Dr. Boe tomatoes - which for pots?

2ajsmamaMarch 31, 2014

Yeah! I just got my Sandhill order (put it in too late, next year will be earlier). Not too late for starting considering I just started my others (probably too many Gardener's Delights) on Sat.

But since I have so many (except for the SuperSweet 100 I ran out of - and probably should buy more seed for since people here are used to it and ask for it), I was wondering which I should just trial a few of, maybe put some in pots since they are described as determinate and "stalky" or Tatiana says dwarf, and which should go in the ground?

in alphabetical order:

Benewah - one source described this as having "prostrate vines" - no good for pots even if determinate? Early

Bonner - determinate salad type, early

Gem State - Sand Hill says "stalky", Tatiana says dwarf - good patio/pot candidate? 65DTM or so, early

Kootenai - Det, very early 45-60 DTM, Tatiana says dwarf - good for pots, or is this one going to be early and done soon enough to give it garden space and then put in a fall crop of broccoli or something?

Latah - I grew this last year, though it's a determinate, it got a little lanky (maybe it was the weather), wasn't horribly prolific but I wanted to give it another chance since it was early and tasted good, but I don't know if this is a candidate for container. Then again, since I started some seed left over from last year (seed exchange), maybe I should just start a few of Sand Hill's seed and keep them in containers so I can ID them, compare with the saved seed?

Moscow - Det, very early, "compact" sounds like good container plant? Or again, so early, once and done, do I just pull it in July and plant something else?

Sandpoint - det, early or very early, "stalky" or "dwarf" - good container plant?

Shoshone - det, early, no notes on growth habit

I also got Sophie's Choice which I think I will try in container. I don't have a lot of large containers, so will probably only keep 1 of each variety that is suited in containers, eventually I may sell these as starts/potted plants since when I sell my extras I always have people asking for patio plants, but I really don't like to sell something I haven't grown to harvest myself before, so since I have Cosmonaut Volkov and Grandma Mary's paste started as my "early" tomatoes, as well as the popular CP, BK, and Sudduth BW, I probably won't start too many of the Sandhill seeds this year, except for the Bloody Butcher (real PL type), Moravsky Div, and Orange Minsk. I got Goldie and Golden Queen subbed for Summertime Gold (which I really want to try if anyone has seeds to swap), will probably only try Golden Queen this year, see if I can get started earlier next year for Goldie since that's late season.

In addition to Gardener's Delight and SS100, I started a few Camp Joy and Cheeseman's (and ordered seed for more, so again I can compare to the saved seed since they did not fruit well last year). I ordered Dr. Carolyn, Ester Hess, Galinas so I will just start 6 of each to trial which yellow I want to continue for next year, and a few Green Doctors (not Frosted).

If anyone has grown any of these (esp. the determinates), I'd appreciate feedback. TIA

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Probably you won't plant out in another 6 weeks. In that case you have enough time to grow from seeds. I started my last batch on Feb 27 and now they are ready. I am hardening off some, a bit early.

I am also growing quite few Early and DETs. I picked mine based on the recommendations and the consensus among the GWers I find it better than some seed sellers' and data base descriptions So there are some familiar names that at least I have had heard before, like Matina, Bloody butcher, Sungold, ..

Good Luck with your picks !

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I know I've got time to start from seed with LFD of May 15 (who knows this year??), that's why I waited until Sat to start the seeds I already had. I am looking for recommendations for which might do well (just as a trial, since I have most of my main crop which looks like predominantly cherries this year) in pots. Besides Sophie's Choice which I have read does well in containers.

Also size of containers - I know most of the time we read 15 gal or so, but if these are "dwarf" plants and determinate, I don't know if they will be OK in smaller. I have a number of 1 gal pots, would probably go from cells to 4" to 1 gal and then can go larger as needed but will have to buy some 5 gal since the largest I have available right now is 2 gal.

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digdirt2(6b-7a No.Cent. AR HZ8 Sun-35)

None of your dwarf or determinate plants can be grown well in any container smaller than 5 gallons. Larger containers - 7.10,12, gallons etc. containers - will produce healthier and more productive plants assuming proper potting mixes and all other growing conditions are provided.

That has discussed here and on the container gardening forum hundreds of times and is true for any variety regardless of the source or the name of the variety.


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Thanks Dave - I know indet need much larger pots, had found 1 thread where you mentioned dwarf plants might be OK in 5 gal, that is the smallest I would go for final size on any of these, didn't know which if any of these particular varieties might be OK in 5 gal, and which might need *larger* before I go buy some.

For example, the first 2 - Benewah and Bonner - not described as stalky or dwarf, in particular Benewah with the "prostrate" habit - not good for 5 gal containers?

Latah I might try in a larger container or separate area, or tag just so I can compare with the ones I started from seed exchange.

But the rest *are* described as "dwarf" so can I assume that a 5 gal pot or bucket (I know deeper is better, and larger is better) will be adequate? I do have to buy some since I don't think I have any (unless they're outside instead of the basement). I don't want to grow a lot, just want to try them so I know if I can start more next year and sell the extras as container plants, and how large the *minimum* size I recommend should be (since I would likely sell them in 4" to 1 gal size, no larger)? People in the suburbs around here are looking for patio plants, I've had people ask if they could keep a tomato plant in 1 gal pot before!

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