The five WORST tropical fruit

ifraser25(z11 Brazil)April 22, 2010

I just read a very interesting and entertaining thread on what people thought were the 5 best tropical fruit and thought it might be fun to do the reverse. What do you think is either disgusting or overrated? I'll go for:

breadfruit (nauseous)

jackfruit (not much better)

papaya (bland,yucky)

durian (don't care what it tastes like, that smell...)

passionfruit (either sour or tasteless, full of seeds, love the flowers though).

I'll probably think of some more...

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The only thing that I can say I really hated was Guava. Papaya is a close second. I am hoping to try a bunch of different things at Harry's place this year so maybe I will be able to add to my list but I can't imagine Harry grows too many things that are not at least decent.

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murahilin(10 fl)

I have to agree with you about the durian. Man that is one horrible fruit. I've never found breadfruit to be bad tasting. What did you not like about it? I've only had it cooked though. With jackfruit I think it depends on the variety. Some taste like sulfur and are mushy and gross while others are nice crunchy and sweet. I've never liked papaya either except for one variety from Thailand that tasted like melon. I planted the seeds but they all ended up male (just my luck) and I never was able to get another one.

I will keep my list to those fruit that are somewhat common because there are so many uncommon ones that are very bad tasting.
2)mamey sapote

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murahilin(10 fl)

Guava? Really? Man they're so good. Well not the ripe ones that are pink inside but the hard large green ones that are white inside are great.

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the soursop ive only tasted once, so future tastings may change things-

soursop (mixture of pigs breath and vomit)
jackfruit- gets really smelly really quickly
papaya- tastes and smells like feet
star-fruit- really bland
jambu- blandest fruit ive tasted

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Jsvand5 and Murahilin, guavas and pink guavas, really? Tropic pink so far is my favorite, tastes like Sweettart candy.

1. kei apple
2. jelly palm
3. store bought cherimoya/star fruit/lychee/most everything
4. most papaya
5. cant really think of one so I'll say maypop (not really tropical)


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1. Pink guava: mine smelled like cat pee, and it STUNK.
2. Papaya: nature's boring fruit.
3. Surinam cherry. Beautiful tree, crappy fruit (just my opinion).
4. Tommy Atkins mango
5. Starfruit

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ahh come on, even though it has no business as a cultivated variety, a tommy atkins mango is better than most of the crap nurseries pawn off as edible fruitscaping.

go try strawberry tree Arbutus unedo, or ice cream (polyester) bean, at least they are not as misleading as stinkin toe

not to get semantic or technical as a backyard pomologist, but almost all trees produce what is considered "fruit" regardless of whether it is palatable. that being said i would list tommy atkins mango well below lets say, physic nut. also we could factor in "wild" fruit like super stringy turpentine mango or wild citrus that tastes like ammonia.

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funny how one man's poison.

some of the fruit appearing on the worst lists, are on my fave list, such as passion fruit, and while cannistel and guava are not on my top list, i think they are great.

the initial contender for most hated fruit seems to be the poor papaya- shame it looks so good, but then you hold it to your nose, and feh. i have had decent papaya though. just not very often.

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All Tommy Atkins mangos must die.

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murahilin(10 fl)

I don't understand how starfruit can be on anyones list. It's so good. Very flavourful and refreshing.

You need to taste a good soursop shake and you'll change your mind.

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in my experience papaya is the one fruit i can grow but is for some reason always better when bought from the store.

i love guava and papaya leather.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I was going to boycott this thread....but then thought I'd just say that there are really not 5 worst...for me anyway. There are some I prefer less or more, some that have too many seeds but have good flavor (passionfruit), some that have bad smell but unusual and interesting taste (durian). Guava, for me, has both negative smell and too many seeds, but I love guava paste, jelly, leather or the fruit candied dried. Soursop (guanabana) has a good flavor but a lousy texture. As far as anyone who says that jakfruit or carambola (star fruit) are among the five worst......I would think that they would probably not have had one of the better cultivars. But, then again, I have a friend who thinks that chocolate ice cream tastes, it goes to show you that tastes can be absurdly subjective.


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A starfruit of a good variety is great IMO. All of the store bought ones suck.

The only Guava I have tried was Ruby supreme. I liked the smell ok, but the taste was horrible to me and after getting the seeds out there was not much left for eating anyway. I actually gave my tree away to a member here. Can't remember who but it was a nice big tree that put out a good amount of fruit, but to me, it was not worth the pot it was growing in. I also didn't like that it sucked water up like no other plant I have and I had to water it every day.

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

There's a lot of fruits listed that I've never tasted...but I agree that ripe Papaya is not one of my favorites. I prefer it "green" cooked in place of zucchinni or chayote squash. I've also made semi ripe(but still crunchy) pickle papaya! Its really good that way...IMHO! Starfruit is also least most of the ones I've had.

I love Jackfruit...when its not over ripe and its sweet and a little crunchy!

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man I love guava, I eat the entire fruit... seeds and all

top 5 worst:
1. papaya (smells and tastes like puke)
2. durian (worst smelling)
3. dried goji berries (not really bad but not really good either, i blend them in shakes so i dont have to taste them)
4. papaya
5. papaya

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acai berries taste horrible to me

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boson(Delray Beach,Florida)

I haven't had that many tropical fruits, but these 3 I didn't like at all:

1. guava
2. ambarella
3. canistel


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kemistry(8 - Oregon)

oh the poor durian, sure it has a strong smell, but am i the only one who think it smells good? lol. Very unique taste too.

Jackfruit is one of my favorites. Papaya tastes like carrot when it's still crunchy. And so sweet and good when it's ripen.

Starfruit is probably my least favorite, but that's because there are better tropical fruits out there.

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ch3rri(z6 PA)

I have to say I like most tropical fruits but there are some that I would not want to eat again. I love to eat durian too. They are smelly but can so be sweet and creamy. Papaya is so good, guess you have to find the sweet one. Do not eat the overripe papaya.

I tried these before and I do not want to eat again.

1. miracle fruit (weird after taste)
2. sour passion fruit (passion fruit might be better in shakes, but the one I ate were just too sour.
3. bland cherimoya
4. egg fruit (it's too thick and creamy. just very heavy and can only eat one slice.)
5. my guava (it was bland and small) But i like the big crunchy one.
6. bland star fruit. (so far I have not find a sweet one)

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yaslan(8 WA state)

Until I made a pie out of canistel I didn't much care for it either. Now, I like it even better than my sweet potato pie. I love green papaya, especially when you shred it up and mix it with lime, fish sauce, sugar and a few other Asian ingredients. It's the best! I highly recommend everyone try Harry's starfruits. They're very refreshing!
I really don't have a dislike list of worst tropical fruit. But I did try cherimoya for the first time yesterday and really am not a fan of it.

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ashleysf(9 San Jose,CA)

1. I used to love guavas growing up. Especially the pink/red sweet and tart Indian guava. But, every one that I have tried to grow here taste like crap - and don't get me started on the million woody seeds inside them. I bought a few from a local Mexican market to try and no difference in taste from the crappy ones I grew. But I love guava juice - especially the south african Ceres brand of guava juice.
2. Starfruit - I have a Thai market in my city that has imported star fruit from Thailand and Vietnam. Cannot understand what the big deal about this fruit is.
3. Durian - don't like the smell - a good jackfruit is leagues ahead of them.
4. Store bough cherimoya - yet to find a good one.
5. Passion fruit - all that I tried have been sour so far.

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I agree with Harry; I think it's more a problem of cultivars but also of ripeness. Over here in Canary Islands we have some dwarf self-fertile papayas which are delicious!! I've tried others that really tasted like vomit. the same with carambola, ripe and sweet ones are a delicacy, but the tart ones... Also bad sapodilla cultivars I've eaten were crap.

In general, I'm not a friend of tart fruits, and on the other hand i'm not that big friend of fruits that you cannot eat in natura, but prepared (lucuma, camu camu, solanum sessiflorum, eugenia stipitata)...


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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Wait- no one mentioned noni? I don't even want to go near it to try to make it into a healthy drink. Yuck!
I have to say, I like most of the fruit I have tried. But like Felipe, my list of fruit I can live without is fruit you have to do something to to eat it. I like the taste when prepared, but out of
1- black sapote
2- canistel
3-passion fruit
4- breadfruit
I have had jackfruit I like, but I am not a fan of my seed grown jackfruit (so variety does matter).

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Here's a few that I could do without.

Jackfruit - tried it once and it seemed like chewing on an old yet sweet tire.

Papaya - Just blah...although dried is usually good.

Black Sapote - tastes ok prepared, but seems too close to being rotten for me to enjoy.

June Plum - Too tart.

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I don't hate these fruit but I just don't like to eat them as much because of certain characteristics they have.

Sapodilla-don't like the texture, just like brown sugar and no acidity.

Guava-love the smell and flesh, hate the rock hard seeds.

Sugar/Custard apple- only had the frozen stuff so not really fair but it was spongy and no acidity, not smooth at all.

Atemoya- Had fresh ones in Hong Kong, they were not smooth, somewhat pasty, sort of sweet with almost no acidity. Sort of like a horrible under ripe Cherimoya.

Mamey Sapote- too bland

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I'd just like to say anyone reading this thread to not put very much into these opinions. I think some are because they haven't tasted a good quality specimen.


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Andrew Scott

Hi Gary,
I couldn't agree more. I love breadfruit. I like it cut up and fried the same way plantains are fried. I also like it cut up and boiled and served with bacalow. I love passionfruit and a good sweet starfruit. I love guanabana. I ate it for the first time in Puerto Rico and I miss not being able to find it here. I don't think there is a fruit that I don't like but I have never tried durian or jakfruit.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I'd love to try breadfruit some day, it sounds like something I'd enjoy. Taste is so subjective, but fruit quality is so incredibly variable too. Store bought, not worth talking about except in a few instances. So many superior varieties don't ship well, so dooryard is the only way to get them. My pineapples are almost always the best anyone has ever tasted, and they aren't even the very best variety. Durian is highly subjective, but I had one fresh and thought it was great, but a very complex and unusual taste. I imagine if I tasted one in Malaysia, it would be much better. You have much higher chance of tasting a fruit off-peak unless you are doing so in a prime dooryard situation (like Harry's house).


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murahilin(10 fl)

I found breadfruit and both Publix and Whole Foods and they were both pretty good so if you do come across it at the store don't hesitate to try it out.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I'll keep an eye out for it. Fuyu persimmon is usually good from grocery also.

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ohiojay(z6 OH)

Yaslan hit the nail on the head for the only way to eat papaya.

For those not liking starfruit...I didn't either until I picked the first one off my own tree. Fruit you find in the markets are bland at the very best. Most fruit you might find in a Thai/Asian market is going to be very much under ripe. Many Thais like the hard, crunchy textures of these and other fruit and use them in a dipping mixture. Few are ever near their ripe/sweet potential. I've found this to be true a lot even over there. I would see green starfruit and jambus.

Any fruit that is frozen, just have to discount that taste altogether seeing that there is no comparison to the real thing.

Ch3rri...for me, the first miracle fruit is usually rather bland. A second or more berry has a much more pleasing flavor brought out by the first. They are eaten just to better enjoy other fruit so I don't worry too much about the berry itself.

Ger...I'm with you so far on the soursop...Murahilin, you just keep on trying buddy! The jackfruit wrapped in celophane and sitting in the sun all day is probably not a good example from which to judge.

I'll add Spanish Limes...because I've yet to try one that didn't make my mouth want to turn inside out. I liked the flavor but then it was like having nearly cured Elmer's glue in my mouth.

So far I have not been a big fan of any longan I've tasted to date. That might pose a big problem seeing I have a Kohala in the greenhouse. I'll know soon enough if the fruit from this one will be enjoyable...unless it ripens up while I'm in Thailand!

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Andrew Scott

I am not sure I know what you mean about the Elmer's glue. I love this fruit. Easily in my top 5 favs. but then again I have never had lychee before.

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i know what hes talking about in reference to the taste of genip, i dont actually eat the flesh off the seed like i do lychee, just suck the juice out of it.

some spanish limes are scant in flesh.

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

I don't know anyone that has had both lychee and spanish lime that likes spanish lime over lychee. There just isn't a comparison. "Night and day" doesn't even do it justice IMHO.

I am not a big papaya fan, but I have had a red fleshed variety while on my honeymoon in Hawaii that was very melon like and without the usual muskiness of papaya, while having very good sweetness (also missing in most papaya that is ripe). So, there is a papaya out there that might make you change your minds. However, green papaya salad, etc is very good consistantly. But it is one of those things that depends largely about what you put in to flavor it.

Longans, to me, are not as good as lychees, but are again, head and shoulders better than spanish lime. There are some that taste rather soapy to me, but the better ones, with lots of flesh are pretty darned good. They have what I descripe as a sort of spicier flavor...not in a hot sense. Very hard to describe.

Guanabana doesn't taste bad....not sure where all you guys are coming from with your colorful descriptions of how bad it is. The texture is what's objectionable to me. So, that's why I have been growing the supposedly fiberless Excalibur cultivar. Which if it lives up to the Richard Wilson Seedless cultivar, I'll be making lots of guanabana fire wood before the year is out.


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Harry, are the leaves of your fiberless cultivar more bluish than other anona leaves?

ive never came across a named variety of soursop for sale, i would like to find "bennet" heres why why i ask about the leaf color:


In Puerto Rico, the wide range of forms and types of seedling soursops are roughly divided into 3 general classifications: sweet, subacid, and acid; then subdivided as round, heart-shaped, oblong or angular; and finally classed according to flesh consistency which varies from soft and juicy to firm and comparatively dry. The University of Puerto Rico's Agricultural Experiment Station at one time cataloged 14 different types of soursops in an area between Aibonito and Coamo. In El Salvador, 2 types of soursops are distinguished: guanaba azucaron (sweet) eaten raw and used for drinks; and guanaba acida (very sour), used only for drinks. In the Dominican Republic, the guanabana dulce (sweet soursop) is most sought after. The term "sweet" is used in a relative sense to indicate low acidity. A medium-sized, yellow-green soursop called guanabana sin fibre (fiberless) has been vegetatively propagated at the Agricultural Experiment Station at Santiago de las Vegas, Cuba. The foliage of this superior clone is distinctly bluish-green. In 1920, Dr. Wilson Popenoe sent to the United States Department of Agriculture, from Costa Rica, budwood of a soursop he named 'Bennett' in honor of G.S. Bennett, Agricultural Superintendent of the Costa Rican Division of the United Fruit Company. He described the fruit as large and handsome (as shown in the photograph accompanying the introduction record No. 51050) and he declared the tree to be the most productive he had seen.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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puglvr1(9b central FL)

Yaslan, I think I would like to try your green papaya recipe...if you don't mind sharing it. You can email me directly thru my page. Thanks!!

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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Interesting post, Bryan. No, I don't think my supposedly fiberless tree has blue green leaves. Although, I have another seedling that does have something different about the leaf coloration. I am not sure if I would call it Blue green, but it is a definitely different shade of green. I'll post some pictures of the different ones I have. None have fruited before other than the Wilson Seedless, once, with two fruits that never fully matured, about ten years ago.


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hmhausman(FL 10B)

Interesting post, Bryan. No, I don't think my supposedly fiberless tree has blue green leaves. Although, I have another seedling that does have something different about the leaf coloration. I am not sure if I would call it Blue green, but it is a definitely different shade of green. I'll post some pictures of the different ones I have. None have fruited before other than the Wilson Seedless, once, with two fruits that never fully matured, about ten years ago.


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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I've tasted soursop at Excalibur, it was the tartest thing I thought was excellent. I tasted a solo papaya which I thought was excellent too. Normally I hate papaya.


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In my experience the best starfruit are the ones that turn to an orange color. So sweet and delicious. As for soursop/guanabana all the ones I've tasted are very very sweet, slimey but sweet.

For me:
1.Algarroba/guapinol/algarrobo - How anyone can get past the smell (it smells like cat poo) is beyond me.
2. Papaya - Not as slimey candy or fresh.

Never had breadfruit but that is all I can think of right now.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

Algarroba- that is a good one for the worst list. I don't know what it would be classified as: a fruit or a nut or something else.
It does smell horrible, but it doesn't taste too bad (kind of sweet). The smell and dry texture leave a lot of be desired for most people. I will eat some if I don't have to use my fingers to touch/open it, but I won't search it out for dessert!
We try to get people to at least try it.

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is that carob? what they make fake chocolate out of?

here are some of my not so fond fruit experiences

an unripened persimmon :x
a raspberry that was apparently housing some sort of "stink" bug

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

I assume Sweetlydark and I are referring to the same tree.
It is not carob. Here in PR, I refer it as "Stinky toe" but it is a West Indian locust tree.
The seeds inside the big shell are hard and are used for a children's game "Gallitos".
The "fruit" around the seed stinks but is edible.

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murahilin(10 fl)

The fruit(algarroba) that sweetlydark was referring to is carob. You can see it in the pic they linked to.

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

There may be some confusion with the common names. I know in other parts of the world, "algorrobo" is used to refer to carob trees (Ceratonia siliqua), but in PR since we don't have that carob, it is used only for the locust tree Hymenaea Corbaril.

Carob (the chocolate substitute) as I know it is Ceratonia siliqua. I have planted one, but it is not doing well in my climate. It has pinnate leaves. The pictures I found of carob have long, flat pods: Carob picture

What Sweetly has pictured is definitely "stinky toe" (it has a vulgar name in Spanish meaning cat poop) Hymenaea Courbaril. It is pretty common in the Caribbean. Stinky Toe

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the picture definitely is stinking toe

picture sweetly dark posted:

google > images "stinking toe"

google > images "carob"

the name however is definitely more attributed to carob. doesnt surprise me, Carribean islands commonly misname fuits. like sugar apple is called custard apple, in Guyana malay apple is Cashew. drives me nuts, lol. its a wonder how you guys correctly identify anything.

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murahilin(10 fl)

My bad. I was watching Bizarre Foods yesterday and on their episode on PR they referred to the algorobbo as carob. Their "carob" was the stinkin toe. I guess their fact checkers didn't do a great job lol. I learned two things today, what stinkin toe is and to not trust the tv.

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there is a Thai fruit, Parkia speciosa, or Stinky Bean


anyone try it?

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aroideana(Tropical Australia)

Parkia speciosa, or Stinky Bean is also called petai or sataw , I have eaten them and found them very tasty .
Cannot believe some of the fruits listed on first post could be disliked . Main problem is fruits picked green and shipped to markets hard , they just never ripen properly and even if they do never have any real flavour .. local papayas here are fantastic , soft and delicous , some even have a hint of the fake coconut fragrance used in suntan lotions . And I must be weird , as the first hint of duriun fragrance I got , I was hooked ,, never had anything as fantastic as a creamy ripe Thai selection .. Golden Hawaiin passionfruit is sweet as .. SOursops are one of the main reasons I sshifted to the tropics ,mmmm just will not grow well in marginal areas [ like all USA ] must be real garbage ones that survive Florida frosts .

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rayandgwenn(z11 Puerto Rico)

To misquote Smuckers... "with a name like "Stinky Bean", you know it has to be good!"

I think taste is so subjective. Even if you have had "good" varieties, it just depends on what you like.
I am still in shock that when Andrew Zimmern came to PR (you know the guy that eats anything), he was ok with Stinky Toe, but hated Corozon (Annona reticulata), not for the taste, but for the texture. I love corozons!
So- to each his own and I guess that is what makes the world so interesting... variety is the spice of life!

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Gad, most of the more common types mentioned here (above) I really like. There is no accounting for taste I guess.

Perhaps I just happened into a few bad bushes, or am misremembering a name, but my childhood memories of muntingia still evoke a pretty dismal taste or aroma.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Stinky beans looks like something I'm growing. Does anyone know if it has thorny stems??

I like most of the stuff on here although there are some things that I wouldn't call bad tasting, I just really wouldn't have preference for them.

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I've never eaten papaya fruit, but the juice is awesome. I love it for its blandness. Sure I like sweet fruits too, but when you need bland, papaya is unparalleled.

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what I do with Soursop, cherimoya , annona is , I peel out the skin, remove the seeds, put everything in the blender with ice, sugar, sweetened condensed milk, vanilla or any other type of essence and I make a good milkshake orI pour itthe milkshake in ice cube stick it in the freezer and make ice cream

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caiden(HI, 11)

My least favorite have to be mountain apple (now THAT is bland!), raw breadfruit, and round canistel. Of course I can only eat so many soursops (especaily after accidentally poisoning myself by blending a seed into my smoothie), and I'm not a great fan of things like abui that have an astringency next to their skin (especially when the overall fruit is just small.)

But good varieties of papaya are sweet, brightly colored and flavorfull; not bland. I personally also love durian and jackfruit.

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You guys are SO lucky to be able to sample these things fresh. Many of them can be had in supermarkets here - I'm in Chapel Hill, North Carolina - and I've gotten a number of things mentioned in this thread in some local supermarkets, but they aren't fresh, and aren't usually the best cultivars.

That noted (not hatred - they aren't the WORST, just mild annoyances):

Kumquats - we only get Nagamis here, which are great for cooking, but an acquired taste as a fresh snack fruit. And that's coming from someone who has peeled a yuzu, eaten it, and loved it.

Pepinos - very, very dull. They have a great smell, and they look cool, but that's about all they have going for them.

Passionfruit - great smell, great flavor, horrifying appearance, and the most obnoxious seeds that aren't inside a guava.

Kiwanos / Horned melon - more subtropical, not true tropical, can be grown as annuals here. Very photogenic. Extremely unpleasant to eat.

Goji berries - licorice-dipped-in-eggplant, or the other way around? There are SO many great edible nightshades (naranjilla, tamarillos, cape gooseberries, and really good tomatoes, all of which can be stunning), why suffer through goji-hype?

As for some of the other things mentioned: I *heart* cherimoyas; likewise feijoas and naranjilla and guava. Guavas you gotta work to love - those seeds are evil. They're still awesome. Starfruit?: win some, you lose some. Some of the various sweet legume fruits are great (tamarind), some are so-so (ice cream bean); we have honeylocust here in the temperate world, which is kind of like anorexic tamarind, and falls squarely into the "more trouble than its' worth" category...

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

Davecito, not sure why you have passionfruit with horrifying appearance. Mine I grow (purple) look ok, even after they start shribbling some to get fully ripe. The seeds can be seen as an annoyance. I usually spoon all the flesh and seeds into my mouth, swish it around some and chew it up some, including the seeds, and swallow it all. If eaten with the seeds, each one has half a days amount of fiber. Pretty awesome.


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1. Tommy Atkins Mango (NO FLAVOR to be so popular)
2. Nance
3. Breadfruit
4. Emperor Lychee (tastes like Garlic)
5. Pitaya (Dragonfruit)

    Bookmark   May 16, 2010 at 12:47PM
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Wow, ok, some of those on peoples worst list , would be on my favorites.

I also believe that the way its prepared is key, I mean really, if you had never seen a Lime in your life, and someone gave you one, one bite into that thing, and you would think they were trying to poison you.

I would never eat a passion fruit un prepared, its just way to acid. but in a juice its excellent. "Jugo de Chinola".

Papaya is another, I have had some nasty unsweet ones, and others that taste like the best cantaloupe you have ever had. again I prefer Papaya in smoothies, made with vanilla, few spoons of sugar and milk. "Batido de lechosa"

I understand how some fruits can be over rated, and not ones preference even though I do not care for it, others may just love it. also a major factor to consider is consistency, I was offered a Rollinia delicious , and it looked like some kind of mucus slime, I was not about to try it, but after so much convincing, I decided to give it a try. it tasted like lemon pudding, and the consistency, didnt feel slimy, it actually melted in my mouth, i ended up eating the whole half of the fruit they gave me, again, some folks wont eat it, no matter what it taste like.

Fruits I did not care for:

1) Abiu, gelatinous un-flavorful.
2) Sour Sop, just do not care for the taste.
3) Tamarind, only tried juice, did not like it.

I'll think of the other two, later. :)

    Bookmark   May 16, 2010 at 6:22PM
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I think the Papaya haters out there might like them better if they tasted them from the tropics. I hated them until I moved down here to Guatemala and WOW now I love them. They have the same varieties here as up there, but I can't believe how sweet they are. Definitely depends on where you are getting them from and how ripe they were when they were picked. Even growing up in south Florida, I never like any of them. My mind is changed, at least for the Guatemalan grown Papaya.

    Bookmark   May 16, 2010 at 9:32PM
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@ Mangojoe.

Maybe thats the reason I like them also, I'm down here in the Dominican Republic, they are sweet and good.

now that I think of it, i cannot remember if I tried a USA grown papaya, other than dehydrated stuff maybe from when I used to hike.

ok my last 2 on my list:

#4 Santol ( maybe I had a bad one, but it tasted fermented)
#5 I am not a fan of "Mamey", Sapote Mamey, I know many like the flavor, I just do not care for it much.

    Bookmark   May 19, 2010 at 12:19AM
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Kiwanos / Horned melon: I have grown this out and its actually not that bad if you love sour slightly sweet things. If you love kumquats, passion fruit, etc. you will mostly likely like this. The best quality of it is its slimy green pulp that has a gelatin texture to it. Kiwanos works out well in fruit salads when your mixing it with much sweeter fruits. I could see a Kiwano and Cherimoya fruit salad tasting very good.

    Bookmark   May 19, 2010 at 7:30PM
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mangojoe have you ever tried a magenta pitayaya or American Beauty?

    Bookmark   May 19, 2010 at 9:23PM
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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I agree mangokush, AB dragonfruit is really excellent. I got two separate harvests a couple years ago, tasted like strawberry kiwifruit to me.


    Bookmark   May 20, 2010 at 9:23AM
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nancyanne_2010(Z 8 / WA)


Tamarind - was it the sour (under ripe) ??? It is awful. Sweet tamarind is GREAT - and is a common ingredient in many steak sauces. Some passion fruits are awful - but others are one of the best tropical fruits. This can also be said about dragon fruit (the deeper magenta colored dragon fruit is one of the best fruits)

For the person who planted a carob tree - you need both a male and a female (or a hermaphrodite) to produce carob.

    Bookmark   May 24, 2010 at 9:30PM
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Parkia speciosa or petai as we call them here is great with sambal chilli as you can see from the URL below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sambal Petai

    Bookmark   May 27, 2010 at 4:47AM
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Guavas + plum powder = yummy.

    Bookmark   May 27, 2010 at 4:51AM
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i had a papaya in maui, and it was the best i had ever tasted. i grew the seeds here, and it was good but just not the same. I believe the volcanic soil had a role in its taste.

btw, you guys must be from Mars. Cat pee, vomit, and toe???? I love love love almost all tropical fruit, the ones I don't love because I haven't had them yet.

I'm addicted to durian, guava, sapote, green ambarella, jambu. To see these on anyone's list is really blowing my mind, lol! crazy!

    Bookmark   August 29, 2010 at 1:54PM
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Was checking if there are any fruits i should not grow, but found out, you are all speaking about store bought fruits. Anyone ever eaten a strawberry fresh from the garden??
I will never buy these from the grocery store
We have a starfruit here, just 4 years old, was just a twig when I planted it, but over 20' with heavy trimming and frost damage. But the fruit is excellent. Everyone raves about it, fresh, ripe and chilled. The juice just runs down you face. We bought 3 up north, what a disappointment. And we need it for the health benefits.
So who has knowledge which fruit can be grown in z9 and are worth it?????????????
looking for a dwarf papaya, have the tall ones but they are challenging when it gets cold here. Also looking for a sweet seedless guava.

    Bookmark   November 22, 2010 at 10:56AM
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@norm52 there is a lot of variation in Starfruit, lucky for me the first sample i was given was sweet, I later tried the fruit many times and found them to be sour, imagine if those were my first ones to try.

So if your going to plant a Starfruit don't plant by seed, and make sure the cutting ( I believe these are propagated best by air layering ) is from a good tasting variety.

another thing about these trees, they are very productive, and the fruits are also great juiced.

    Bookmark   November 22, 2010 at 1:12PM
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Starfruit is an awesome fruit. Productive, decent tasting, precocious, tolerant of shade, and bears over the sparse fall and winter months. The only problems are that they are very sensitive to prevailing wind and are prone to nutrient deficiency on limestone-alkaline soil. 'Kari' cultivar is yummy.

    Bookmark   November 22, 2010 at 7:11PM
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1.Jambu/Wax Apple
5.Papaya/Black Sapote

    Bookmark   November 22, 2010 at 7:33PM
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Is Lucuma the same as Lucumo?

Here is a link that might be useful: Lucumo

    Bookmark   November 23, 2010 at 2:18PM
Thank you for reporting this comment. Undo

@abayomi yes thats the same one, thanks for that link i have been trying to find a seed source for Lucuma for a long time.

This fruit is best made into shakes, ice cream etc. has a kind of caramel flavor, lucuma is more popular as an Ice cream flavor than Chocolate, vanilla or Strawberry in some south American countries.

in the states you more likely to find Lucuma powder, can also be used in making cakes etc.

I can understand why some folks would be turned off eating out of hand, with its boiled egg yolk texture.

Here is a link that might be useful: Lucuma recipes ( in spanish )

    Bookmark   November 23, 2010 at 4:57PM
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so should i bother to buy a grafted tree (at great import expense?)

    Bookmark   November 23, 2010 at 6:10PM
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I firmly believe that for the most part, you should never stop trying varieties of fruits that you think you don’t like. I *never* liked Star Fruit, until I had a fruit of my father’s tree. It was sweet, refreshing, juicy and overall very good. In fact, I now own a tree of the same variety!

Harry, good Spanish Limes are impossible to come across here in the states. Where I grew up, Spanish Limes grow wild all over the place. They become gigantic trees that easily produce 500 lbs of fruit every year. Most trees produce poor quality fruits, but the best ones I’ve eaten, are worlds better than any lychee, longon, and even Rambutan that I’ve ever tasted. Of course, I am not saying that Spanish Limes or Mamonsillos (as we call them) are better, just that I’ve probably never had a really good lychee/longon/rambutan…
As for papaya, man, it has to be very low on my preference list. Now, Nonis are horrible, no questions asked!
My friend hated guavas, until he tried one of mine. Good thing my tree produced around 400 of them this year, or I would have to chase him out of my yard! Also, some guavas are seedless and some only have a few seeds…

    Bookmark   December 2, 2010 at 7:46PM
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Coconut,TropicalPapaya,Tamarind,Chocolate,Vanilla orchid,amd maybe pineapple.
Because I cant grow them outdoors makes them worst in my view.

    Bookmark   December 5, 2010 at 9:59PM
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1. Papaya (tastes like vomit)
2. Papaya (smells like vomit)
3. Papaya (seeds smell like vomit)
4. Papaya (seeds look like fish eggs)
5. Papaya!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Bookmark   July 6, 2011 at 1:01PM
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Other than candy form, I have not tried durian, or even been close to one to smell it.

The WORST has to be Noni - though I have not tried that either, but I did smell it. I actually got a handful of seeds from a dropped ripe fruit, and it did have an acidic vomit-like smell, so I wasn't about to taste it. Sadly, only one seed sprouted, and it did not survive long.

On the other hand, I had 2 "stinking toe" germinate. I found the seeds scattered under a parent tree in the Virgin Islands, so the pulp around them was well rotted away and the smell gone. The first one to sprout was albino, lacking any green! After that died another sprouted, and that is green and still alive. I did not know this was a stinking toe when I got it. It was identified as a West Indian Locust I think.

I agree papaya is bland, but I have had rather tasty and refreshing ones when in Hawaii. What a difference fresh makes! Also bought one of the large ones and it was quite good. I've made a spicy coconut thai fish soup with papaya chunks in it that was delicious. Also, consider that you can eat papaya unripe, grated into crunchy strips. I've had many asian salads that feature it.

Has anyone said AVOCADO? Talk about BLAND - you must agree that the avocado has even less taste than a papaya - so it is all about how it is prepared, since when done correctly, I like both.

The Starfruit is pretty good, and I have had more luck getting family members to like that. It has to be ripe to be sweet, turning a yellow-orange color. Yes, it is tart, but so are certain apples and other fruit. They all said it had a citrus taste but I thought it was like a crisp tart grape. Not what one imagines when one thinks "tropical," but that does not mean it is "bad." The paw paw, after all, is technically NOT tropical, but DOES taste like it is.

I am trying to grow a few cherimoyas - I have to say I was underwhelmed with the taste of the fruit - perhaps picked too green and now allowed to properly ripen? I bit like a mealy pear. I expected more from a tropical relative of the paw paw, which is amazing.

Guavas - well I like juices and jellies made from them. Not an easy fruit to dig in because of the seeds, but does well put in a blender with ice cream and milk to make a smoothy (with or without passionfruit, mangoes).

Passionfruit - the look isn't that bad. Best way is to strain out seeds and use pulp to flavor other things. Seeds, I learned, are edible, and so I tried leaving them in and they were delightfully crunchy and not at all unpleasant.

Lot of hate here for breadfruit - you DO know you have to cook it, right? So not exactly a juicy fruit. More of a starch, like plantains. Best to bake it. I also sliced thin and fried it.

Only tried jackfruit once fresh, and once canned. Preferred fresh, and am growing my only tree to sprout from a seed!

Among the similar-tasting lychees, rambutans and longans, my wife and I would rate their taste from best to worst in that order, though none are bad. Genips are a sour novelty, as I suppose is tamarind.

We tried a sapote (mamey?) once, and it was interesting, but not bad. Like eating a room temperature baked sweet potato with a texture between that and an avocado. Seed did not sprout! :o( Neither did seeds of mangosteen and rambutan, thanks, I think, to the irradiation process that was labeled on them. Darn irradiation!

Never eat an unripe astringent-variety persimmon. Otherwise they are sweet and delicious - and I think the local small wild variety have the best taste!

So I guess I've yet to meet a tropical (or any) fruit that I hate. Nobody mentioned kiwis (though not tropical) or pomegranates (somewhat also not as tropical), bananas, pineapple, dates or coconuts, so I guess those must be the best!

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As a native of a tropical country, this has to be the most amusing thread I've ever come across. :P So amusing I had to register and post a reply.

I can understand the dislike for durian. Even my own countrymen are divided into those who can't get enough of it, and those who think it smells horrible. I think it may actually be genetic or something. Some people are almost pheromonically drawn to the smell, some hate it outright. I'm one of those addicted to it and it doesn't smell anything like what others always seem to think it smells like. The aroma is very pungent, true, but it's a very plant-like smell. Similar to vanilla, only perhaps a hundred times stronger.

The rest on your lists are either because you're eating the wrong varieties, eating horrible store-bought ones, or just plain eating them wrong.

Guava - best eaten when they are just turning slightly pink inside. Still crunchy, but sweeter, less astringent, and easier to chew. Unripe guava can also be eaten, but usually not alone, they are usually dipped in rock salt or some other kind of seasoning (soy suace and chilis is popular for example). Ripe guavas are stll edible, but not quite that pleasant as they can become mushy when overripe. They're usually just made into juice. When they start to smell bad and feel very soft, that usually means they're beginning to rot. So don't eat it! LOL Lastly, you don't pick the seeds off from the fruit! You EAT THE SEEDS. Chew just enough to break the clumps up, but don't try to crush them, you'll end up with a broken tooth. You'll end up having to poo them though, haha.

Passion fruit - are seldom eaten as is. Sugar is usually added. And like guavas, you swallow the seeds whole. Easier too since the seeds are all slimy. That said, it can be very tart so it's more common to just add it to a glass of water, add some sugar, and you get one of the most fragrant fruit juices this side of the planet.

Breadfruit - I've never heard of anyone eating it raw! LOL. It's ALWAYS cooked. One of my favorite comfort food is breadfruit in coconut milk with fish. Yum. Unripe jackfruit can also be cooked this way.

Jackfruit - is one of the sweetest fruits I know. So I can't imagine anyone not liking it. And yes, like all fruits, you eat it at the right time, preferably just after opening it. Overripe jackfruit gets very smelly, while underripe ones (or jackfruit that's been frozen, etc.) are bland. Seeds can also be toasted, though I don't much care for the taste.

Papaya - again, you eat it at the right time when it's still mostly green with the beginnings of the blush of orange and is noticeably softer when squeezed. Knives should be able to slice it easily and the flesh is firm and bright orange. Slightly underripe papaya is also good, crunchy and a bit blander, a bit like carrot except softer. Overripe papaya is like eating vomit. Don't eat the seeds as they are quite bitter. Some varieties are also much much sweeter than others.

Starfruit/Carambola - You eat them when they're light green, still slightly tart but also already sweeter. When they've become orange and brown, they'll be mushy and bland. When they're still green, they'll be almost unbearably sour, like green apples. That said, there are two varieties - sour and sweet. The sour ones can also be eaten dipped in rock salt or seasoning.

Santol - They should be eaten fresh. When you break it open, the flesh around the seeds should not be mushy and still "fluffy" in appearance. And yes they ferment if kept too long uneaten, yucky with an alcoholic undertone.

Tamarind - are also usually never eaten as is. They're either cooked or candied.

Chico/Sapote - again eaten at the right time. They're sweet with a distinctive musky undertone and a gravelly texture when just right.

Jambu - again usually not eaten as is, as they are usually very very bland. It's mostly water after all. You eat it dipped in rock salt.

That said, I don't like guyabanos/soursops and other related fruits though. I dislike the texture. They're excellent for beverages though. Canistel (or as we call it, "tisa") is also bland and starchy.

Also some fruits you may not have even heard of: rambutan, lanzones, pomelo, mangosteen, bilimbi, sereguelas, Java plum. I dislike the latter two.

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Very interesting thread, here in new zealand its hard to find a back yard that doesnt have a passion fruit vine trailing up a fence, and the taste is sweet and divine, never tasted a hint of sourness, and we just eat them with a spoon crunching the seeds.
Also ripe avocado is extremely common here and packed with flavour, spread on toast. ..delicious


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soaht(Central CA 9B)

The secret to eating ripe papaya of any kind is to use some sour(lemon/lime) agent and a little bit of salt. Green/unripe papaya in Lao papaya salad is so good like someone mention previously. You can even use your green mangoes the same way too(mouth is watering just typing about it).


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thetropicaldude(Orlando / 9b)

Wow what a deeply moronic thread.. and it's the one with the most replies too

I only read until the ignorance of reply 3 and had to reply with the obvious:

-if someone thinks 1)sapodilla
2)mamey sapote, and 4)canistel are "the worst fruits in the world" (when proper specimens of these are among the most delicious fruits on earth) you should tell that to anyone who's lived in a tropical place (anywhere besides ignorant Florida) so they can have a good laugh

No offense intended. But seriously, lol.. What are you all doing ON A TROPICAL FRUIT forum??

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Just came across this thread. I live in Florida now, but having spent many years in South America, I had to register an encouraging word for the poor, maligned papaya.

Even growing up in the tropics, the trees were hit and miss. People would learn the bland-tasting papaya trees and the fruit would be ignored or the tree cut down. But if you got a tree that produced sweet, excellent papaya, there was nothing like it. I could never understand when I moved to Florida why so many people say papaya tastes terrible. Then I bought one at the store and I understood.

Picking papaya green so that you can sell it at a grocery store is a sure way to make it horrible no matter what tree it came from. EVERY time I see a beautiful looking one in the store and buy it, I regret it. I think, SURELY that one will taste good. And it never does.

So now I'm trying to grow some trees myself to see if I can get a good one. If I can't, I guess I'll give up on papaya unless I ever move back to the tropics.

(for the record, guava was somewhat similar as well, in that if you got a tree that produced nasty bland fruit, you'd wonder why you ever liked guava. But we learned which trees were good and frequented those ones)

    Bookmark   March 5, 2013 at 2:59PM
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I agree Papaya should never be picked green though the Vietnmese do so and eat it with salad. It is definitely not sweet in this condition. As for guava, you can do the same thing, but in Brazil it is mostly made into a rich sweet marmelade, eaten with cream cheese. Delicious.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2013 at 7:38AM
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But it's also very subjective. Not everyone's taste is the same. And store bought fruit is not a good source of material to make a judgement on. Often they're pumped ip with chemicals to increase weight/size. Also picked to be more transportable, ie green. And some fruit is produced for cooking, not for eating fresh. Those are often picked and cooked green.

    Bookmark   March 6, 2013 at 9:37PM
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Least favorites:

1.) Tommy Atkins mango
2.) (bad) papaya
3.) Sapodilla
4.) Persimmon
5.) (bad, super seedy) guava

Fresh local durian is probably my #1 favorite fruit, don't care much for the frozen crap they sell in Asian markets.


This post was edited by RastaYoga on Mon, Jun 17, 13 at 14:45

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Papaya has to be RIPE to be good.
completely ripe....
when they sell it in stores they have to pick it green and let it ripen, which never works out like it should.
a good cultivar and a papaya that has ripened on the tree is excellent.
stuff you buy in stores is crap.

that goes for LOTS of fruit...

    Bookmark   June 18, 2013 at 4:48PM
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I have liked most of what you all have listed you don't like, though I more have had durian specifically in cookies and such, not raw.

One I did not like was (I think) muntingia, with a very strong musty smell and taste, if I recall right..

    Bookmark   June 18, 2013 at 8:38PM
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I had a seedling of Hawaiian solo sunrise papaya given to me. I was told one of the finest varieties in the world. I grew it, nurtured it, and got lucky that the plant happened to be bisexual. I was so excited when it set fruit. I watched them every day, and was heartbroken when fruit were aborted. Eventually, it grew one to full ripeness. The day had finally come, when I could go from hating store bought papaya to loving home grown ones...

Too bad it still tasted like the crotch of a morbidly obese person who hadn't bathed in a week.

I am officially done with papaya forever.

    Bookmark   June 22, 2013 at 4:47PM
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Just my small contribution & hope to revive this topic - greenman62 is right.

I grew up with papayas in grandma's backyard in the tropics. I now have papayas in my backyard in FL (9b).

You have to let it fully ripen on the tree. After harvest, it's best to let it sit 1-2 days by your window with morning sun, then sniff the fruit. When it has that fruity smell (don't know how to describe "fruity") you put it in the fridge for 2 hrs, then cut it!! You will never dislike papaya again. :D

    Bookmark   January 1, 2014 at 6:58PM
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"Papaya: nature's boring fruit"

make sure the papaya you had tried are not from Mars. I find papaya from Hawaii are great.


    Bookmark   January 15, 2014 at 5:20PM
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Papaya is an yummy fruit. I am from india. we used to have papaya tree in our backyard. one tree fruited for almost 2 years like one fruit a day, since it started fruiting. they are really really yummy.

You can make them ripe on the tree out you can cut them when are changing color.

you can also eat little ripe one. its going to crispy, but tasts really good.

I have eaten few hybrid ones, which are tastless. After coming to US i have tried papaya they are tastless.

It depends on the variety too. next time I go to india, i will try to get few Tasty papaya seeds, if anyone is interested.

    Bookmark   January 17, 2014 at 11:19AM
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I agree that papaya smells like vomit. Maybe I've just had bad papayas.

I like tamarind chutney and tamarind margaritas.

    Bookmark   January 26, 2014 at 10:07AM
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I agree with everyone else, Papaya is a horrible bitter fruit but it doesn't even come close to breadfruit. I tried breadfruit for the first time last night and I have been vomiting every since. I guess I need to say that I ate it raw. It was very very ripe, had a great taste but about 30 minutes after eating it I was hugging the commode and projectile vomiting. I will NEVER eat breadfruit again!!!

    Bookmark   September 10, 2014 at 7:07PM
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Has anyone else eaten raw really ripe breadfruit and then found yourself projectile vomiting for hours on end?
Now I'm talking about eating it by itself. Not mixing it with coconut milk or anything else. Just the fruit alone. I had never had it before and my landlord brought me one the other day and he and his wife both ate some. (just a few bites) and it didn't bother them. I've read where it can cause nausea but I haven't heard anyone say it made them physically vomit. Am I the only one???

    Bookmark   September 10, 2014 at 7:30PM
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"I agree with everyone else, Papaya is a horrible bitter fruit "

Had you ever tasted Hawaii papaya -- the small size and orange/red inside?

If yes then you taste pallete needs to be re-calibrated :)

    Bookmark   September 11, 2014 at 8:51PM
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that is mamao in portuguese, Sapote. I always had two for breakfast when in Brazil, together with two bananas and two guavas. All great fruit. And for jackfruit, jaca dura is unpleasant and usually fed to pigs, but jaca molle (soft) is nice, although a little heavy on the digestion, a bit like persimmon.

    Bookmark   September 11, 2014 at 9:01PM
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I total agreed with glib on these fruits. You have great ....taste.

    Bookmark   September 12, 2014 at 5:17PM
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agreed Sapote.
papaya is wonderful if you get it at the right point of ripeness
often to send to the store
they are picked green... very green.

besides ripeness, also variety, temperature etc...

papaya with an orange color skin is wonderful

    Bookmark   September 13, 2014 at 10:54AM
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Omg, I LOVE Jackfruit and durian!!!! I can't get enough of them (I'm Hispanic, they are normally popular with Asians).

I can't stand:

1. Star fruit
2. White guava
3. Bread fruit
4. Papaya (I grow TR Hovey for its looks)
5. Papaya
6. Papaya
7. Papaya
8. Papaya
9. Papaya
10-1,000,000,000. Papaya

    Bookmark   September 28, 2014 at 2:21PM
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