenes tropical fruit nursery (its supposed to be a Ruby Supreme hybrid that is resistant to worms)

Here is a link that might be useful: Ruby Supreme 10-30 from jenes

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I bought one of those from Jene's last year. It grew like a weed and fruited pretty well in the same year I bought it. I thought the taste was horrible, but it may just be that I don't like any guava. The ones from my tree were the first (and last) that I have tasted. I gave that tree away a month or two ago. It was a nice looking plant with amazing little flowers though. I considered keeping it just for the looks of the plant but in the end the extra greenhouse space was needed and it was the one to go.

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did you buy the 3 gallon or 7 gallon

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I bought a three gallon. They grow so fast I don't think it is worth paying the extra for the 7 gal. They seem to take a ton of water. I was watering it almost daily in the summer to keep it from drooping in the afternoon. I think I got 7-8 fruit from it the first year and it and even after pruning it there was quite a few flowers left developing when I sent it away this year. I had to prune they hell out of it to fit it in a box for shipping.

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The 10-30 Ruby Supreme is a delicious guava. I've eaten a few and sure enough they had no fruit fly larvae. Lara Farms in Homestead also sells it.

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murahilin(10 fl)

Lychee, Many guavas will fruit in a 3 gallon easily. They are easily mantained in a 25 gallon container also and if the tree gets too big you could always air layer a branch and start all over with a small tree. The ruby supreme is a very good tasting guava. If you like the taste of guavas you'll like the ruby supreme. Luckily in your climate there will be no problem with fruit flies in your guavas anyways.

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anyone know where to find a 10-30 Ruby Supreme guava? Lara doesnt have much of a website or answer there phone, I guess you just have to drop by. i love guava and not having to bag them sounds right up my alley

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Anyone know what variety is sold in the Asian stores. The big round ones? I sowed some seeds a year ago and kept one plant. It's fruiting now. Hopefully, they're good as I remember.


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Tropic Plants near University and Southgate usually carries the 10-30. I also have a few for sale.


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newgen(9 Central California)

I highly recommend you seek out Mexican Cream guava, intensely fragrant, great taste too.

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Jeff how big are your 10-30 ruby supremes? you can email me

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Asian White is another good variety. Pine Island carries both the Ruby Supreme and the Asian White.

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I second the Mexican Cream guava, it is white fleshed "soft" as opposed to crunchy, intensely fragrant and sweet flesh. Another good one is Tropic Pink, also "soft" and tastes like 'SweetTart' candy. I should be able to send you seeds this summer, they come fairly true to type and fruit in about 3-4 years (in my climate).


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I started a mexican cream last Oct. from seed....I absolutely loved them, it's my only white guava. It's only about 1' tall because it's in the NE side of the house. I'm with you about the tropical pink a good balance guava, prolific bearer. My favorite guava is my malaysian red although my Indian red has a wonderfull creamy sweet flavor. I am not too impress with HK pink mine tasted bland maybe this years crop will be better


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I bought a 3 gal Ruby Supreme from Edible Landscaping about a month ago. I think it is the 10-30. Supposed to get round fruit. Its about 3ft tall already putting out a lot of flowers. A lot more flowers compared to my large crunchy Asian white.

Does anyone know if the Mexican cream comes close to true from seed? If they do and if anyone has any I would love to trade for them.

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my tree is from seeds given to me from a friend's guava tree so I believe the do come fairly true from seed. Assuming everything goes like it should, in late summer/early fall is when the guavas ripen, remind me and I'll send you seeds.

JF, I need to retry Malay red, the tree I had produced dry fruits that were bland. I dug it up and moved it and it died so I never replanted it.


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