Success geriminating a Miracle Fruit berry

suegrewSeptember 12, 2007

Just wanted to pass this along. I've read of many different means of germinating a Miracle Fruit berry and I just wanted to let anyone know that's interested how I was able to successfully do it. I've only produced 1 lonely berry so far, so my fingers were crossed. I placed the "pit" or "stone"(of course after I sucked the flesh off the seed to see if it really REALLY does)- in a damp paper towel and then into a small zip lock bag with the opening slightly open. It took maybe 2 weeks outside, in my greenhouse with just a hint of afternoon sun. This morning I checked it out and there was a nice little red shoot protruding from the "seed".

I now have it in a pot, lightly covered with potting soil, keeping it moist in the same location.

Very easy and a no brainer! Just thought I'd pass it along...Probably even possible in cooler climates as long as you have some warm sun outside. Good Luck!

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