Kwa Luk Lychee

simon_growApril 23, 2010

Ok everyone, so I finally put in a request for germplasm from the USDA for a special request for Kwa Luk air layers. I cited that is was nearly impossible to graft Lychees and requested that they send air layers instead of Scion wood. I doubt they will be able to comply but I figure its worth a try.

Just wondering if anyone else has requested germplasm from the USDA and what are your experiences with them? I know that north tree man was interested in doing some grafting of the more difficult to acquire cultivars of lychees.

Also, does anyone know why there are multiple Primary Identification numbers for they Lychees listed on the Hilo site? For example, there are several Kwai Mi Pinks and the pictures are completely different.

On a side note, accession N95-15 (HLIT-73) looks like a very interesting Lychee with a small seed and the flesh appears to be large and crisp. Thanks for any info anyone can offer!


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no idead. No Mai Tsze has different numbers as well. kwai mai pink is called Bosworth 3 so maybe they are Bosworth 1 + 2?

btw Bosworth was an Australian Lychee grower who invented a grid to electrocute flying squirrels.

Here is a link that might be useful: Botth v Bosworth

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hmhausman(FL 10B)


Interesting article. Bosworth was killing Flying Foxes....a type of bat, not squirrels. On the Bosworth lychees, I have Bosworth 3 and Bosworth. I have had Bosworth 3 fruit from Bill Whitman's tree. Mine is an airlayer of his tree. My understanding is Bosworth 3 and Kwai Mai Pink are the same. I have, I think, three small Kwai Mai Pink trees, all of which never seemed to grow. I have never tasted the fruits of these trees to confirm that the two are the same. This year will again have no fruit on Kwai Mai Pink and a small cop on Bosworth 3. No fruit on Bosworth. Maybe next year.


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I really hope they would consider air layering some...that would open a lot of to speak, but I also doubt they'd put in the man hours. *crosses fingers in anticipation* Definitely keep us informed on their response. I would hazard a guess that the varying numbers are due to varying unique sources of the cultivars in question...some have defined histories while others don't.

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I got their automaic reply email from the system when I sent in my request for germplasm but have not got an official reply yet. If they aren't able to send me air layers, I would definitely try my attempt at grafting onto my Sweetheart. I'll let everyone know as soon as I get a reply.

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dghays(Z10A FL Brevard)

I doubt they'll do it, that would be a tremendous amount of work for them. Let us know if they do, so then we can really make them over worked and under paid! Worth a try though.


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Still no reply yet. I hope they can at least send me some Scion wood. If they can't, I may give No Mai Tsze another shot and hope that it bears better quality fruit under my care.

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that would be a real score if you can get them to airlayer them, i dont understand how they really expect you to work with them any other way,

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Hey mango kush, that is exactly what I explained to them. Lychees are extremely difficult to graft, especially after they mail them to me. I do have access to a lab and if they send me Scion wood with some leaves, I may be able to apply some auxins/cytokinins to get a leaf to sprout roots. I just wish someone on this forum had a description of how Kwa Luk actually tastes.

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any luk?

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mango kush, you're too funny! No luk yet. I haven't heard any word at all back from them aside from their automatic reply. I'm going to speak with Stephen Spangler at Exotica and see if he has or can pick some up on his next expedition.

Somebody, some nursery in Florida must have a Kwa Luk growing somewhere. Pine Island used to have it. I wonder where they got theirs from? Come on people, lets ask the nurseries questions and finally get some Kwa Luk growing in our yards.

Next time I go to Exotica, I will see if they have any more No Mai Tsze. I bet if we all ask our favorite nurseries to ask their suppliers for Kwa Luk, a few of us will be successful.

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