Growing A Pineapple indoors

andyandy(6bMI)September 19, 2005

I hope I have the correct forum. I live in Michigan, back in June I cut off the tops of two pineapples and planted them in about 2 gallon pots. One did nothing but the other clearly has established itself. The leaves that are on the top have gotten much bigger and bushier than when it was planted. It is getting close to the time when I will need to move it indoors for the winter. How much sun do they need? Would a few hours of good morning sun help it to grow? It will be in an envirnment where it is a constant high 60-low 70s. I have a number of palm trees that will be moved in the house and space that gets direct sun will be limited. I also do have a couple of grow lights to supplement the sun.

thank you much,


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The more sun, the merrier!

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Andy, be careful watering in winter. Pineapple is a semi-succulent plant, like other Bromiliads. Water soil, but let dry between. I'd mist the plant daily for humidity...
Most likely, the pineapple will go dormant until days once again lengthen.
When bromiaids are in bloom it doesn't matter how much sun they get, because they're on their way out, but when trying to get to fruit/flower the plant needs sun. Toni

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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

Growing pinapples from tops,it's really not rocket science.In doors, use a grow lux and make sure it gets plenty of heat and humidity 6 hours at best, keep a humidity tray underneath the plant.It will take 3 to 4 years for your pinapple to bear a fruit.Let it dry out between waterings & when you do water use alittle liquid fertilizer:) ***Suzanne

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suzannesks(z 7 WA.)

Andy...I have answered your question that you e-mailed me with at the pencil company.I do hope that you recieved it:) and good luck to you,and HaPpY growing***Suzanne

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FYI Walmart had pineapple plants with little pineapples (about 1/4 size of a full size one like you find in the supermarket)...about $4.

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What is the best way to start a pineapple? I have heard a variety of things like twist the crown and leave in water. Or twist the crown dry, and plant directly in the soil, or cut the fruit and leave some fruit attached to the top.

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dont leave fruit it will rot ... google pineapple growing lots of info on pineapples

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I think perhaps the biggest mistake many folks make when cutting off that topgrowth to root, is cutting it too far down into the fruit below, and cutting it just an inch below where the pup on top meets the fruit, works better, and removing not only whatever fruit is on the cutting still, you may also remove the very small leaves at the bottom of the pup to reveal those "hidden" rootlets, that will root quite easily, as I recall. I've not rooted lots of them however, but on the first try I was successful!! I'd guess cutting the top much lower one just gets into the core of the fruit itself, and there are no rootlets there naturally anyway!!

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sandy0225(z5 Indiana)

It takes me three years to get a pineapple in Indiana from a top. But it's still cool!

by [sandy0225](
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I read on the internet somewhere that if you take your potted pineapple plant and seal it in a plastic bag with some apple slices for a day or two that the gas the apple gives off will help the pineapple fruit. I don't know if it actually works but I put mine in the bag with apples last week. I'll post again if I get mine to fruit. I originally bought this pineapple at the grocery store about 18 months ago. I picked the fruit it had and then rooted the top to grow this plant. It is about 1 foot tall and looks great. The original plant is having a tough time, it had a couple of baby plants that popped out of the soil next to it but looks like it is having some kind of powdering mildew problem that I now have to deal with.

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I have a question about growing pineapples. I started one last summer, and it's been growing really well, even all through the winter. But recently (the last month or so), the leaves are becoming more yellow in colour, and many of them are starting to turn brown and die at the ends. Does anyone have any idea what could be causing this? I'm completely in love with my pineapple plant and am

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As for the bag and apple thing, I also read it somewhere online. Was at a nursery this past weekend and we were talking about bromeliads and he said about making them flower with the apple/bag. (just checked the date - last month! Did you get it to flower/fruit?)

Uncle gave me one of them plants with the small pineapple growing that is sold in stores sometime last year. It had gotten to a nice size and in December I had planned to do the bag/apple thing around this time.

Turns out, a few weeks ago while i was watering, I moved some leaves and saw red color. There is a pineapple coming up.

Hopefully it finishes and taste decent.

As for yellow leaves, are you watering too much or not enough? I usually water stuff here every weekend, even during summer. If you don't know, water the middle of the plant, not too much the soil. I just water the center and let it spill out some.

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Hi Rosie. Pineapple is a Bromiliad and shoud be treated as a succulent..Soils needs to dry between waterings, and well-draining. They also require sun. In summer, place outdoors if possible.
I've read, adding a couple drops of diluted fertilzer in the vase of leaves. Don't know if this is accurate but when I grew bromeliad babies from mom, I fed by adding drops in the vase. They lived and bloomed.
Though they're succulent-like, they enjoy humidity. Mist leaves or use a humidifer in winter. Don't aim spray at soil or pineapple. Good luck, Toni

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rosieluain, Try adding some diluted liquid fertilizer down the center of the plant.

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I have been growing this pineapple for about 1& 1/2 years.Now some of the plant is turning brown and dying. Also there is another plant growing from it. What can I do about this?

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I am also in MI and want to try this next summer. In my area there is so little sun in the winter, I wonder if the plant would survive in my house.

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I think I was the one who wrote about the apple and pineapple friendship.
After two years of waiting,I tried what I had done with Monstera fruit also that ran out of time outdoors by winter...

Well,the Pineapple then began to do its thing. If I hadn't used the apple,it just might have taken two more years -or never.

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Hey, I bought a pineapple plant at the store and the fruit is about the size of my fist. It is growing fine but now the pineapple has gone from a green color to a yellowish gold color. Is this normal, can anyone help me please. Thank you.

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It must be ripening. Does it smell sweet? That's a sure sign. You'll need to pick it as otherwise it'll end up rotting. You can plant the top in another pot, and a new plant will grow from the old plant. Simple process, but will take a while before you get flowers/fruit again.

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