Found Diaprepes Root Weevils on my Carrie Mango Tree

marinfla(10 South Florida)September 7, 2010

I noticed a fair amount of leaves turning yellow and spotty and falling off so I sprayed the whole tree with Neem Oil and I started checking the tree every night. Last night I found a bunch of leaves that had been munched on and 2 Diaprepes Root Weevils mating on a leaf. I removed them from the tree and didn't find any advice I trusted. Anyone have any suggestions as to the next best step. The tree overall looks healthy now and there is no more spotty yellowing leaves since the neem oil. Anything else I should be doing?

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Sounds like you're in good shape.

I on the other hand, after seeing the title of this thread have an old Tony Orlando and Dawn song going through my head...

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