Guava tree - container grown from seed

BeaBeaSeptember 11, 2005

I have grown a guava tree from seed about 5 yrs ago. It has grown well in a container, is brought in every fall at first frost to the garage where it remains under good lighting all winter. It is then brought out in early spring after last frost. I water it well, fertilize it with an all purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer. It has never bloomed. All I get is really nice foliage. I do prune it back heavily toward the end of summer, about 6-8 weeks before it comes indoors. I don't know what variety of guava this is but it does have dark green leaves and appears healthy. Can anyone tell me why it has never bloomed and whether it ever will?

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Many tropical plants need several to many years to mature from seed. How many years guavas need I don't know. How far back are you pruning it? How big are the leaves? How big was the fruit you took it from-round, pear-shaped-pink inside?
When do you take it outside-what month? And-what do you fertilize it with?
You might want to not cut it real hard in autumn/winter but to keep it maybe 2 ft high or more in a 5 gallon bucket.
Also, first thing spring use something like 2-10-10 fertilizer (bloom special).
At least you don't have to worry about fruit flies destroying your guavas whenever they do fruit-like we do here in Florida.
p.s. have you considered trying to grow pomegranates?

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My tree is in a 24" wide very large planter. It gets pruned back to about 5' with many branches and leaves left. I purchased the seeds while in Hawaii, the package did not specify what variety. I take the planter out mid to late April, bringing it back in if we have temps going below 45 degrees. As I stated, I fertilize with an all purpose 10-10-10 fertilizer in early spring and again mid to late summer. It has grown beautifully each year for 5 years now. No blooms. Does anyone know if it will ever bloom?

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I've heard that tropical fruit trees (I don't know if Guava is included in this catagory) need litte or no fertilizer. The more you fertilize, the more foliage; the less you fertilize the more fruit.
Just a suggestion....and also it does take years. You might try doing a search. I've found that guava sites are scarce, however. Happy growing and God Bless!

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Well I don't know much abou guavas other than that they do well here in texas, I bouht a guava fruit at HEB store, it was about the size of a lg yellow lemon,yellow on the outside pink inside lots of seeds got 2 to sprout. Grew about 3feet tall bloomed and set fruit! all in the same year! Then the frost got to the plants,and they are coming back.

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bihai(zone 9)

I believe that guava needs a bit of a chill to set fruit. I think I read that somewhere. Not a FROST mind you but perhaps a few weeks in the low 40's? Guava trees are hardy to about 26-28F from what I have read.

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patusho25(z11 Mexico)

guavas and chill??? nah, they produce fairly well in here during summer and mins are 25-28°C.

Some guavs come into bearing fruit just after 12 months of being planted, and need lots of heat to ripen well, and almost no water at all. Perhaps there are some varities which may not need this weather requierements.

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Eggo(z10soCal LBC)

Guavas don't really need chill. They will flower as long as they keep growing. In the tropics this is usually year round. Its a bit hard to get most fruit seedlings to mature/flower in a pot. If it was planted out, that guava would be flowering already but since it is potted, give it another year or two. If it still doesn't, attempt a graft of a mature guava unto the rootstock. Sometimes this triggers an entire seedling plant to mature and flower.

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I got about 50 seedling now they all sprouted .I thought I might get 5 to sprout but wow they all are commin up .They love it here in texas hehe

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Well here they are have 6 this size still no fruit but they big and hope this year maybe some fruit.First pic is how they look today .

this is them last summer.

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Help! I forgot what I did to make the guava seeds sprout, what do i need to do? I got this BIG guava at the store, the size of an orange and want to have some plants from those seeds help,as for the other guava one of them died! but the other still alive no fruit WHY? I also have an strawberry guava but no fruit either!, my avocado trees also dont give fruit either, or my mangoes what am I doing wrong? Thank you all marcie

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To make guava seed sprout, use the fermentation process. Gather the seed from the fruit, soak in water in a glass jar. Stir ocassionally to separate the pulp from the seed. It takes about two to three weeks to sprout. Make sure to change the water often so it doesn't rot.

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Suzi AKA DesertDance Zone 9b

We are moving from the desert heat to a Mediterranean climate, and I plan to take all my plants with the addition of new ones. I have Guava seeds on order from Ebay, and from everything I've read, they don't do well unless they are in zone 9 and higher. It might be too cold where you are. Also, they need tons of sunshine, but not the kind where I currently live. I've killed two already because the weather is too hot in the desert, even in the shade!

They are tropical plants. Along with my Figs, Citrus, olives, wine grape vineyard and pomegranate plants, I plan to add several tropical s grown in-ground outside in the mild weather. I have successfully sprouted Monstera Gloriosa, Jackfruit pending, and now guava (strawberry-pineapple). I plan to add avocado trees and blackberries once we move also.

I hope your guava gives you fruit soon!

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Hello everyone,
I have a question , about 10 years ago I have bought some papaya from Florida. I put some seeds in a container on my patio wher I had a young blueberry bush. About 4 years later when the bush got bigger I planted it in the ground but I notice that there was new growth of limbs , with lather foliage, though somewhat similar to the blueberry bush. I tried to separate the two of them but not they were growing too close together . So I decided to let it be. It was a fast growing tree that grew about 1ft a year and required some pruning. This year when I was pruning the lower limbs I notice that the tree was bearing fruit. Never noticed blooms. But I am puzzled because it does not resemble any papaya fruit, and is more similar to a guava fruit, somewhat. So my question is for the experts: what kind of tree am I growing?
Thank you for anyone helping!

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newgen(9 Central California)

copertone2: your tree looks very much like a persimmon, nice little fruit too.

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I have this tree an this is the first time in 10 years it produce fruit. Is it a guava tree? Does anyone know what the fruit should look when is small?
Thank for any advice.

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Thank you, yes it does look like it. Will see when is riped!

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