What A Deal At Wal-Mart

theseventhlegendSeptember 13, 2007

Scored a White Bird Of Paradise today with two 4 ft plants in the pot for $8.97. It was labeled "tropical foliage". Ya gotta love it.

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Though I don't live in Fl. I would love a White Bird of Paradise. Everything is more expensive here in the Midwest.
Tropicals that is.
That is a very good deal though, pat yourself on the back.

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The big box stores here rarely carry interesting plants and when they do you have to get them quick or they'll be dead. Even the nurseries carry few of the less common tropicals. I've asked about plumerias and many of the nurseries had no idea what I was talking about.

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I got my split-leaf philodendron at Walmart for $1.87 and it's been a very good plant.

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I am envious. The box stores here rarely have anything of interest, especially tropicals. Walmart seems to specialize in half dead bonsais and parlor palms.

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iowgardenangel(zn5 IA)

try LOwes if youve one nearby ask the garden people there, ones in iowa can get v ginger, bird of paridise, swiss chees philo[ know thats not tech. name] and others. at good prices..

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tropicalfreak(z10b Ft Lauderdale)

Got BOP's down here for $6.97 at Wally World. Two to a pot, 3-4ft tall.


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bihai(zone 9)

You have to get the more unusual stuff almost right when they get it or they kill it.
In the past 2 years I have seen Black Taccas, White Taccas, Coffee arabica, Curcuma Khymer Orange, Buddah's Hand Citron, Thai patio Mangos, Avocados, tibouchina heteromalla, and Bottle Palms (Hyophorbe lagenicaulis), to name a few things, at box stores.

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Just got this 7 foot Teddy Bear Palm (Dypsis leptocheilos) at Lowes for $39.

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