Papaya new leaves distorted

subtrop(10b)September 29, 2012

This is happening on 2 plants at the same time. They still grow and 1 will open a flower soon, but the leaves look very distorted and skinny. They still grow. The leaves are not showing mosaic pattern so far. Any ideas? I suspect a virus. My neighbors have a tree with those leaves since months in their garden. Might have transferred through white flies. What can I do about this?

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I suspect pesticide drift. 30 years ago I monitored drift from a canefield on the Big Island to Maui, confirmed by the U of H Extension. Pesticides cause leaves to resemble a distorted clenched hand.

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Thanks for your suggestion. The sweet potatoes plant growing right underneath the papaya doesn't show any similar signs. I do have neighbors spraying for regular garden maintenance, but the plants are not very close and quite protected through hegdes. I do believe it's papaya ringspot virus. The images of "shoestring" leaves resemble mine. Is there a cure for it?

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Not ruling out the pesticide drift though. My neighbors papaya is starting to show regular leaves. I will keep monitoring this closely.

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I dont think ringspot looks like this.
you can check here though...

i have read that boron deficiency will do this.
I have several papaya and when hurricane Isaac came through we got a LOT of rain for 2 weeks, it killed the smaller ones, the larger ones stopped flowering, and the leaves are deformed (kinda like this, but not as narrow).

I think the over-watering caused a boron deficiency,
which has corrected itself after it dried out a bit.

good luck, i luv papaya!

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