BOP not flowering!

gardenlady48(z5 IL)September 23, 2013

Since I've owned this bop, it bloomed once this past late winter in the house .
I am totally frustrated with this specimen, mostly because I set it outside inthe summer for tropical beauty and bloom! Just grew more foliage all summer despite the fertilization. Yes it gets proper sun exposure. I had to experiment with that also in spite of info saying to place it in full sun, not! It curled up doing so...looking for someone that is very knowledgable in growing BOPs. Here is a photo of the lower portion...should it be divided, will that encourage blooming? I want this thing to bloom during the summer. ðÂÂÂ

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Firstly, it isn't a tropical plant. It's from South Africa, a mediterranean climate with cooler wetter winters and hot dry summers. Flowering is normal during the wetter period. They really flourish in that sort of a climate in full sun. They can commonly be seen in gardens loaded with flowers. Most likely the problem you're experiencing is from having it in shade for so long and then placing it directly into the sun. That will knock most plants. Aside from that, it's unlikely to be getting enough overall sun anyway. Dividing it would set it back while it tries to recover.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I'd suggest moving it into a larger pot, and feeding more regularly with a bloom fertilizer, and acclimating it to get full sun when outdoors. This is actually native to the subtropical parts of the Eastern Cape of South Africa, not the Mediterranean climate Western Cape, so in habitat gets more summer rain and drier winters. High light levels year round(full sun) is best for most blooms. Here in California it blooms most heavily in winter into spring, but some plants can be seen to bloom at any time of the year sporadically.

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