Attention Goober Girl!!!

carolann_z8(8)August 11, 2006

Hey Jolana, I got your last email asking if I got your emails and the answer is "no". That email was the first one I received.

I must be having trouble with my email. I also sent you some emails but you must be having trouble getting mine, since you wrote that I'm in trouble for not writing.

If you overlook reading this then please let me know. lol

I miss you.

Hey, next time you come down, string some string along the way and we'll hook up some orange juice cans. It worked when I was 8 yrs old.

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I'll bring some, lol worked when we were little at least that's how I remember it, lol
I haven't gotten any emails from you.
How did the pool party go?

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The pool parties tonight.

I wrote you several emails and I knew you always answer right away so I thought something was up.

One of the emails I wrote you said you had 24 hours to let me know if you wanted an all expenses paid trip to the Bahamas with Craig Ferguson but since I didn't hear from you...

That's too bad!

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Oh that isn't even funny. Good idea having it at night, it's too darn hot during the day. Hope y'all have a blast...I know you will

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Poor Jolana...she thought she was going to get a date with Craigie Baby. hehehe

The pool party just ended. It was fun. I think our vollyball skills need a little improving but maybe by next year we will be good enough to actually keep score. lol

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pjtexgirl(7b DFW)

We showed the guys how to whack it clean outta the pool! LOL! I had fun wish y'all could've meandered in fer a spell or two. Does that sound Texan? PJ

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Yep Pj, we did make a few professional plays and wack the ball clean out of the pool a few times.

Any of you little fillies feel free to mosie on down to the pool for some down right entertainin volleyball. YeHAA!!!

Now Pj has me trying to speak Texanese.

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