How can I get a seedpod from Alamanda Cherrie's Jubille

sjp8987September 25, 2008

hi all!

According to Plantfiles, Allamanda, 'cherries jubilee' is capable of setting seed. However, when I look down into the inside of the flower - I don't see any reproductive structures. Do any of y'all know what they look like or how I can hand pollinate? I am so confused!

Thanks in advance!


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I have an Allamanda schottii 'Variegata' that I'm guessing is self fertile because it has two seed pods. It's in the greenhouse and is the only allamanda that I have. I've never attempted to hand pollinate it. There's an occasional bee or butterfly in there.

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Allamanda Cherrie Jubilee does not set a seed pod from the flowers per say. It will put on seed pods occationally that look round kinda flat and spiny. Allow them to mature on the plant and turn brown and dry out before removing them.My Cherrie Jubilee has only put one pod on in four years. I think that is because I keep it pruned back because it growes so fast and the branches get so long and heavy with flowers that they start breaking! So maybe if It was allowed to just grow and do its own thing.......
ohhhh and I have lots of butterflies and a very possesive wood bee that does the pollinating.

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