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bigpinksMarch 19, 2012

My day got off to a bad start as I dropped three potted 7" plants and broke the top out of one. Ten hours later under the lights they still appear OK. I then seeded Goliath, NAR, Chapman, Black Pineapple, Orange Slice, Black Cherry, Italian Ice, Orange Paruche, and have Porterhouse, Sunny Boy, Pineapple and Mexico still to go. All have two seeds per 7oz styrofoam cup. When I get done in an hour or so I will have about 40 cups covered with saran wrap. I always buy a dozen Estler Mortgage Lifter plants from a local greenhouse. And jeez...I had to push the mower around....I'm too fat and old. Thinking of a riding mower soon. Almost forgot the Cherokee Purple and Indian Stripe. The CP are seeded but havent got to the IS yet as I just got those from Victory Seeds today.

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bertman_gw(5B West Conn)

Big pink I havent seeded in years. If its not too late I may give it a go! If your seeding all these varieties can you utilize the leftover seeds you dont use for next year?
So Sorry about your lost plants.
Do you sell these? Or do all those go in the garden?

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All are planted. Tomato seeds will last for yrs if they are stored in a dry cool environment. I think the dropped plants are going to recover. Thanks

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