8-3-9 fertilizer

radsvisionApril 19, 2014


This is my first posting on the forums. Have been lurking around for quite some time though.

I recently planted several trees including, Nam Doc Mai and Maha Chanook mango trees. I'm looking for a good fertilizer to use. I read many threads that recommend the 8-3-9 fertilizer from Excalibur in FL. I live in So Cal and Excalibur doesn't ship their products. For CA people, is there a place you guys buy your mango tree fertilizer? I saw CitrusGain 8-3-9 Fertilizer Blend (also sold on amazon). Anyone heard of or just that brand? Thanks.


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puglvr1(9b central FL)

I live in FL and Excalibur is about a 6 1/2 hour drive from me one way...I purchased a Maha from them since at the time they were the only ones that one for sale...while I was there I purchased a large bag of 8-3-9...but its completely used up by now and I can't warrant the long drive just for their fertilizer so I've been using either the Vigoro Citrus, Mango & Avocado or Sunniland brand Citrus, Mango & Avocado.

If you only have 2 trees an excellent fertilizer in my humble opinion and I've used it on my trees when they were much smaller is Dynamite Brand...its slow release and its made by the same company as Nutricote aka Osmocote I believe? Its slow release so you don't need to apply too often...about every 3-6 months...as long as you apply it in lighter amounts than recommended it will will be better to apply a little more often in lesser amounts. I wish I still use it but its too cost prohibitive since I have about 12 Fruit trees to fertilize...quite expensive to use since it comes in a small container :o(
Perfect if you only have a few fruit trees...

The link is below (scroll down to see the different formulas they carry)...I've used the "red" and or the "yellow" container...both worked great!! I bought mine at Home depot.

Here is a link that might be useful: Dynamite Fertilizer

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Thanks for the tips. I will look into that brand of fertilizer.

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Also in Florida, I have used the Citrus Gain, Vigoro CM & A and Epsoma Citrus-tone (all available at Home Depot here). I tend to use the Epsoma on my fruit stuff that are in pots, and the CG and Vigoro on the in-ground fruit trees. I bought the CG just to try, normally just use the Vigoro. Didn't keep track of which ones I used the CG on, so can't say if I noticed any difference.


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Radsvision - I just bought online a Home Depot slow release 6-3-2- organic fertilizer (I think those are the numbers) - 15 pound bag for like 9 bucks. Got three of them and delivery was free...Also, they included minor elements.....

Not as good of numbers as your 8-3-9, but still pretty good....


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Thanks all for the tips. How soon after transplanting in the ground did you guys start fertilizer your mango tree?

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mangodog(palm springs 9B)

rads - since mine is slow release I put a handful on the soil, pretty much right away, after the mangoes were planted. It is slow release so I'm not worried....


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