UPDATE: Pedal Pushers 'May I give from my Heart'

sassyd(z8/SC)May 27, 2008

Looks like we needed a new one.

Question....can anyone take over hosting for next month or do we want to cancel next month...give me your thoughts. I really don't feel like I can do it, it needs to be listed for sign ups, do we want to wait a month or 2...tell me what you think, but tell me soon if you can.

You can post or email me at sassyd@sccoast.net

Either way, thanks to all you girls that have helped with hosting, I appreciate it alot!


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Hi there everyone. Our favorite Miss Sassy Pants isn't feeling so sassy right now so she asked me to post the list of who has sent and received up till now. If I have missed anyone I apologize. Please update me and I will post corrections if I woopsied! :o) Here goes:

S= Sent
R= Received

Melissa S/R
Nikki S/R
Frances S/R
Mao S/R
Amy S/R
Margaret S/R
Galium S/R
Tracy S/R
Debbya R
Robin S
Karen S/R
Faintheart S/R
Dee in Florida S
HappySeed S
Pat S
ChristieB S
SassyB R

SassyD and Anita are going to wait and send a bit later since Sassy is sick. Pixie will be posting her DC number this evening. Debbya was planning on sending early this week but has had some computer troubles so may have a hard time posting.

Sassy, get some rest and feel better. Sending you get well kisses!


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Melinda Hagen

Hello ladies! First I want to apologize for not being more of a part of the postings! I hurt my knee and then had breast issues previous to that and just not been up to par. The worst time of year to hurt yourself and can't even get out and do hardly anything in the yard!!
I am going to send Dee's box hopefully this weekend as my grandson or daughter is going to help me pack it! I have rec'd 2 absolutely marvelous boxes from her!! I got 2 nice orange and yellow cannas, one tropical canna, crepe myrtles, shampoo ginger, hidden ginger, sky vine, and night blooming cerius (?). I hope I didn't leave anything out! The other box had a muffin pan with scented candles in it, beautiful angel plaque, another beautiful angel figurine plaque, lovely flower hanging made of porcelain, absolutely gorgeous hummingbird windchime, journal, to do list pad with magnet for fridge!, 2 wonderful cookbooks (which I have been pouring over and making lists from-as can't garden much right now!), and a beautiful box with antique roses all over it! Lovely!! I absolutely loved it all!
And sorry took so long to post!! Just been in bed alot with leg elevated when not sitting at work.
I just hope you will enjoy yours as much as I have the one I rec'd.
Hope everyone had a great memorial day and happy gardening! Melinda

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I sent my package out for Robin today, USPS #0307 0020 0003 4325 6700.

I packed the plants this morning, so everything should arrive in good condition. I decided to not send it yesterday, our temps were too chilly.


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I have a problem, I was hoping to meet with Lisa in person to exchange our goody boxes but never heard back from her. I hoped to mail out my box to her yesterday but have lost her addy. If any of ya'll have her addy would you email it to me? I am already very late in sending things out but would like to get this over with. Lisa if you read this please email me as your emails aren't going through for me, they keep coming back to me.

I hope everyone has a great evening.


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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

Melinda, that is a wonderful box that Dee sent you! I hope you are feeling better soon. I will be praying for a quick recovery for you!

Deb, I read that Illinois hit the 40's yesterday! Yick! That is way too cold. We had frost advisories on the tv for tonight in some of the surrounding counties. I hope it misses us because there is no way I can cover all the new plantings that I just put out!

Sassy, I hope you are starting to feel a little better!


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Tracy thanks so much for helping me, you're a sweetheart as always. I'm feeling a little better thanks. Actually, if I had any energy at all I could have dug Anitas plants this afternoon, the cold front that came in, it was actually chilly outside. Now by the time I can, it'll be hotter than hades (as Pixie puts it) lol That changes overnite for us.

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tracyvine(6 NE Ohio)

No problem Miss Sassy! I am glad that you are feeling a bit better! I will host for June if you like. I will only be able to host but not send though. I have some catering parties to cook for and then we have Ted's Graduation Party too. I am working like crazy to get the yard finished and then a few inside projects done too. I have 4 large plant orders that will be coming in any time now so will be out planting away! Checking in here won't be any trouble at all to see what wonderful goodies our friends have sent to each other will be a welcome break for me so it will be fun!

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Christie ~ your box will be in the mail tomorrow for sure.. sorry I haven't been around my mom hasn't been doin well at all and I've been having to go over and take care of her and take her to dr appts and etc etc.. plus my oldest graduated and it has just been a CRAZYYY week.. but it finally stopped raining today, so I got some things dug and before I take mom to the doc tomorrow I'll get the box in the mail! *whew :)

Hugs all,
Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

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Melinda, I am so happy that you liked your boxes. I truly enjoyed putting them together for you. Have you been able to get the plants into the ground?
It must be driving you crazy not to be able to get out into the yard and dig! I understand why you haven't been able to put my box together-of course you can't get out there and bend your knee. I am a patient lady and will be thrilled whenever it does get here. In the meantime I am going to a Master Gardener's sale in the morning so that will keep me satisfied for a bit.
The one angel came from a crafter in Natchez; I got her during my recent visit.
Thank you to the organizer of this swap. I have really enjoyed it and look forward to the next one.


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Anita your box is on the way. Hope you like and hope everythings ok.


UPS 1z6408w10357620027

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

I have Christie's box all packed up.. but then realized in all the emails we've sent eachother.. I never got HER address .. *sighh

I sent her an email this morning, but she may be out of town. Will send it as soon as I get her address! Does anyone else have it by chance??

Hugs all,
Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

update :)
Christie emailed me her addr tonight, but she'll be out of town starting Monday for a few days. When she gives me a timeframe of when she'll be home, I'll mail the box 2-day accordingly to match when she arrives back home. Does that make any sense? LOL


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Yes Wendy, makes perfect sense! lol Thanks dear, thats just fine, no worries.

Thanks for letting us know.

Hugs dear,

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My computer crashed and has been in the shop and I just got it back. Please let me know if you got the e-mail I sent!!! I am so sorry to be missing in action!!! I will get your box out on Monday. I need your address also. I will send you mine! I am so sorry we didn't get to meet in person!!! Downer!!! I had no way to reach you!! The wedding in Katy was beautiful!!! Although our stay at the Omni was terrible!!! LOL

Hope everyone is doing good! Sassy, hope you are feeling better!!

My husband, youngest son and even my dog have been sick for 2 weeks now!!! Just hope I don't catch it!!!

Good news!!! My brother is coming home from Korea hopefully Tuesday!!! YEA!!!! (He's in the Army)

Have a great weekend!!!


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pat_6(z6 NE KY)

I received a great gift from my partner, Sonja, yesterday. It included:

Peony Karl Rosenberg
2 colors of Glads (12 corms each of Yellow and Red)
2 varieties of Dinnerplate Dahlias (3 tubers each) - Peaches 'n' Cream and Vancouver
12 bulbs of fragrant Freesia "Pink Beauty"
2 large clumps of a plant that I think is a variety of Kalanchoe (but I could be wrong)
A new pair of light-weight scissors!

I hope I haven't forgotten anything. The box was stuffed completely full, so I certainly could have missed listing an item.

I'm looking forward to trying out these plants, as other than peonies, I've never grown any of them before.

Thanks so much, Sonja! Pat

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Mailed the box to Christie ~ was assured it would be delivered Monday before she goes out of town *fingers crossed!!!

DC# 0308 0070 0000 9008 4018

Hope you enjoy it Christie!

Hugs everyone!
~Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

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Hello, Ladies, Have been trying for several days to get back listing all the items I received from amybabyboy3 but with all the traveling done, now is the first opportunity. I was so pleased with everything I received in such a well packed box and sorry for the problem you had ,Amy. Thank you so much for the beautiful cup and the Herbal Infusion Infusion "Passion" Tea with the lovely coaster set to use when I am drinking it. The plants were great and packed so well. I have always wanted the Black Elephant Ear and it has a new leaf on it already, I also have never had Campananula "Wedding Bells"(looked it up on the GW Hortiples Plant Data Base, Day Lily "Pardon Me" (looked it up, too looks beautiful) this is the first year I have been interested in day lily's and now I have a named one!, Hosta's "Abique Drinking Gourd" and "Fragrant Bouquet". Planted them both in a very special place. One special t hing was in the box and that was a picture drawn by a special boy that will be put on my refrigerator. This has been a fun RR and thanks, Sassy for doing an outstanding job for us. Blessings, Margaret

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Hi Pat, I am so glad you liked the plants. Those sissors "light up" so you can see what your cutting. My eye sight is going and I fell in love with them. I recieved my box from Pat and it was unbelievable!!! I have only dreamed of having such things in my garden. Here goes and I hope I don't forget anything.

Beautiful flower sticky notes and three matching ink pens
All the following plants are large!!
Sea Thrift Splendens (I've always wanted)
Lamb's ear ( love it)
TB Iris Burgundy and gold (big)
Hosta (4 large starts)
City Lights Iris (huge)
Obedient Plant Miss Manners (large bunch)
Gaillardia Grandiflora Dazzler (huge)
Sedum (huge)
Heuchera Coral Bells (huge)
TB White Iris (giganitic bunch)
Others but I can't remember

Pat, thank you so much fo the wonderful box. Everything was wrapped in plastic, marked and wrapped in newpaper. It was the neatest thing I have ever seen!!! Again, thank you so much. You made my weekend, Sonja

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Hello,I recieved my box from Deb on Sat.She sent lots of wonderful goodies!!I got a heart shaped wall decoration,3handmade lavendar angel soaps,A heart shaped philo cutting,a heart shaped variegated brasil cutting,a bird`s nest plant,green woodpecker glads,2 hert shaaped ornaments and several packs of seeds.I GOT A GREAT BOX!!THANK YOU DEB!!! Robin

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Christie's box was delivered today per usps.com. Hope she enjoys it!

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Lisa and I have been in contact and are completing our swap this week.

Lisa I am happy your brother is home safe and hope your family is feeling better!!


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Thank you so much for your box. I recieved it as I was walking out the door heading for my long drive to DC. I hurried and opened it and wrote a note to Jason with directions for the plants.
The plants looked great and I love everything else that you sent :)

Wendy sent me 4 plants, one that I know is sedum, and maybe a vine looking plant, and the other two I am not sure of.
- pot hanger decorations, I do not know the 'real' name of what they are. But they are really cute and will look good on some of the pots that I painted :)
-lighthouse statues
-little stand with a flag
-scrapbooking paper
-butterfly windchime... that was my favorite!!

If I forgot anything, please remind me! Again, I was on my way out the door, and I am writing from memory. Thank you so much Wendy, I loved your gifts!

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sassybutterfly_2008(7 NorthWest GA)

Christie ~ So glad you liked the box and plants! :) The one you thought was sedum is actually Portaluca (Moss Rose). The tiny blue flowers are Lobelia. The 'poker' blue plant is a Salvia. and the vine is the Periwinkle, just cover the stem up and it'll root all over it and spread out. :)

Hope everyone has a wonderful day!

~Wendy / sassybutterfly_2008

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I'm so glad you enjoyed the box! I hope the plants do really well for you! The philos are so easy to grow. Don't need much light either! I'm sure you'll have them for many years! They love to trail, cascade!


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Hi All,
Got my box from Sassy D, WOW!! She sent a great box, hope I can do as good for her, Hers will be going out soon, she asked me to wait, as she is still not feeling good, but I need to get it out to her, before it's to darn hot, she sent me:
Roberta's Scarlet Mandavilla Vine
Mexican Sage
2 of the most beautiful plant/garden stakes I have ever seen, will post a pic when I have more time.
Siloam Royal Prince
Her Majesty's Wizard
Understated Elegance
Citrix Stamile
Rose Emily
Mary Ann Weldon
Longfields Twins
Eskimo Kisses
3-Winnie The Pooh journals & the most beautiful Winnie The Pooh birdhouse, Sassy I love everything, thank you so much, will send you a E when I ship yours out, hope you are doing better, as I want to get it out, by the 10th.. :)Anita

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Anita, glad you liked everything! *Smooches*

Has everyone else sent? (Anita and I have worked this out in email, so we're counting her as sent)

Anyone out there not received your box for May? Speak now, or forever hold.........lol just kidding. Let me know now if you've not heard from your partner.


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Frances Coffill(7b)

Just wanted to pop in and wish everyone a happy 'flowerful' summer! It is already too hot to ship plants here! I will be popping by from time to time to say hello, but I won't be participating in swaps again till it cools off again!

Have fun!


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I haven't yet, but I will. My partner hurt her knee and hasn't been able to dig.

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Melinda Hagen

Just wanted to get on and say so sorry to Dee! I will be sending a box, but have to wait until my grandson is back from his visit to help me. He helped with another one I just got sent and it was due before this one. I apologize to everyone for the lateness , but I will be sending. I ripped the tendsons and cartilage in my knee and still in a knee brace until the 16th of July! That will be 10 weeks and hoping I won't have to have anymore done. Isn't doing well and haven't been able to do much at all in the yard! Weeds are overtaking my gardens!!!
I will be sending and again Dee I do apologize, but I loved the boxes you sent and hope you will like the one I send!
thanks, Melinda

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Melinda Hagen

Again, letting everyone know that I did send a box to Dee. I sincerely apologize that it took me so long to mail it out. Had I known that my summer was going to be what it was, I would not have signed up. But I did mail it and it has been delivered. I would appreciate if you could let me know if you liked what I sent or not. I loved my boxes and tried to make a good box for you. And again, sorry so late. But I always send! thanks, Melinda

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