Loquat: Advice for Indoor Growing

meilie(z7 MD)September 12, 2005

I have a young, very small loquat that I hope to grow indoors, as it would perish in Maryland. Does anyone have advice to sucessfully growing one indoors? I understand that the flowers bloom in the Fall and the fruit ripens towards February. This sounds like it will be a real challenge if I get fruit in a couple of years. Anyone know how old it must be to fruit?

Thanks in advance.

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I've only ever grown Loquat trees outdoors. They only produce fruit in our mildest winters here in zone 8. They begin bearing fruit in good conditions in 3-5 years. Loquat seems to grow very quickly and I wonder about indoor conditions.

Cheers, Barrie.

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Dave in NoVA • 7a • Northern VA

There are some loquats growing outdoors in Arlington, VA (zone 7). You might give them a try in a protected location (of course, no fruit this far north). Otherwise, they'd need a lot of light indoors I imagine.

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bruggirl100(z9 FL)

I honestly don't think you'll ever get fruit, unless you have greenhouse conditions. I had one in SE S. Carolina and it never fruited. It was planted outdoors, and died one year when it got down to 5 degrees.

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I think you can grow a small specimen inside, but I agree with the others, it simply won't fruit for you.

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eyeckr(z8a VA)

In my experience I have known loquat flower and fruit in a pot. Currently I have a couple of 5gal potted loquats that are only 3 1/2 - 4ft tall with multiple flower buds from which I'm expecting fruit. Of course I will be overwintering these indoors.
The key in being able to do this is having a NAMED VARIETY grafted plant. I have the Big Jim and McBeth variety loquat that make nice sized, good tasting fruits. Advance, Golden Nugget and Champagne are also noted to produce desirable fruit.
Seedling plants Im afraid will be quite a challange as far as getting any fruit to set in a manageable sized pot.

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I've grown loquats in the soil as well as in pots in Arlington, VA and actually had two potted ones bear fruit. The problem is that they flower too late for most pollinators around here and if you have them inside all winter, they'll never set fruit. My best results (and it was a whole lot of work!) was to have them in pots and keep them outside in all but the coldest weather. I would drag them into the garage whenever the temps were well below freezing for an extended time or when sleet was predicted. Then I'd drag them back outside and hope some stray bugs would find them and pollinate them. I could have done the pollination by hand also.

The fruit was delicious and abundant, and although the squirrels took a bite out of some of the unripe ones, by the time the fruit was ripe, the squirrels had given up! I think the fruit was ripe in early June--much later than its usual ripening in San Antonio (where I got the seeds).

The ones I leave in the ground come back every year. They die to the ground, but are never killed outright.

You can contact me directly if you want any more information--or more loquat seedlings. I've got a bunch! VirginiaHBurton(at)aol.com

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I wouldn't rule out growing them outside. I have successfully overwintered loquats in the ground in NJ (zone 7). I have hardly any foliage burn this winter (minimum temp. was 11 F.). I have it close to the building for extra heat. Planning on espaliated them eventually (currently the tree is about seven feet). You can equally grow it well in containers. I have had them for many years in containers before planting into the ground (they transplant very, very well). If you grow in a container, obviously you have to protect from frost in winter. Try to maintain a temperature range of 40-65 F. in winter and let dry between waterings. You can always drag it out in the spring and move it indoors for the winter. I'm not sure about flowering/fruiting, but I wouldn't rule it out if conditions suit it. PS. They are also easy to propagate from seed (fruit is ocassionally available from ethnic or gourmet fruit markets around June). Great plants! Good luck!

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I have 2 loquat trees in containers. They are from seed and a bit over a year old. I keep them in the greenhouse over the winter and they are doing great. They're both about 3' tall with beautiful foliage. I have no idea if they will produce fruit or not but I've had good results with papayas and mangos bearing fruit. I'm afraid to try keeping them outside year round. I can't even winter over a brug outside with a heavy mulch in a protected area.

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