Confused about mandevilla light requirements....

vp_78September 26, 2012

I purchased a mandevilla early in the summer (sun parasol variety), and was told that mandevillas prefer shade because too much sun bleaches out the flowers. So I planted my mandevilla in a place that only got a few hours of afternoon sun. I planted it in the ground and it's growing like crazy. Lots of tendrils vigorously growing around our trellis, sprouting leaves, etc, but it's not flowering at all. It has one bud on it that has been sitting on the vine for a few weeks, but it's not opening. And it's only one bud.

Did I make a mistake about where we planted it? Should we move it someplace where it will get more sun? And if so, when will be the optimum time to uproot it and replant it? We are about 10 miles inland as the crow flies in Southern California, so our lowest extreme temps average in the low 40s, and we might have a few nights this winter where it will dip below 40, but we never hit below 35 as a rule.


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grabmebymyhandle(6 Kentucky)

I always grew my mandevillas in bright shade with a few hours of direct sun in the a.m., they did fine, but im in kentucky not socal, they are pretty easy to root cuttings from, maybe just leave the mother plant and get some cuttings going elsewhere.
It will be less digging and if you have picked the best spot, and just dont know it, then its still there and you have more plants :D

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