Can anyone identify this nut?

gabrielzorzSeptember 25, 2013

Hi all,

Does anyone know which nut this is? I keep finding piles of them (made by a squirrel) in my back yard. My wife grew up on the big island and says they're Macadamia, but we live in Modjeska Canyon, CA, and it's mostly oaks around here. Wish i knew where the tree was.

See pic...


Here is a link that might be useful:

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Hey Gabrielzorz~ Those are macadamia nuts and they are pretty common in socal as well as Hawaii. Looks like you have a goldmine on your hands...good luck.

Regards, Chris

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Yep, Chris and your wife are right. Macadamia grow well in California even up here in the Bay Area. There is at least one in the Strybing arboretum here in Golden Gate Park and the original macadamias in California were grown at UC Berkeley 130+ years ago. BTW, does anyone know if there are still any growing at UCB? I haven't gone looking but according to records there was still one there about 50 years ago...

You can buy a special nut cracker for them if you want, I usually just use a vise-grip. You obviously managed to open some up, but they are super hard.


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macadamia nut and good luck with the squirrels as they will get everyone of your nuts .

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