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plant.babies(Zone 7-8)September 2, 2006

I had a large philodendron plant, and divided it into three different pots because parts of it seemed to vary so much. I was trying to grow each part to a large specimen. Now I have about 15 of each in 4" sale pots.

Now that I have grown the four different types for several months, they are *definitely different* from each other. I can only guess that the person who gave me the mother plant long ago planted them deliberately together?

I would like to find the real name of each. Here is what they are like:

1) Stems are definitely red. When a new leaf comes out, it's got that reddish-pink 'sheath' around it. Leaves are dark green and are getting really large even though I am not supporting.

2) Stems are whitish-green and are extremely twisted. The leaf comes out sort of backwards - the tip remains 'caught' for a while. The plant continues to grow really twisted. Leaves are medium-light green. one or two of these babies are truly lime-green.

3) Leaves are definitely heart-shaped -- looks exactly like photos I have seen of heartleaf philo.

4) Pointed very narrow leaf -- they look like bamboo at first! but when they get bigger they do start looking somewhat like the heartleaf. Why would baby leaves look different starting out, and then end up similar?

any assistance would be appreciated.

maybe I have what they call a 'sport'?

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GrowHappy(z7 MD)

Whatever you have sounds VERY exciting! Can you post pics?

Good Luck,

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I'm sure someone will be able to explain that these are just different varieties of philo -- I don't have horticultural training (yet)

Pictures will take getting my hubby to bring the expensive camera from work, taking the pics, getting them onto the computer, then onto the web.

I think my Firefox browser is messing pics up, so I will have to use IE. I'll try..... it may take a week or so.


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I found the proper names of 2 of my philos!

The one we all know as "scandens" or "heartleaf" --- proper name is "Philodendron hederaceum"

the red-stemmed one is is called P. 'Red Emerald'

as for the limey and the bamboo leaf, I haven't been able to find a picture of either yet. I think I might have to wait until the plants are "mature" since I have learned from various websites that juvenile leaves often are difficult to identify. For example -- I never realized just how HUGE the 'Red Emerald' got until this year.

I found good pictures at: http://www.wschowa.com/abrimaal/araceum/indexe.htm


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