Soil Heater for Potted Plant

bumblebee7September 13, 2008

I have a pepper plant that is full of tiny decorative fruits in 14" diameter pot that I want to keep through the upcoming winter in my patio room. The room is glass enclosed but not heated, although the room temperature usually doesnÂt drop below 40F. Is there some kind of soil heater unit that I can stick into the pot to keep the soil and the roots warm over the winter? IÂve seen the plant heating mat product but it seems too big for the pot. What heater products do you use?

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This might help.

Here is a link that might be useful: thermocube

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You could try a small seed mat. I think the smallest ones are about 9"x19". I don't think there's any heating cables that will work for a single small pot. If the surrounding air gets to freezing you might still have a problem even if the roots are warm. If it's a small room you can use one of those little ceramic space heaters.

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It's not cheap (49.95) but Logees has a Thermo Planter.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thermo Planter from Logees

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Thanks for your suggestions. The room is about 300 sq so I think it may cost quite a bit to run an electric heater. Maybe I could use the small seed mat. I looked at the Logees thermo planter, wow, definitely not cheap, but that papaya tree looks quite comfy in there!

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Hi all. I'm an industrial designer and (somewhat)green thumb. A friend has some large pots outside her shop, that she can't easily bring inside for the couple months that actually get cold enough to be a worry in the Seattle area. We don't want them to crack.

I was considering developing/producing weatherproof heating rods with a thermostat that could be pushed into the soil. They'd work in any pot, unlike the Logees. I am curious what people think of this idea. I need a bit of consumer feedback before I take it further.
I need them. So I figure others probably do too!?

Here is a link that might be useful: HiltnerDesign

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