My Ode To Last Year's Tomatoes

thebutcher(6b (Philadelphia area))March 31, 2014

This was me Planting a 4th of July Tomato along with a F-1 Ramapo from Rutgers University. I am doing the same this year.

The cool thing about is that I got many tomatoes last year, probably 200-300+ out of 4 (20 Gallon grow bags.)

The main purpose of this post is just to enjoy the video and simply showing last years hard work. Please work hard everyone towards your crop! I also doing the same crop this year with exception to Black Cherry tomato.

I have increased the grow bags in numbers. I am also using last years seeds from Ramapo F-1 and 4th of July and plan on buying the new 2014 seeds from Rutgers again aong with Moreton tomato from Rutgers. I will also do a similar video as some have seen last year.

Thanks again for every ones help last year!

- Mr. Beno

(Photos soon to come)

Here is a link that might be useful: The Butcher's last year start

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seysonn(8a WA/HZ 1)

Hi Mr. Beno.

Very nice artistic and dramatic video, as usual. I had not see it last year. Your publish date is May 16, 2013. So accordingly you have about 6 weeks until your next production. Look forward to seeing it. I enjoy watching your videos.

I have started most of mine over 6 weeks ago and I am in the process of hardening some off. So, LFD wise , I am 6 weeks ahead of you BUT then our spring will be very cool and long and it wont get near 80F till July some time. So probably your plants will catch up fast once your LFD is behind you.

Good luck and happy 2014 Grow Season !

P.S. Where was Beno, The cat ?

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